How to Learn Guitar Chords in Your Free Time

One of the most popular instruments for young people to learn how to play these days is the guitar. The instrument is among the most universal in use and it seems to be well suited for anyone looking to advance his musical abilities. While there is much to learn about the guitar, one of the most vital lessons for beginners and those transitioning to the intermediate stage is to have a full understanding of guitar chords. With that in mind, we want to help you know how to learn guitar chords in your free time. Here are some of the tools and tips to master these finger placements on the guitar.

How Young Christian Musicians Should Take Risks in 2020

Risks Young Christian Musicians Should Take

At this point in the year, you may be feeling like your New Year’s resolutions have long faded. It turns out the new year isn’t all that different from the one that came before it. Regardless of what you’ve done so far in 2020, there’s still plenty of time left for you to make you mark this year. One of the best ways to create change in your life, whether it’s in business, your personal environment, or through your music, is by taking risks.

Christian Musicians: How to Take Advantage of School Being Out

How Can Musicians Take Advantage of School Being Out

The school year provides many breaks for students. Some are planned, while others are thrust upon teachers and young people in light of a holiday or crisis. During these times when school is dismissed, how can Christian musicians take advantage of the time? Certainly not by binging  through “The Office” on Netflix for the umpteenth time. By bettering themselves and working toward a healthier community around them, teenagers can find a way to make the most of a few days away from school. Here are some of our suggestions on what to do with your newfound freedom.

Your Child's Summer Camp: Benefits of Payment Plans

Your Child's Summer Camp: Benefits of Payment Plans

For parents, the pressure of your child's summer camp can be exhausting. Trying to find the right fit, making sure they have everything they need, and actually getting them to and from camp is a lot of work. This is especially true for kids who attend elite camps around the country. Whether it’s a music camp or something more traditional, the best summer camps in America can also provide one more obstacle for working families: the cost. Fortunately, most of these camps have come up with payment plans for families who wish to send one or more children. If you’re thinking about sending your child to one of these amazing summer camps, but you’re worried about the cost, here are a few reasons to consider using a payment plan.

Things Every Christian Musician Needs to Have

Things Every Christian Musician Needs to Have

What is the key to being a great musician? We often wonder if there’s a certain piece of gear holding us back or whether we should have studied at a particular school in order to give us a leg up. There are so many options out there, from methods of playing to sounds we can create. While we all want to be unique in our approach to music, there are a few things every Christian musician needs to have if he or she wants to be effective in their journeys. It doesn’t matter if music is a career you want to pursue or a hobby you simply enjoy on the side. Here are some of the things which every Christian musician needs to have as part of their identity in this area.

How to Find the Right First Guitar for a Teenage Musician

 Find the Right First Guitar

So you want to find the right first guitar for a teenage musician? We can certainly understand the many different factors at play in such a big decision. Whether the young player is brand new to music or has put in time with another instrument, it’s important to get things going in the right direction from the outset. You may be wondering about cost, styles, and more. These are things you’ll want to keep in mind, but don’t overexert yourself. In order to help you feel confident in your selection, here are a few tips on finding the right guitar for a teenage musician.

Christian Music Biographies for Student Musicians to Read Next

Christian Music Biographies for Student Musicians to Read Next

For people looking to become part of the next generation of Christian music, one way to understand the path before you is to read the story of today’s biggest Christian musicians. Not only can you learn about the pitfalls of being a working musician, you may pick up a few important lessons on road life or writing hit songs. These artists have incredible stories that will appeal to readers of all backgrounds. Here are some of the Christian music biographies for student musicians to read this semester.

New Year's Resolutions Christian Musicians Won't Regret Breaking

New Year's Resolutions for Christian Musicians

With the new year underway, we know you’re probably fully recovered from the holiday season and ready to get back into the routines you know and love. For many people, a new year is the symbol for a clean slate and new opportunities. That’s why we so often make resolutions concerning the things we’d like to change about our lives. Just like any other group, Christian musicians are possibly setting goals for themselves. These can be as simple as eating healthier or as specific as training for a particular marathon. No matter what goals you’ve crafted for yourself in the new year, we want you to know that some resolutions aren’t worth obsessing over. Are they good ideas? You bet, but it’s easy to get carried away.

8 Traps for Young Musicians to Avoid on Christmas Break

Traps for Young Musicians to Avoid on Christmas Break

Christmas is a wonderful time of festive get-togethers and relaxing with family and friends. For young musicians who are students, it’s even better because you have an extended break from school and likely no job to worry about. It doesn’t take much, though, for this good opportunity to turn into something bad for your productivity. During these weeks away from school, there are eight traps for young musicians to fall into and we want to help you avoid them. While you’re unlikely to mess up on more than a few of these points, it only takes one for your Christmas break to prove detrimental to your work as a musician and a student.

Late Stocking Stuffers for Christian Musicians Still in School

Stocking Stuffers for Christian Musicians

Christmas is just around the corner, so if you still have people on your list you need to shop for, the pressure is on. With any group of people, there are certain items better guaranteed to deliver the ultimate Christmas present. Let us help you find a few last minute stocking stuffers for Christian musicians who may be in middle school, high school, or college. To be honest, many of these same options will work for musicians in the adult bracket as well. Whether you’re looking to spend tens or hundreds of dollars, we’ve got you covered with plenty of great ideas. Here are some late stocking stuffers for Christian musicians still in school.