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Easy Songs to Play on Piano at Church

Running low on ideas for what to play on Sunday? Have you just been given the green light to sit in at the piano at church? Maybe you’re a musician who plays a different instrument full time and just want a couple of easy songs to play on piano to add to your repertoire. We’ve got you covered. Just like guitar and other instruments, there are a few simple tunes you can master to impress your friends or to gain a better understanding of the piano. Here are some of our picks for easy songs to play on piano at church.

“Amazing Grace”

Why not start with one of the most iconic songs of all time? Even if you don’t go to church, you’ve probably heard this classic hymn a handful of times on TV or in movies. Not only is it a beautiful and well-recognized song, but it’s actually very simple to play on piano. (Check out the video below for further proof on that point.) Despite being a bit overused, this is definitely one of the best easy songs to play on piano at church.

“How Great is Our God”

For people looking to master easy Christian songs, Chris Tomlin is a gift. Whether you’re playing guitar, piano, or something else, the worship leader’s music is very simple to master. “How Great is Our God” is one of Tomlin’s biggest hits and you can play it by conquering four simple chords. Whether you are playing in a Sunday morning setting or at a youth gathering, “How Great is Our God” is equally loved by all.

“Better is One Day”

Though it’s been covered a number of times in recent years, “Better is One Day” came to prominence during the early days of the modern worship movement. Performed by Matt Redman, the song launched in the late 90’s and became one of the early anthems of the Passion movement. When playing in the key of E, you’ll just need to know a handful of movements to play it like the pros. Here’s a video to guide you.

“Here I Am to Worship”

Not only is this one of the easy songs to play on piano at church, but “Here I Am to Worship” is one of the first songs beginner guitarists should pick up too. Tim Hughes’ classic worship song is a simple and heartfelt ballad that can inspire anyone to sing along. It’s also just a great song for the piano as each stroke of the keys feels taut with emotional worship. Check out the tutorial below for an easy version you can play.


Chances are you’ve already seen piano tutorials on old hymns and hits from the 90s or early 00s, so let’s look at something a little more recent. Big Daddy Weave has a number of great worship songs, one of which is “Redeemed” from the band’s album “Love Come to Life.” This song has a quality intro on the piano that isn’t too difficult to master. Once the song gets going, its lyrics can really make an impact during your church’s worship service.

“Great Are You Lord”

Another modern worship classic is “Great Are You Lord” from All Sons & Daughters. The song is a slow-building anthem that has been adapted by One Sonic Society, Casting Crowns, and others. Below you’ll find one rendition that only requires three chords, making it a good choice for easy songs to play on piano at church.

“How Great Thou Art”

Like “Amazing Grace,” this is one of the most beloved hymns of all time. “How Great Thou Art” first made its appearance in America roughly a century ago and continues to be a classic. To play the song you will only need to know about a half-dozen chords and they appear very regularly, so if you master one verse and the chorus you’ll have the whole song.

“We Fall Down”

Chris Tomlin is the gift that keeps on giving here with another one of the easy songs to play on piano at church. The song “We Fall Down” comes from the singer’s early days in music, but it remains a popular tune for its passionate words of surrender to God. Since it’s a Tomlin song, just about any beginner can quickly conquer the song. You’ll just need to know four chords (C#m, F#m, B, and E) and be able to stick with the song’s slow, steady beat.

“How He Loves”

This is one of the biggest worship songs to hit the culture in the last ten years, so it makes a great addition to your lineup at church (assuming you haven’t already done so). Like some of the other easy songs to play on piano at church, “How He Loves” only requires a few basic chords to play. It’s also a song that moves at a fairly slow pace, so it’s great for young or new players.

“Jesus Loves the Little Children”

Maybe you get asked to play the piano at church for the children’s ministry. What better song is there for kids this age than “Jesus Loves the Little Children?” As you’ll see in the tutorial below, you’ll only need about three chords for your left hand playing and the right hand isn’t doing anything too crazy. This is an iconic song which you can enjoy at church or at home with your family.

“Revelation Song”

We know that easy songs to play on piano at church may not mean the same thing for everyone, so we wanted to leave you with one song that is a bit closer to medium difficulty for anyone out there up for the challenge. “Revelation Song” is a powerful song that has been played in churches across the world and you can bring it to life with your keyboard or piano. The song is fairly easy to play for the most part, but a few moments here and there make it a bit more challenging. See what we mean below.

We hope these easy songs to play on piano at church help you to become a better player as well as push you to get more involved in your church or music community. It can be intimidating to get on a stage in front of people, but it will challenge you like nothing else.

At Camp Electric, we want to help students improve in their music playing abilities and grow as individuals. Our instructors are made up of some of the biggest names in Christian music and they want to help the next generation succeed. Find out how you can become our next student by clicking on the link below.


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