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Music Summer Camps Near Me: Fun for All Ages

No matter what time of year it is, it’s never too early (or too late) to think about fun summer activities. You might think of going to the beach or traveling abroad, but for many people the best idea is music summer camps. “But where can I find music summer camps near me?” We’ll get there. The best thing about these camps is that no two are exactly alike. Most are for kids between the middle school years and college, but there are a few for kids who are younger and even some for adults. Genres range from classic rock to orchestral and some even cater to Christian worship music. “So how can I find some music summer camps near me?” Let’s look at a few different areas of the US and the camps that take place within them.

Traveling Music Summer Camps Near Me

Although there is no shortage of music camps in just about any corner of the country, some of the best summer music camps travel around to several major cities. Camp Jam is an event for teenagers that allows for young musicians to get the full rock and roll experience. Like other camps that focus on a band experience, Camp Jam offers tracks for vocalists, drummers, guitarists, keys, and several other positions. On top of the usual music instruction, teens get to form their own bands, record music videos, and play on stage together. The camp travels around the country to places like Washington, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Orange County, and more.

Who says only the kids get to have fun? Most of the selections on our list will be focused on teens, but every now and then adults need to blow off some steam and live out their musical dreams. Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp is one part music camp, one part dream experience. Depending on which session you attend you might shred guitar with a member of Aerosmith or learn a drum solo from a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer. Like Camp Jam, the Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp travels all over the country from West Coast to East Coast. If you’re an adult musician looking to feel like a kid again, give them a look.

“These two camps are nice if they’re coming to your city, but what if I’m just looking for music summer camps near me that are always local?” We hear you. There’s nothing wrong with traveling camps, but maybe you want something that will still be there the next week. One franchised music school that offers camps and has many locations is the School of Rock. These programs offer camps and lessons for people of all ages and in a variety of instruments. Assuming you enjoy the camp experience, you can also stick around for a regular lesson plan to build on what you’ve learned.

Music Summer Camps Near Me in the South

Now that we’ve talk about some of the music summer camps that travel around the country, let’s look at some camps that are established in certain parts of the US. First up in the South is Rock Camp USA. Technically this group also runs a camp in New York, but Austin, Texas is the home of its main operation. Rock Camp USA offers three different tracks for kids in a variety of age groups. Similar to Camp Jam, this camp is all about putting musicians together and creating a real rock band experience. One difference between Camp Rock USA and some of the others on our list is that it is a day camp only.

We’ve said a lot about rock music, but some young musicians are more interested in learning to play Christian music either at church or as a professional recording artist. For these students, Camp Electric may be just the ticket. Held in Nashville, TN, this camp brings together some of the biggest names in the genre to lead workshops and classroom instruction. Kids can also see fun concerts throughout the week and take part in spiritual teachings as well.

Our last music summer camp in the South is the AFA Summer Music Festival in Houston, TX. This program is geared toward students starting in elementary school and running through 12th grade. This is a good opportunity for young musicians who are interested in playing in an orchestra, singing in a choir, or learning composition. Let’s move on to some other areas of the country to see what camps may be in your neck of the woods.

Music Summer Camps Near Me in the Midwest

Moving to the Midwest, a Christian music camp you may want to consider is the Super JAM Camp in Indiana. This gathering may not feature the better known CCM names you’d see at Camp Electric, but it’s a good opportunity for Christian families to plug their kids into a music-loving atmosphere. At just over $200, it’s a bargain for an overnight music camp.

Chamber music is a very important and traditional aspect of music to which young minds should pay attention. Fortunately there are a lot of great programs and camps around the country that are focused on it. Mid-westerners may want to consider the Green Lake Chamber Music Camp located in Wisconsin. Here students of piano, violin, and other musical instruments can receive private instruction and learn to work as a larger group of musicians seeking to perfect a challenging piece of music.

Music Summer Camps in the Northeast

We haven’t discussed college programs much (and we’ll explain why later), but the Berklee College of Music is one place that offers some great music summer camps for a variety of people. Between May and August the school has programs that range from two days to 12 weeks and cover just about any topic in music that is worth learning. Kids as young as 12 and as mature as college age can enjoy learning about music production, songwriting, performing on stage, and more.

Another great place to learn in the Northeast is the Curtis Institute of Music. This school only has around 175 students throughout the year, but the summer series of programs brings in around 100 different students in the Young Artist Summer Program. Designed for students aged 14-22, this program is an intensive study of music for those who wish to pursue a career in the field. Students choose to study composing, conducting, piano, or any other orchestra instrument for a three-week period that includes private lessons, weekly recitals, and other exciting learning opportunities.

If you want something a little less strenuous that focuses on creativity and learning in a fun environment, Long Lake Camp for the Arts in New York is a great place to explore. This fine arts camp has programs for rock bands, writing orchestral music, stage performance and a wide variety of other musical studies.

Music Summer Camps Near Me in the West

“What about music summer camps near me on the West Coast?” While many of the best music camps are found on the eastern half of the US map, places like Colorado and California have plenty to offer as well. First on our list is the Aspen Music Festival and School. This is an advanced level music school operating during eight weeks of the summer from June to August. Students in this program may be as young as middle school but some are even full adults (most are college level and up). For those who have a supreme command of their abilities in operatic performance, classical guitar, piano, orchestra, and related fields, the beautiful environment that Colorado provides is a wonderful place to learn and grow.

In the Los Angeles area there is a wonderful school called the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. On top of the private instructors and internships the conservatory offers, there is also a summer program for kids of different age levels. For 2nd thru 7th graders there is a two-week immersion camp where students will explore their creativity, discover how to play different instruments, and learn to be musically literate. Middle and high school students can also get in on the fun with a six-day camp that builds on basic principles and pushes students to excel.

Lastly we’ll travel to Washington for the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra (SYSO) and its Summer Music program. This is a day camp that lasts from 9am to noon for a two-week period. Students don’t have to be child prodigies to get in, but the program does state that ideal applicants have at least two years of playing experience. This program is designed for children aged seven to 14 who play strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Upon registering the SYSO folks will ask you to complete an audition so that students can be placed in the most appropriate groups.

Other Music Summer Camps Near Me

Earlier we admitted that we weren’t getting around to a lot of college programs in our answer to the question of “Where can I find music summer camps near me?” Simply put, most universities and colleges offer some kind of summer music program. Whether you live in Texas, Vermont, Oregon, or North Dakota, there’s a good chance that the closest big school or city will have a program for you to check out. Aside from schools, we also suggest you look at churches and community centers, especially if the student we’re talking about is closer to a beginner than an expert.

One of the options we discussed earlier, Camp Electric, is a week long camp in Nashville, TN that brings together some of the biggest stars in Christian music for a special experience in music education. Click below if you would like more information on how your child can have an amazing time at Camp Electric.


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