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The path of a musician can be a tough road to walk down. Between traveling to events, putting in the time to hone your craft, finding your creative spark, and learning how to make something to which other people want to listen, you need all the help you can get. Whether they're just starting or developing their sound for years, most musicians will seek out the use of an instructor at some point. These teachers come in all varieties and pay rates. If you need to know how to find an affordable music teacher, there are a few tips we can give you to help with the process.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Family

When searching for the right music teacher, you should do what you would for anything else: Ask around with the people you know. We all have specific communities to which we belong where helpful information can be gathered. Churches, schools, book clubs, sports teams, and community events are excellent places to gain recommendations on what you might want. Let the people you interact with on a daily basis tell you how to find an affordable music teacher in your area. You never know whose cousin or next-door neighbor might be a qualified expert on your instrument. Plus, these personal connections could lead you to get a discount.

Look Online for an Affordable Music Teacher

Continuing with the idea of asking friends and family for help finding an affordable music teacher, social media may be the best way to get the word out quickly. Instead of just asking everyone individually, one post on Facebook could hook you up with the perfect instructor in hours.

Moving beyond your social circle, the internet has opened up possibilities for people who want to learn new subjects and skills. Websites like Take Lessons have a long roster of potential instructors from which you can choose. Each candidate on this site gives a detailed description of their background, a pricing scale, and a collection of reviews that render a score on a five-star system. This is just one of the places online where you can shop around for an affordable music teacher, too.

College Students and Instructors

Depending on the student's age, colleges and local universities can be a valuable resource for finding music teachers of all kinds. These learning centers have experience with an extensive range of instruments; they also have students and faculty who deeply care about music education. In addition, some colleges and universities have job boards where either an employer can announce a vacancy or students and faculty can offer their expertise. If you're having trouble finding a good teacher elsewhere, you might want to look here. While you want to compensate the eventual music teacher fairly, you might be able to get a reasonable price out of someone in the education system.

Negotiate for a Better Price

As a society, those in America have accepted the prices we see in stores. Want to buy that dress? That'll be $39.99 plus tax. Though this pricing model works for corporately owned stores and restaurants, there are some businesses where price haggling is the norm. Finding an affordable music teacher may require you to negotiate the terms toward an arrangement that works for you. Some instructors are more accepting of this than others. If you find too much push-back from the would-be teacher, respect his business autonomy and move on to someone else if you're not willing to pay his rates. People have the right to charge what they're worth.

Aim for Affordable, Not Cheap

There are many ways to screw up the answer to how to find an affordable music teacher in your area. One of the biggest can be to accept the cheapest teacher you can find. While you could get lucky in finding someone who provides the best value, it's also possible that the most inexpensive option is cheap for a reason. Reasons why an instructor may not charge much include a certain level of inexperience, an attitude of desperation, or they, don't have any business sense. Whatever the cause (and there might not be anything negative), make sure the teacher is worth your time.

Find an Affordable Music Teacher Who Fits Your Style

Finding the right music teacher isn't just about affordability; your instructor needs to have a style that connects with you as a pupil. Some of the best academic minds in the world will never be able to reach some kids because the way they do things doesn't match up with what the student needs to learn. Looking for a price that fits is smart shopping, but don't settle on a teacher who can't help you or your child learn.

Think About Group Lessons

With one-on-one lessons, part of what you're paying for is exclusive access to an instructor who can meet your needs as a musician and help you sort out your problems. This is an incredible way to learn because that extra attention and customization of lesson plans can be a huge difference-maker. On the other hand, you might be able to save money on a teacher by taking group lessons. Some people do better this way because you're part of a group of musicians looking to work toward a common goal. These lessons are often cheaper per student if you feel up to the challenge.

We hope these recommendations on finding an affordable music teacher in your area point you in the right direction. There are many ways to learn how to play an instrument and grow in your musical knowledge, from personal instructors to music camps. At Camp Electric, we match Christian teenagers with musicians from today's most influential Christian bands for them to improve their playing and progress in their craft.


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