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Why You Should Be Creative Even If You're Not Looking for Fame

When you think about creative people in the world today, your first instinct might be to settle on music superstars or high-profile film directors. What if we told you that everyday people working in normal jobs can be some of the most creative people around? It doesn’t matter what kind of hobbies you enjoy or what job title you hold, there are always ways to be creative. So why should you be creative even if you’re not looking for fame? We’re glad you asked.

Creativity is Good for Your Health

Did you know spending some time in the arts will improve your health? For starters, being creative allows you to channel your emotions into something productive. There’s a reason why nursing homes, trauma counselors, and so many other health professionals encourage activities like drawing and painting in their patients. Dementia, anxiety, depression, and stress are all medical issues relieved through the arts.

Studies have also shown that playing an instrument can give you better cognitive function. So even if you never get famous from your favorite creative hobby, doing it just might improve your life all around. Imagine all the ways being creative can impact your health.

Be Creative Because It’s Fun

We can spout off a number of reasons why you should be creative for a side benefit here or there, but they don’t touch the #1 factor in all of this: Being creative is so much fun! Sure, you’ll have to put in a lot of hard work and pay attention to every detail. There will be days when your art frustrates you. It’s all worth it, though, because at the end of the day it is fun to be creative. The key is finding something you love doing and sticking with it. If you love doing something for free, it’s rewarding in its own right.

Fame Won’t Satisfy You Anyway

You should be creative even if you’re not looking for fame because fame will never satisfy you in the end. It’s a nearly mythical standard that 95% of us will fail to reach and that’s okay because we shouldn’t be making that our goal in the first place. Don’t get into the arts in search of a golden ticket. In every generation there are countless individuals who completely lose themselves attempting to have it all. Money can be a great motivator, it just won’t give you purpose.

Being Creative Often Leads to Something Great

On the flip side of that last point, being creative does sometimes lead to big opportunities for us. For instance, a woman may start baking in her home just for fun only to realize she has a real gift. Building on her small success, she decides to open up a small restaurant which grows into a franchise. Stories like these happen all the time in that space where business meets art.

This doesn’t have to be limited to small businesses either. Maybe you get asked to sing in the church choir because someone knows that’s a hobby of yours. Next thing you know, it’s your favorite part of the week and an outlet you never knew you needed. A million-dollar record contract may not be in the cards for you, but being creative is something which can lead to new avenues on which you don’t want to miss out.

Creativity Can Be a Good Problem Solving Tool

In the opening section about the health benefits of being creative, we mentioned all of the ways creativity can ease your stress and heal your brain. On top of these benefits, engaging in your favorite creative outlet may turn you into a better problem solver. Musicians, filmmakers, and other artists know how to deconstruct a problem and put it back together in a new way. If you can arrange music or create a beautiful painting, your brain has had good practice trying to tackle complex issues.

Community Can Be Found in the Creative Arts

While you may not find fame when you choose to be creative, you can gain entrance to a community of artistic people you’ll never want to leave. Wherever you are, whatever you do, there is a community with which you can connect within your field. Many of these forums and social groups have moved online over the years, but you can still find those with common interests in your school, church, or organization.

We All Need a Hobby

Something which has gone missing in our age of social media and streaming entertainment is the enjoyment of hobbies. Once upon a time, everyone had activities they would take part in when they weren’t at work. Some popular choices were playing music, gardening, woodworking, and drawing. Each of us has a gift when it comes to the arts, even if we haven’t discovered it yet. Instead of wasting your days on the couch binging every TV show known to man, why not try to find a passion to pursue?

There Are So Many Ways to Be Creative

On this note, we should have no problem finding a hobby that lets us be creative regardless of possible fame. In addition to the skills and hobbies which have existed for decades (if not centuries), our world has opened up to new opportunities through technology. You can play an instrument, learn photo editing or graphic design, start a YouTube channel, or take up something as old fashioned as bird watching. Our minds often limit creativity to styles of entertainment such as music and film, but the world is much bigger than those boundaries.

Very few of us will ever be famous for anything. Instead of using this as your primary reason for pursuing creative projects, find a hobby or project you enjoy doing and with which you can be excellent. Take up painting, learn an instrument, educate yourself on design or filmmaking. Regardless of whether you are ever paid for your work or your name is written on the front of a theater’s marquee, it’s about finding a passion and channeling your energy into something productive. You may not get to play Madison Square Garden, but your life will probably be better for it.

At Camp Electric, we want to help young Christian creatives pursue art and develop a solid foundation of faith at the same time. Primarily focusing in the field of music, we also have opportunities for filmmakers and more. Our instructors come from the biggest Christian bands and institutions out there and they want to help you create something awesome. Find out how you can become our next student by clicking on the link below.


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