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Members of a band having a rehearsal in a samll room.

Have you considered picking up a second instrument to learn how to play? Young musicians spend so much of their time learning guitar or drums, but for many, the path of music involves expanding beyond one instrument. So what reasons are there to learn more than one? Some are practical, while others get to the heart of what it means to be a musician. Whether you're just starting or an experienced individual looking to mix things up, there's plenty to gain from taking on the extra discipline. Here are just a few reasons we think young musicians should consider learning multiple instruments.

A Further Exploration of Music

If you're going to devote your time to a hobby, don't you want to dive in? The person who picks up gardening doesn't just plant a single new plant in the flower bed and call it a day. They will be learning about soil, how to keep away pests, what kind of plants work best together, etc. For the musician, one of the best ways to fully understand their subject of study is to pick up a second (or third, etc.) instrument and learn something new. This is especially true for vocalists who haven't mastered an instrument of their own. Contrasting and comparing how a keyboard and drum set factor into a band's sound is an excellent way to widen your ability to create music.

Learning Additional Instruments Gets Easier

Don't get us wrong. You'll face new and unique challenges with each additional instrument you pick up. The difference with that second piece is you have all of your previous experience to guide you. Maybe you thought it would be impossible to master the guitar, but then you did it. The bass and drums can fall into line in much the same way. Once you have mastered the discipline of playing an instrument, the idea of doing it all over again with something new doesn't sound so bad. As is often the case, the earlier you learn something, the better. However, once you have that knowledge and are willing to feed that part of your mind on occasion, what you learned before can be easily accessed to learn additional instruments.

Think of it this way: if you've already learned how to walk, how much easier do you think it will be to learn how to run? Young musicians have already laid the groundwork, so you can skip some basics when picking up a second instrument.

Playing Multiple Instruments Makes You a Hotter Commodity

Being a musician isn't about making money, but it sure doesn't hurt. You never know where a player might be needed by a traveling band, a recording studio, or a church. When you have the skills to play more than one instrument, you're doubling (or better) your chances of earning money and experience through any number of gigs. What's your favorite instrument to play? You can always prioritize this for any jobs or bookings you hear about. Please make sure the people in the community to which you belong know your full array of talents so they can put your name out there when they hear about an opening too.

Young Musicians Have So Much Time

If you disagree with us, feel free to ask your parents how much free time they have. Studies show that roughly 40% of adults with children under 18 have less than two hours of free time on any given weekday. Honestly, we're wondering where the other 60% are finding their time. As young musicians, you have the most unrestrained time you're likely to ever enjoy in your life. So why not make the most of it by learning more than one instrument?

Everyone agrees the best time to learn an instrument is when you're a child, so we want you to pick up additional instruments long before heading also out thereLearnheading also college. You may already have a practice schedule you stick to throughout the week. Find an hour or two when you have the best attention span and freedom to try things out to make room for a second instrument. Or, even more accessible, schedule lessons with an instructor who can teach you the second instrument. This way, you can clearly distinguish between the time you spend learning music on each.

You Never Know What You're Missing Out On

Student with his hand in his face.

Many of us decided what instrument we wanted to play when we were very young. Even if you still love guitar after a decade of playing, you may wonder if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. For this reason, we recommend spending some time in your local music store or at a friend's house where you can try out something different. If you fell out of love with the instrument you've been playing for years, might we suggest giving it a shot with something else? You never know; finding inspiration with a new instrument may also encourage you to revisit the one you left behind.

There's Never Been an Easier Time to Learn

Just as young musicians have an outstanding amount of free time, they also live in the most accessible generation in history to learn new things thanks to the internet. Tutorials, free sheet music, one-on-one video instruction, and more are available for young people who want to pick up a new ability. Even though so much is at your fingertips online, the old learning methods are still out there as well. You can easily use the internet to find a teacher in your area who matches your price preference. As long as you can get your hands on new instruments, there's no reason why you can't start mastering them today.

These reasons are just a start to answering why young musicians should seek to play multiple instruments. While there's nothing wrong with sticking to your instrument of choice, going beyond that lets you experience a whole new slate of possibilities. Whether your intentions as a musician are pursuing a career or just enjoying a hobby, there are several good reasons to learn more than one instrument.

At Camp Electric, we want to help young musicians of all abilities find their way. Focusing on music education and Biblical study, we aim to create well-rounded musicians who are ready to impact the world. Come learn from our amazing instructors, most of whom have established themselves in the modern Chrisitan music scene, and take part in an unforgettable week of learning. Find out more by clicking on the banner below.


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