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Camp Electric: Ways It Can Help Your Teen Improve As A Musician

When shopping for music camps for teens, you want to understand how each program can contribute to the development of a young musician. Camp Electric is a place for Christian musicians between the ages of 13 and 19 to visit during the summer and learn what it means to be a musician of faith. The camp bridges the gap between music and Jesus. It focuses on how to build a solid foundation for what you believe as well as advancing in one’s actual skills as a musician. Here are a few of the ways in which Camp Electric can help your teen improve as a musician.

Expert Advice from Today’s Top Christian Musicians

One of the most important questions for music camps to answer is “Who are the teachers?” At Camp Electric, we bring together some of the greatest minds and talents in Christian music for hours of instruction in both classrooms and workshops. Whatever your skill level or instrument of choice, these instructors can cater to a teenager’s needs and offer advice informed by years of experience. Some of our instructors in the past have come from successful bands like MercyMe, Skillet, Hollyn, Casting Crowns, TobyMac, and Big Daddy Weave.

The Chance to Interact with Players of Similar Age, Background, and Skill Level

A week at Camp Electric is not just about interacting with our famous instructors, though. Part of what makes our time so special is getting to match up like-minded musicians. If you live in a small town or are just a private person, you may not have much history when it comes to collaborating with fellow artists. Camp Electric allows students the opportunity to form bands, hold jam sessions, and build lasting friendships around faith and music. Fellowship and competition can go a long way in maturing musicians in this age bracket.

Know How to Learn from Several Teachers

When we’re just starting out as musicians, young people can latch onto a specific teacher or mentor. While it’s good to have heroes, this connection can often lend to simply imitating one person’s style. No matter who a teen might consider their teacher, it’s good for several people to speak into your music education. This is how we end up with a robust knowledge that will carry us to success later in life. Our campers will gain new perspectives that are able to open their eyes to the world of music.

Workshops Covering the Current Trends in the Industry

The point of Camp Electric is not only to help kids play music better. We want to teach young people the music business and what it takes to succeed. Our workshops cover a bevy of topics, from discovering your personal drive to knowing what it means to be a producer. There are many paths to success in the music business. It's just that a lot of young people are unaware of them. Camp Electric wants to prepare teenagers for a life in the industry, whether that’s in popular culture, CCM, or on a church staff.

The Ability to Express One’s Self in a Positive Community

Creative minds need healthy communities where they can thrive. We can all get a little work done in a given day. Being surrounded by fellow musicians, though, inspires young people and encourages them to create. Camp Electric places musicians together based on skill, age, and instrument of choice. This is done to let these young people bounce ideas off of one another and push each other toward success. Just like a church retreat can feed your soul, a summer music camp like this one enables Christian musicians to be the artists they’ve been called to be.

Getting to Eat and Breathe Nothing But Music and Jesus for a Week

Many summer music camps are helpful because they fully immerse their students in a learning atmosphere. Camp Electric does this by loading its schedule with workshops, classroom sessions, and breakout activities. We also have nightly concerts from popular Christian groups. Even when campers aren’t playing their own instruments, they’re watching the pros make music on theirs. On top of the music aspect, we want to help shape these teenagers into mature spiritual beings who have a foundation in faith. When combining these facets, you give kids a lot to meditate on.

Learning How to Connect the Spiritual with the Artistic

On that note, Camp Electric can help teenage musicians improve by satisfying their spiritual hunger. As wonderful and worthy of our time as music is, we need to be fed by something greater. Christian beliefs are not just about going to heaven when one dies. Faith plays a role in our day-to-day life and lends purpose to all that we do. By connecting this truth with our music education, we can hope to produce more well-rounded young musicians who can impact the world.

Having the Chance to See What Hard Work and Commitment Can Bring

For many young people, all they really need to find inspiration and hope is to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing what success looks like and understanding how attainable it can be will launch many young musicians into action. An extra benefit to Camp Electric instructors coming from today’s biggest Christian bands is that these individuals can model for the students how a life in the music field is within their grasps. There are players of different instruments, people of different genders and skin colors, and all with unique approaches to their craft.

Advancing and Growing as a Christian Musician at Camp Electric

Thanks to the tiered levels of education and the variety of instruments taught, students can return to Camp Electric year after year and mark their progress as they grow. In combination with private instructors, DIY teaching, and/or lots of practice, musicians can make incredible progress each year at Camp Electric.

We’d love for your teenager to join us at Camp Electric this coming summer. Whether he or she is a beginner guitarist or an advanced drummer or some other combination of skill and instrument, we know there is a spot in our camp for them. Find out how you can register for Camp Electric by clicking on the link below.


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