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What is Camp Electric?


Camp Electric's mission is to creatively inspire, in an entertaining cutting-edge environment, the next generation of students to use their talents to glorify God. Thus, training students to become servants who worship the Creator more than the creation.

Students ages 13 - 19 who love music, film, photography, design, creative content ok just about ANYTHING CREATIVE! No matter if you just like to scroll TikTok for funny fails or make feature films, from singing in the shower, or aspiring to sing on the big stage, you have a place here at Camp Electric!

Who is Camp Electric for?


Quick Info on Camp Electric.

Music City

Nashville, TN
Trevecca University

All meals are included.
Snacks will be available for purchase.

Students 13 - 19
Interns 20 - 24
Chaperones - 24 - UP

Housing is included.
Trevecca University Campus.

Sunday, July 9th -
Thursday, July 13th, 2023


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What is a typical day like at Camp Electric?

Morning Focus

Our priority at Camp Electric is for each student to know that they are created by a loving creator to create. Each morning your teen will begin with dorm group devotions and a worship service featuring a message from our camp, Pastor John Nix.

Clinics + Camp Sessions

Students will gather together with their fellow instrument/track campers for morning clinics. Afterward, all students will attend a Live Performance session with Tom Jackson to see how to take your live show to the next level. 


Every day students are broken up into groups of 20-30 students for a 2hr session with players from some of the biggest names in the music industry. They discuss things like how you get into the industry, warm-ups, techniques, and everything in between.

Free-Time Options

During Free time your teen can choose from many different options such as Guitar Battle or Drum-Off, sit in on a Songwriting Session, Rock with The ‘CE All Star’ Band, learn from some of Trevecca’s Music Business professors, or just jam with their friends around campus.

Squad Wars + Theme Nights

It's not all music and learning at Camp Electric; we also have SQUAD WARS, where students compete against each other to see who will come out on top. Plus, Theme Night, where students can have fun and dress up as some of their favorite characters, live out life on an island, or be a part of a rodeo.

Evening Concerts

After a day full of learning comes an evening filled with excitement as some of the biggest names in Christian music take the stage at Camp Electric. On the last night, some of the CE Students will get a chance to take the stage and perform in front of the whole camp.

Free Time Options

Camp Electric offers free time options for students every day. Below you can read what is available and a description of each option. Our goal at Camp Electric is to give students the best summer camp experience and inspire creative minds!

Every day students can show off their skills and be judged by the pros! Three top students will be chosen and battle it out in front of everyone on Wednesday night. Prizes and Cheers will be given!

Take the stage with the pros and Rock with the Band! This is not karaoke, this is the real deal. Students are given the opportunity each day to jam and play with instructors from top Christian bands. No matter if you sing, play keys, bass, guitar, drums, whatever - everyone is invited to Rock with the Band!

Drummers can battle with other drummers showing their off their skills. Three top students will be chosen and battle it out in front of everyone on Wednesday night. Prizes and Cheers will be given!

Getting a small taste of what is being offered at Trevecca University is one of the added bonuses of the partnership between Camp Electric and Trevecca University. For over 13 years, Camp Electric continues to strive to not only offer tracks that will inspire but produce free time activities that will allow students to continue to take the next step in their creative journey.

Students will get the chance to hone their writing skills and learn how to craft songs that set them apart.

No matter if you are a singer, player, or just an observer - all are welcome to join!

Students all over campus enjoy spontaneous "Jam Sessions", just hanging with their friends, from duets to bands, to entire worship times this is a favorite free-time option!

STAGE PERFORMANCE (all camp session)


When the light goes off and you see students get an understanding of performance that is not widely taught or understood, it is truly special. That's exactly what takes place when students attend Tom Jackson's Stage Performance track.


Author of the book Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method and the All Roads Lead to the Stage DVD series, Tom Jackson is uniquely talented and skilled at transforming an artist’s live show into a magical experience for the audience; helping artist at every level to create a live show that is engaging and memorable and teaching them to exceed their audiences’ expectations and to create fans for life.


His innovative, fun, and unique speaking & teaching skills are highly regarded at conferences, colleges, and music events around the world.

As Tom says, “When I introduce my Live Music Method into a performer’s rehearsal process, I’m leading them into an entirely new set of skills, a completely new tool set… in fact, a totally new mind set!” 

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