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Christian Music for Teens: Start Listening Today!


When you browse the hit songs of pop culture these days, you may be shocked to find the number of tracks that are labeled “explicit” and glorify a hedonistic lifestyle. It’s not anything new for secular music to blast a narrative that contradicts the truth of the Bible, but that doesn’t make the stumbling blocks any less dangerous for the upcoming generation. We live in a great time for finding new Christian music for teens. Whether your preference is pop, rap, or worship, you can find something God-honoring that you enjoy. Here are some of our favorites when it comes to Christian music for teens.

For King & Country

For King & Country is one of the most popular bands in Christian music today. The band has seen an incredible rise in fame since the release of the 2012 album, “Crave.” For King & Country makes solid Christian music for teens, as the band often talks of respecting women, trusting in God, and being bold. Some of the group’s biggest hits have been “Priceless”, “God Only Knows”, and "Burn the Ships." Check out the music video for the latter just below.

Tauren Wells

After fronting the band Royal Tailor for a decade, Tauren Wells started his solo career in 2016. Thanks to his talented voice and some resonating lyrics, Wells broke out with the song “Hills and Valleys.” His debut album followed in 2017 and the world quickly fell in love with songs like “When We Pray” and “Known.” The singer also collaborated with Crowder for a memorable jam in “All My Hope.” If you’re looking for Christian music for teens that combines entertainment value with Godly content, Tauren Wells is a name to note.

Social Club Misfits

Although most of the artists on our list fall into some variation of pop, hip hop is arguably the most popular genre of music in our culture today. You may or may not be surprised to know that Christian music for teens extends to this area as well. Social Club Misfits is comprised of two thirty-something rappers from Miami who have plenty to say about religion and how it intersects with the world they see around them. The band has some great tracks, like Some of the memorable joint efforts the group has embarked on is “War Cry” with Tauren Wells and the song found below, “Courage” featuring Tree Giants.

Andy Mineo

One of the featured artists at Camp Electric in 2018, Andy Mineo is considered one of the most popular rappers in the Christian genre (and his fandom certainly isn’t limited to churches). A great benefit to listening to Mineo is that you’ll get to hear appearances from plenty of other great musicians, some of whom are also on this list. “The Saints,” a track that features KB and Trip Lee, is one of the best collaborations you can hope for from the rapper. For a solo track, try out “Uptown” right here.

Lauren Daigle

We can’t make a list of Christian music for teens and not mention a singer who is arguably the most popular in the genre. Lauren Daigle became a household name in 2015 upon the release of “How Can It Be.” The single quickly became one of the most popular Christian songs in recent memory and jettisoned her debut album of the same name to the top of the charts (where it still sits as of Summer 2018). Daigle has also put out a jazzy little Christmas album in “Behold” and will be dropping a sophomore effort in September 2018. “You Say” is the first single from the new album titled “Look Up Child.”

Hillsong Young & Free

The name Hillsong means a lot in Christian circles, as the church and its many variations have made an impact on the faith community with worship songs that connect with people around the world. Hillsong Young & Free is a more youthful iteration of the brand that infuses pop and worship. The band is less than 10 years old, but has already released three albums as well as a few EPs and live recordings. To get an idea of what kind of energy the band is putting out, watch this live video for “Real Love.”

This is just some of the great Christian music for teens that is out there. Of course there are plenty of other established artists in the genre that are more than suitable, but we tried to keep our list skewed to a more youthful group of musicians. At Camp Electric we are always working with young musicians who are trying to better themselves spiritually as well as in music. Each summer we bring in some of the most talented Christian artists, a few of whom are on this list, to coach teenagers from around the country for an amazing camp experience.


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