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  • May 1, 2018
Christian Artists Appearing at Camp Electric - JSWEISSPHOTO

Camp Electric is a great place for students to come learn from experienced instructors and grow as musicians. It’s also a great place for kids to see some of the most popular Christian musicians around. While many of the names on this list are also instructors at the camp, sometimes artists pop by simply to give the students a show. We are happy to be able to connect the next generation of Christian musicians with those who are making hits today. Here are some of the fan favorite Christian artists who have been a part of Camp Electric in recent years.


There are many Christian artists at Camp Electric who provide valued input because they have been part of the industry for decades. Hollyn, on the other hand, is a singer who can better speak to what the process of becoming a professional artist is like in today’s climate because she is still discovering who she is as an artist. At only 21 years of age, Hollyn has spent several years at Camp Electric helping students uncover their talents and pursue music as a career or hobby. The artist, like others on this list, has also performed exclusive concerts for the camp. 


Not only is TobyMac a consistent presence at Camp Electric, he has also had a hand in developing it into the experience it is today. The “Me Without You” singer has performed at nearly all of the sessions at camp and he has encouraged so many of today’s rising musicians. Through his own music, TobyMac has helped artists like Hollyn and Jamie Grace and he hopes to be of benefit for students like those who come to Camp Electric every year. When the singer does come, it’s not only his expertise he brings either. In past years, his guitarist (Tim Rosenau), drummer (Brian Haley), and bass player (ToddieFunk) are just a few of the bandmates who have helped out at camp as well.

Andy Mineo

At Camp Electric we are always looking for new Christian artists to bring on in order to service musicians of all styles and to fit the sound of the day. That’s why we’re so excited to be bringing Andy Mineo for the first time in 2018. Mineo is a hip hop artist who has also worked as a producer and in other areas of media. Collaborating with everyone from for KING & COUNTRY to Lecrae and Trip Lee, Mineo has quickly become one of the strongest voices in Christian rap. His skill set and experience in building a career are great for the students at Camp Electric to understand.


Like we were saying with Andy Mineo, Camp Electric is a home for future Christian musicians of all kinds. Not every child is aspiring to be a worship pastor toting an acoustic guitar. Skillet is one of the biggest bands in Christian music and they possess a sound that is unparalleled in the genre. Drummer Lori Peters and guitarist Ben Kasica have both lent their rock knowledge as camp instructors in recent years. Skillet has been in the business for over 20 years and features mainstream appeal that few Christian artists have ever seen so their talents are perfect for the camp experience.

Tauren Wells

Long before his song “Hills and Valleys” made him a household name, Tauren Wells was on the list of instructors at Camp Electric. Wells was of course the singer for Royal Tailor at the time and the other members of the band have also been featured as instructors for guitarists (DJ Cox), bassists (Blake Hubbard), and drummers (Jarrod Ingram). Having experience as both a solo artist and a band frontman, Wells is a great asset to the team at camp.

Jamie Grace

We mentioned before how important it is to have a mix of artists who have spent many years in music as well as the younger generation who are fresh from springing into the national spotlight. Jamie Grace was only 19 years old when she released her first album, one which propelled her into a Dove Award win for New Artist of the Year. Years before that moment, however, she began her journey as an artist in much the same way as kids today: posting her work on YouTube. Grace has performed a number of times for the full Camp Electric audience while also providing great insight during the classroom portion of the week.


Newsboys - Christian Artists at Camp Electric

You can find very few Christian artists who have been in the game longer than Newsboys. Formed in the 80s, this group has been one of the industry’s biggest groups for years. Of course the band is now fronted by Michael Tait rather than Peter Furler, but both have been a part of the group thanks to a recent reunion tour. As far as the band’s involvement with Camp Electric, drummer Duncan Phillips has served as an instructor and the band performed in 2017. Whether it’s through teaching or simply blasting the doors off with a live rendition of “God’s Not Dead,” we’re always happy to have the band at Camp Electric.


There was a time when Christian rap was considered a joke, but talented artists like Lecrae and others have made it a respected genre. For his own part, Lecrae has put in the time needed to rise from regional success to multiple Grammy nominations. You can read more about his journey in the 2016 memoir “Unashamed.” Rappers like Lecrae are a breath of fresh air for young people who are growing up in a culture of entertainment where hip hop is mixing with pop and rock to create a new sound. We appreciate both the support of Lecrae and his drummer Nate Robinson who has been an instructor with us in the past.

Casting Crowns

We have been blessed at Camp Electric to have multiple instructors come from a single band. Casting Crowns is one of these Christian artists as the group has allowed us to use the services of drummer Brian Scoggin and guitarist Juan DeVevo more than once. The band has held a special place in the Christian music scene ever since the release of its debut album in 2003. Hit songs like “Who Am I” and “Just Be Held” have lit up the airwaves for many years now and we love having such an experienced group molding the minds of tomorrow’s musicians.

Rend Collective

Another group that has sent several band members to Camp Electric is Rend Collective. This Irish band gained popularity with American Christian listeners in the early 2010s with joy-infused worship songs “Build Your Kingdom Here” and “My Lighthouse.” Both guitarist Patrick Thompson and drummer Gareth Gilkeson have graced the classroom stage at camp, sharing their insights with our eager students. We have also had the opportunity to see the full band perform live in an exclusive Camp Electric concert. Aside from all of the classroom benefits to attending camp, students get to see artists like TobyMac, Tauren Wells (Royal Tailor), The New Respects, and many more in a private venue better than most live experiences.

If your child is wanting to become a more skillful musician, what better way to learn than with some of the biggest Christian artists around? Camp Electric is a unique retreat for music-makers that allows them to gather with fellow teenagers, learn from musicians they love, and progress in their own musical journeys. Find out how your student can take advantage of this amazing offer by clicking on the banner below.


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