By: Camp Electric
  • November 9, 2017
How Does a Christian Music Camp Help My Child?

Parents send their kids to summer camp for a variety of reasons. For many it’s all about letting their kids have fun in a new and engaging environment while for others it’s just nice to have the kids out of the house for a week (No judgement from us!). When you send a kid to a Christian music camp, though, you probably want to know just how beneficial the process can be. What kind of environment will my son be learning in? How does this camp offer to help my daughter become a better vocalist? What Christian values will be taught during the week? No one would blame you for asking these questions. We recognize that every camp is a little different, but here are a few ways that a Christian music camp can help your child.

A Christian Music Camp Emphasizes Discipline

No matter what hobby or career your child intends to pursue during his or her life, discipline will be key. As any music instructor will tell them, practice is an essential part of the learning process. You can’t expect to get better at playing guitar without consistently going over your chords, transitioning between them, and learning to strum just right.

When we say that camp emphasizes discipline, we mean that the instructors will reinforce the idea that each student is in control of her progress. While new methods or helpful hints will be introduced, discipline is the backbone of all that we hope to accomplish. Just because your child will learn about discipline at a Christian music camp, it doesn’t mean he won’t also have a good time.

Christian Music Camp is a Place for Fun

It’s important for every camp to be fun. This is usually achieved through activities like horseback riding and ziplines. With Christian music camps, however, the fun rotates around playing music and young people working together. If we took the basic concept of school and stripped away the testing to focus on a single subject which everyone loved, it would start to look like a music camp.

Depending on where you go, your child’s Christian music camp might also incorporate other activities. Regardless, the counselors and staff have the #1 priority (after safety, of course) of making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. We all know that studying music and playing instruments can be stressful at times. Camps like these balance the workload with fun activities that will help your child progress in their studies while also having a good time. Hopefully this balance of fun and work will take root at home as well, making for a healthier atmosphere that is still devoted to improvement.

Christian Music Camps Challenge with Friendly Competition

One of the ways in which camps create a fun environment is through friendly competition. This is a common theme with summer experiences as non-music camps often put kids together in teams, tribes, or some other similar terminology where they will compete in physical challenges, trade off in unique cheers, or otherwise compete in an effort to win the camp’s top honor. When we introduce a musical component, this can quickly turn into a battle of the bands or a talent show where kids can work on original projects and cover songs that showcase their abilities. Not only is this friendly competition fun, but it also helps kids learn and grow. Competition has led to countless innovations over the years and it will also help your child make a personal investment in their musical learning.

Music Camps Help Musicians Learn to Play with Others

While competition itself can breed improvement, an important aspect of talent shows and battle of the bands is that they force individual players to perform as a unit. It’s one thing to teach yourself how to play guitar solo, but it’s a whole new ballgame when other musicians are introduced to your set. This requires the ability to stay together on the same time and to collaborate so that the whole band can achieve the best sound.

Aside from competition, Christian music camps also let musicians talk and play with other people who are just as passionate as they are. For kids who teach themselves online and live far from other musicians, this is a great experience. A child who has only been playing for a few months can learn a lot from someone who has years under her belt. This environment allows for kids to learn from each other while also taking in great teaching from adults.

Christian Music Camps Share with Kids What Really Matters

We can talk all day about the musical benefits of Christian music camps, but there is one very important distinction between them and a number of other music programs around the country: the gospel. If you’re seeking to become a better musician, then of course you can learn a lot from these camps. However, one day you will hang up the drumsticks for good. Even if music is your life right now, we all know that it doesn’t compare to the life that is offered in a relationship with Jesus Christ. All of the best musical talent and training in the world cannot replace the joy and purpose found in the Lord. That’s why Christian music camps have an advantage over some other options out there.

Not only can these camps offer your child valuable experiences when it comes to music, they will also teach your child the connection between the skills that God has given us and our reason for doing what we do. By joining these ideas together, the teaching takes on a new level of importance.

These Camps Provide a Great Atmosphere for Learning

Throughout this post we have listed reasons why Christian music camps are so beneficial to a child. For starters, learning needs to be fun. When we are enjoying the experience, working and engaging our brains doesn’t feel like a task that we’re struggling with, but an exciting challenge. It’s important to enjoy what you’re doing because discipline is at the heart of mastering any skill. As we learn how to control an instrument in our hands and we begin to enjoy each level of achievement, it’s time to branch out. That’s where friendly competition comes in and we start to understand how to play as a group. Now we are all working in unison, learning the music, and getting to the bottom of what it means to be a true musician. We understand our purpose in Christ and we’re giving our best effort so as to celebrate the gifts He has given us and bring glory to Him. That’s the Christian music camp experience.

Christian Music Camps Offer Advice from Experts

Just like there are many great athletes and coaches in sports, there are many wonderful music experts who can teach your child how to be better at his craft. Depending on which camp you go to, though, they might have different skill sets and specialties. At Camp Electric, our instructors are members of today’s hottest Christian bands. No matter whether your child is a drummer, singer, guitarist, etc., there is an expert musician looking to make him or her better at what they love. Find out how your child can become our next student by clicking on the link below.


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