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Become a CE Chaperone.

Camp Electric is an awesome experience and place to volunteer!

We encourage anyone, especially those who love music, media, and ministry to apply to be a chaperone. Just as the entire staff works to minister to the students of CE, chaperones play a key role in making this happen. Chaperones come alongside the CE staff to carry out supervision, time management, and organizational duties. They also have the opportunity to sit in on classes and get to go to each and every concert.


There is a small fee associated with being a CE Chaperone, to help cover meals and lodging. Chaperoning with CE is a privilege, and we take the application process very seriously. A background check will be completed for all applicants, and church and community references will be called. There are limited spots available, and selection is based upon the application, reference recommendation and background checks.


Please fill out the "Chaperone Application" by clicking the "APPLY HERE" button below.

For more questions regarding this program, please contact Camp Electric at 1.800.755.0242.

What does a Chaperone do?

  • Oversees assigned group of students.

  • Leads morning devotions. (devotions and leader guides provided)

  • Key Roles. Provide assistance with check-in, concert entry, artist merch, etc. (different chaperones will be assigned different roles)

  • Daily chaperone meetings. (these help ensure questions are answered and daily activities run smoothly)

  • Memories that will last a lifetime.

More than just Volunteers

What People Are Saying


What an awesome experience camp was. The only thing I hated was the thought of all the years I missed.”


Take a week during the summer and be a part of their lives and chaperone other youth on their own Christian paths. That's what I did over a decade ago. Guess what?  I'm still a part of the Camp Electric Family.


I think I had more fun

than the kids did! Seriously, there is nothing like Camp Electric!

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