By: Camp Electric
  • October 3, 2019
Why Young Musicians are Important to the Church

Christianity is a system of faith focused on the personal relationship formed between individuals and the God of the universe. When you are a young person, it may not feel like the church cares much for you. Sure, your youth group plays fun games and occasionally takes a trip, but what place do you have in this fellowship of believers? Young people, especially young musicians, can feel left out on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. They may even feel as though the church doesn’t have a place for them in general. The truth is that young musicians are quite important to the church, both in the future and in the here and now. Here are a few reasons why the church needs young musicians.

Young Musicians Are the Next Generation

For years it seemed like the church only cared about families and not upsetting its more seasoned members. After all, the kids will just fall in line with their parents’ beliefs in good time, right? Recent studies show this is not always the case. Instead of just letting the younger generation fall by the wayside at 18, churches are now realizing that young people need to be cultivated and nurtured throughout the schooling years. This has resulted in renewed calls of investing in the next generation. Young musicians benefit from this by many churches being more willing to play contemporary music and inviting teenage or college-age musicians to join the worship team. We know one day these young people will be the leaders in the church and that makes them vital to the cause. Whether you serve on the worship team at your church or you’re just a high school kid who happens to play an instrument, you matter to the Church.

Creativity Helps Spread the Story of God

Have you ever seen pictures of historic church architecture and works of art? Between music, paintings, and storytelling, the creative arts have long been connected to the Christian experience. Jesus himself told parables in order for His message to be easily understood. Young musicians are needed by the Church because their creative spirit helps to disperse the story of God into a personal language which can be shared by fellow believers. By building art and music around the Truth of the Bible, we can communicate the tenets of the Christian faith in more accessible terms (though we should be careful not to water down Scripture). Those middle and high schoolers who play music are important to the ministry of the Church not only because they help to spread the story of God, but their creativity reflects the artistry passed down from our Heavenly Father.

Music is a Vital Form of Worship

There are many songs shared throughout the Bible. Some are long and intricate words of instruction, while others are simple celebrations of all that God has done. One of the most common uses for music in the Bible is to praise God. If you were to ask one hundred people what “worship” is, many would likely make a connection to the hymns and modern praise songs we take part in at church. This shows us that no matter how the world may change around us, music has been linked to the worship of God for thousands of years. Young musicians who are eager to use their abilities in a spiritual setting provide a vital service in bringing together the Christian body for corporate worship. 

You Need to Step Up and the Church Needs You

The transition between childhood and adulthood is all about stepping up and making tough decisions. For teenage musicians, or really anyone part of a church, there are so many ways in which you can serve. Parking cars, greeting at the door, or helping lead worship during the service are just a few of the ways everyday people can help a church do its thing. Just as the church provides an outlet for a young man or woman to learn how to be of use in God’s kingdom, these faithful volunteers are a big reason why churches can function as well as they do. A healthy church needs young musicians who are eager to help as much as it needs just about anything else. In this partnership, we get to help out with what God is doing in our community and the local church gets to do the work of God because of people who are obedient to God’s calling to serve. No matter what age you are, there’s someone you can be used.

Music Has Always Been Part of the Church and Must Be Passed Down

Not only are young musicians important to the church because they are the next generation of leaders, but they will also carry on the legacy of music which has been handed down for centuries. At the beginning of this blog, we mentioned a few of the ways in which music has transformed and adapted to cultures through the years. With each iteration, the music builds on what came before it and translates Biblical truth to its intended audience. The school-age Christian musicians of today are needed to carry this torch once they are able, so that the coming generations will be able to craft their own songs of worship. Today’s kids have a significant advantage over their predecessors thanks to the wonders of the internet, so there’s no excuse for not studying the work of hymn writers and other important figures. 

The influence of these great works of the past are essential to creating worthwhile music today. The Church needs young musicians to care about the hymns and worship songs of the past so they will not be lost to the recesses of time.

We All Have Value to the Church

Just as we are all loved by God and called to serve Him, we all have value when it comes to performing the ministry of the church. Young musicians may not get to play on stage during the worship service or sing in the choir, but their musical talents can still otherwise be of use. Maybe you can write music that shares your perspective of faith or you can mentor another musician who isn’t quite as far along as yourself. You could join forces with a few of your Christian friends and share your talents at a nearby nursing home. There are countless ways for young musicians to serve God and each of them stress the importance of such people to the Christian church.

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