By: Camp Electric
  • December 20, 2019
Stocking Stuffers for Christian Musicians

Christmas is just around the corner, so if you still have people on your list you need to shop for, the pressure is on. With any group of people, there are certain items better guaranteed to deliver the ultimate Christmas present. Let us help you find a few last minute stocking stuffers for Christian musicians who may be in middle school, high school, or college. To be honest, many of these same options will work for musicians in the adult bracket as well. Whether you’re looking to spend tens or hundreds of dollars, we’ve got you covered with plenty of great ideas. Here are some late stocking stuffers for Christian musicians still in school.

The Gift of New Music

Musicians love music. If they didn’t, their chosen hobby wouldn’t make much sense. While this idea may require you to know a lot about a young person’s musical preferences, giving them some new tunes to enjoy is a great idea. You can either give them a special recording from one of their favorites or act on blind faith and share something you’ve always enjoyed. 

A musician in high school may be set in his ways when it comes to what he listens to, but you have to remember that these are the years when people are cultivating their preferences and learning about all kinds of interesting things. The next question is “What format should I buy the album in?” CDs have become less popular in the wake of digital music, but they are still readily available. Also, vinyl has made a serious comeback and makes for a nice present. If you want to give the musician on your list the freedom of choice, you can always just fill his stocking with an iTunes gift card.

Small Music Accessories

Whether you’re literally trying to fill a stocking or just looking for some last-minute gifts for Christian musicians, accessories are always a reasonable way to go. Over the course of the teenage years, a musician will go through so many guitar picks, straps, reeds, and tuners. Regardless of instrument, there are countless accessories capable of helping a musician get better at her craft. Even if the person you’re buying for hasn’t given you a list of what she wants, you can’t go wrong with some of the basic accessories.

Magazine Subscription - Stocking Stuffers for Christian Musicians

Believe it or not, magazines are still a thing. An individual is just as likely to read a magazine on his tablet as he is to own the physical copy, but you can find all kinds of neat publications doing work in the genre. If you’re looking for something in the singer-songwriter field, we might suggest American Songwriter. For something that focuses on Christian music, you can always count on CCM Magazine or Relevant. Billboard would be the way to go if you want them to be informed on industry trends and the most popular music charts. You’ll find there’s something to read in just about every field of music. Don’t want to commit to an entire subscription? Just look for single copies online or in a bookstore.

Printout of New Online Membership

The internet has blown up how we do things (both good and bad). In music, this has led to all kinds of subscription services and online music lessons becoming available. Do you know some Christian musicians who are just starting to move past the beginner stage with their instruments? Maybe some helpful lessons from an internet teaching service like Take Lessons or Musical U can help. If you want to give them the gift of music, but don’t want to jump through the hoops we mentioned in this list’s first entry, you can also sign them up for Spotify Premium or Amazon Music. This way, they can listen to all the music they want for free and without ads.

Money and Gift Cards for New Music Equipment

Gift-giving has changed radically over the last ten years. It used to be seen as a faux pas to hand someone a gift card or some money because it seemed like you didn’t care enough to actually buy them a present. Nowadays, many people think this is the best gift to give. Instead of being seen as uncaring, people view gift cards as a nice way to let the recipient buy what they really want. Between instruments, accessories, sheet music, and beyond, a little cash can work wonders.

Music Biographies and Christian Books on Creativity

Musical notes aren’t the only thing Christian musicians may be interested in reading. From improving your efficiency to finding inspiration in your faith, you can find many wonderful books combining Christianity and creativity. Andrew Peterson just came out with an interesting one titled “Adorning the Dark,” but you can find so much more where that came from. Young Christian musicians may also be interested to learn from their favorite past musicians through their biographies. Some notable names to pen their stories in recent years include Steven Curtis Chapman and Bart Millard.

Concert Tickets

Let’s be real. Watching live music performed by your favorite artists is a lot of fun. Just like it’s great to receive new music in your stocking, finding some concert tickets is pretty great too. Once again, this is a gift dependent upon knowing who the person on your shopping list enjoys. We’re not saying you need to spend $200 on tickets to some sold out arena show, but see if there’s a Christian artist visiting a nearby church or concert hall. These concerts often have a price tag around $20 for general admission.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Along the same lines of our recommendation for music accessories, there are some nice electronic gadgets that improve the experience of playing music. Earbuds and over-the-ear headphones can help some musicians practice without disturbing the peace for others around them (plus, they’re necessary for enjoying your favorite band’s new album). Cables, hard drives, and other technology also help simplify the work of a musician. If you don’t want to spend quite this much on a stocking stuffer, gift cards always help.

A Note of Encouragement

We’re always thinking about what we can buy, but not enough about what we can give. Christian musicians certainly have needs, there’s no denying that. They also need encouragement, whether it’s in their spiritual beliefs, their pursuit of music, or knowing how valuable they are in this world. Consider writing a note encouraging them as part of your Christmas gift. This season is not just about handing people expensive presents, after all. 

These are just some of the stocking stuffers for Christian musicians you can incorporate with your gift-giving this year. As you celebrate the holiday season, we hope you enjoy time of fellowship and festivity and remember the reason why we celebrate.

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