By: Camp Electric
  • May 1, 2018
Song Writing: Reasons for Christian Teens to Start Now

For Christian teens who are learning to create music, be it through playing guitar or even singing, there are certain milestones and challenges that mark your progress. When you master a particularly hard song cover or discover a new chord, it’s pretty exciting. One thing we would encourage you to do, something that can be quite daunting, is to give song writing a chance. There are a few reasons why song writing is beneficial to Christian teens as musicians and as individuals. Here are a few of those reasons:

Song Writing is Therapeutic

The life of Christian teens can be stressful. Not only do young people experience a flood of new emotions and social norms as they get older, but sometimes they experience difficulties unique to their personal lives where some sort of therapy is advised. No matter if a teenager is 100% healthy or going through a serious ordeal, song writing may be a form of relaxation and engagement to alleviate stress and let out emotions that are boiling inside. Music therapy is something that has gained a lot of traction over the last 50 years. Some people enjoy listening to classical music as they perform tedious tasks while others think Pavarotti is essential to cooking an Italian dinner. Simply listening to music is relaxing, but song writing allows for us to channel what we are feeling into a personal work of art. Christian teens can use this outlet to process a breakup, conquer fear, or meditate on something learned at church.

Song Writing May Help Boost Creativity

The more we learn in life, the more we are opening ourselves up to new possibilities. If you lived your life without any kind of passion or interest, it would be pretty dull. The importance of picking a hobby for yourself can never be overstated. In fact, feel free to pick a few. If you’re here on this site, we can surmise that you have at least some interest in music. This is a great hobby! It may even be one you can turn into a career. As we referenced above, music is a hobby that can provide therapeutic benefits. Not only that, but music has a way of boosting our creativity as well. When a guy wants to work on his car, you better believe he’s going to turn on his favorite rock station to pass the time. How does song writing boost creativity, though? As you learn to put together a song you are not only discovering how music is created, but giving yourself a real world problem to solve. Mental games like this allow us to handle complex problems and ignite a spark of creativity.

An Early Start = More Practice

“The early bird gets the worm” is not just some saying your parents used to torment you as a child. There is truth to be gleaned from the idea that discipline and starting early lead to more opportunities. Who do you think has a better chance at playing professional sports: someone who has dedicated him/herself to athletics from an early age or a 22-year-old who is just now giving it a shot? This same idea of starting early is also when it comes to activities like learning a different language and learning how to play an instrument. Don’t worry, though, because even people who start a hobby later in life can be good. We want to set you up for success as a musician, which is why we think you need to start writing songs today. As you start to process chord progressions, pen lyrics, and work out all the details for your song, you’ll learn so much about what it means to be a musician.

Song Writing Will Help You Progress as a Musician

For Christian teens who want to be musicians, song writing is a skill that needs to be conquered. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been playing for a while, you likely have a list of things you want to be able to cross out. For some that may be playing your first live show, while others may simply want to be able to play their favorite song. No matter where you are on your journey, song writing is a skill you want to lock down. Being able to say that you have written original songs is not just about street cred, it’s a sign that (1) you take your musical pursuit seriously and (2) you are an artist rather than someone simply plugging away at an instrument. As you continue to practice, learn covers, play in front of people, and write songs, you’ll notice how much more comfortable you are as a musician. This is the process.

Song Writing is Difficult, But Worth Your Time

You may be thinking, “But I’m not any good at writing songs!” Fair point, but do you know who else isn’t very good at writing songs in the beginning? Pretty much everyone. It’s okay to be bad when you are starting to do something for the first time. Give yourself a little grace and learn from your mistakes. Song writing is something that will take time to fully understand. Forget the music aspect and just think about how hard lyrics can be to write. There will be times when you write a full song’s worth of lyrics in 10 minutes and other times when you can’t find the write words for months. Anyone who has ever tried her hand at poetry knows that it can be tough to tow the line between sentimental and cheesy, honest and ugly. If you sit around only thinking about the ways in which something can go wrong, you’re never going to accomplish anything. If you want to be a real artist, creating your own music and trying your hand at song writing is a must.

Creating Original Music Will Teach You Discipline

Regardless of what instrument you play or what skill level you are at, discipline is one of the most important aspects of being a successful musician. There might have been a time when you looked at classic rock legends and thought they made it look easy, but it’s a different story when you try to make the music yourself. You can’t just throw a few random notes on top of some half-hearted lyrics and think your music is going to matter to anyone. As you try your hand at song writing, you’ll begin to learn what works and what habits you need to change. If you plan to write more than a handful of songs you’ll also have to figure out how to make each song sound unique. You never want to be too repetitive as an artist.

You've Got Something to Say

Each individual has value endowed upon them by a God who loves them. Not only are you important, but you probably have important things to say. You may not be the smartest kid in school or the most talented musician, but your music can still tell an incredible story. Song writing is all about sharing your emotions, fears, dreams, and beliefs. Use this opportunity to make yourself heard.

In short, song writing is good for Christian teens who are interested in music because it is a healthy mental exercise, helps develop them as musicians, and inspires a higher level of discipline. You can learn more about writing songs at summer music camps like Camp Electric. At Camp Electric we can help you learn more about how to create music and play your instrument to the best of your ability. Our instructors are made up of some of the biggest names in Christian music today. Find out how you can be our next student by clicking on the link below.


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