By: Camp Electric
  • November 21, 2017
7 Reasons Why We Need Summer Camps for Teens

As the world presses on with social media and other technology, it may seem like the days of old are quickly passing us by. One time honored tradition that has yet to slip away, however, is the fun of summer camps for teens. As the summer months rolls around, these camps are as much a part of the season as catching fireflies, watching fireworks, and grilling out by the pool. Although we can all agree that summer camps for teens can be fun, some might question the necessity of such institutions. Here are seven reasons why we think these camps are a vital part of the childhood experience.

Summer Camps Teach Teens How to Adapt

We all know just how important the teenage years are when it comes to growth and maturity. Sometimes we see kids at the mall or read a social media post and think “What was going through your head when you made that decision?” It turns out that the teen and college years are vitally important in the process of becoming an adult. That may seem obvious, but data supports the idea that our brains are completely rewired during these years. One of the best ways for your child to get a leg up on #adulting is to learn to adapt. Summer camps are great for learning this skill as it’s a week of summer break that is completely unlike the rest of summer.

Summer Camps for Teens Are About Making New Friends

New experiences can be a little rough in the beginning, but things really turn around when we have a friend to help us through the initial awkwardness. Think back to freshman orientation at school. When your head wasn’t exploding with information on the next four years of your life, you were worrying about finding friends in this big, new place. Just like going off to school, camp is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends for life. Some kids sign up for camp with an established group of friends, but this isn’t the case for everyone. For some teens, camp might be a place for a fresh start that leads to healthy relationships in the future. Bonding over shared experience and through competition is a strong base from which one can build lasting friendships.

Summer Camps Give Teens Something to Look Forward to

We’ve all pulled out our calendars before simply to look in anticipation at something fun on the horizon. Maybe it’s a vacation or a tour stop from your favorite musician. Whatever it is in your life that gets you excited, just looking forward to said event is enough to help you push through any amount of work or unpleasantness. Your kids also take part in this by counting down the days til Christmas or the end of the school year. For some kids, often those who are returning to a camp that they love, summer camps for teens are the highlight of the year. It’s the place they think of when they think of fun and adventure. That’s why some kids are willing to forgo Christmas or birthday gifts in lieu of the chance to go to summer camp. Parents are smart to remember this leveraging tool when trying to inspire better grades or behavior from their kids.

Summer Camps Allow For New Opportunities

Not every family is the same, but we’re willing to bet that most homes don’t have ziplines, horses, paintball, and water activities just sitting in the backyard. If yours does, then feel free to invite us over next summer. For the rest of you, new and unique opportunities like these are one of the reasons why summer camps for teens are a must. A child growing up in the city may have never had the opportunity to truly enjoy a night sky full of stars or to learn how to ride a horse. Likewise an only child who is homeschooled may not have the ability to meet so many new people in such a short amount of time. That’s not to mention the new adventure of being away from home for one or more weeks.

Summer Camps For Teens Get Kids Out of the House

Speaking of spending time away from home, parents should think of ways to get teens out of the house during the summer. Better yet, send them to camp. It’s been scientifically linked that being outdoors is healthy for you, something that we all thought to be true. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little TV or video games, especially as a teenager, but it goes a long way toward encouraging a sedentary lifestyle. When kids go outside, they receive all kinds of benefits from nature. Summer camps are known for keeping kids moving with a busy schedule of fun activities.

Summer Camps for Teens Let Kids Be Kids

You may have already noticed it with your own children, but experts say that kids are growing up faster than ever. Not only are kids being exposed to mature video games, sexually suggestive music, and social media, but the biological changes of a generation are starting earlier. All of this to say that childhood is in danger of shrinking more and more each year. While it’s good to introduce kids to more responsibility over time, life is coming way too fast for many kids. That’s why it’s so important to let them enjoy simple things like summer camp. Here they can learn to be creative and have the freedom to explore in a safe environment.

Summer Camps for Teens Are Practice For College

Let’s travel back to the freshman orientation example used only a few paragraphs ago. In only a short amount of time, your teen will likely be going off to college. One way to prepare him/her for this is to give them opportunities to try new things and meet new people. Summer camps are a great way to begin this process. Your child will make new friendships, learn new skills, adapt to their surroundings, and have a lot of fun in the process.

There are many parenting techniques and books that are constantly being amended or outright forgotten as time goes on, but one piece of advice that has stayed true is that children are better off when given a nurturing community where they can try new things and responsibly enjoy a creative education. Arrangements like this are best with a backbone of discipline, but you should also keep things fun and loving when possible. We think summer camps for teens are part of this process and that they are a valuable tradition that should continue for generations to come.

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