By: Camp Electric
  • July 27, 2018
Music Camp

The summer is a time when millions of young people around the country head off to attend summer camps of all kinds. Many of these events are simply destinations for fun where kids can learn to work with others and enjoy the great outdoors. One popular way to spend time in the summer is to attend a music camp. This is a great opportunity for young musicians to learn more about their craft. It’s important to remember, however, that these camps are just the beginning of the musical journey. Here are a few reasons why music camp is just the start of it all.

Music Camp is a Springboard

Instead of looking at music camp as some kind of finish line, it’s much more appropriate to view your time at camp as the starting line. You are, perhaps for the first time, identifying yourself as a musician. Not some kid who happens to play an instrument, but a musician in training. Over the course of your time at camp, you’ll learn so much about music, yourself, and the best way for you to merge the two.

Many of these music camps are focused on keeping the experience fun, but you’ll also learn if you have what it takes to make a good career out of your playing. No matter what kind of music camp you attend, essentially all of them are geared towards helping you become better at what you do. It can take some courage to go to such a camp, especially if you don’t know anyone. Use that same boldness throughout the rest of your music studies and you’ll be that much closer to your end goal.

Music is a Lifelong Pursuit

A music camp can’t be the end of your journey simply because most people who attend one are between elementary school and college. Music is not a subject where you can fill your head with knowledge for a few years and then be set for life. You need to surround yourself constantly with influences that will push you along one way or another. Think marathons, not sprints. You can’t cram for some test the night before and survive. Each week, if not every day, you should set aside time to practice, learn, and challenge yourself with new exercises and songs.

At a music camp you will be mostly free of distractions and the vast majority of your day will revolve around learning music from some talented instructors. Coming home, you will quickly learn that the real world does not make such considerations for you. Use your time at camp similar to the way in which a sports team will train vigorously at the beginning of a season. Learn discipline quickly because that may be the only accountability you have for the rest of your life.

You Are Willing to Try New Methods

One of the best things about music camps is that they allow students to learn from a number of different teachers. For many kids, the only exposure to music lessons they get is the one guy teaching guitar who just so happens to know their parents. Even if that one instructor is great (and we’re sure yours is), wouldn’t it be healthy to hear some other viewpoints? Now that you’ve attended your music camp and learned from different teachers, you likely know some different methods for training yourself on your instrument. That’s great!

The facts that you are willing to learn in new ways and that you have already been exposed to different teaching influences are great signs that you are on the road to progress. Keep it up and you’ll be further along than you’ve ever dreamed. Find which methods work best for you and come up with a plan for your post-camp journey.

You Are Learning to Play Music with Others

A rather large distinction in the process of becoming a musician is set between those who only play in private and those who can publicly perform with fellow musicians. If you’re hoping to be employed as a musician, yet you’ve never played a live show, that’s going to be something to fix. When you go to a music camp, you will be paired up with musicians who play the same instrument so that you can all learn from a skilled teacher. What that camp will likely also do is place you in an orchestra or band where you can learn to perform with others. This is a valuable exercise that will help you to become a better performer.

Learning to play music with others is vitally important to being a musician, but it’s a big step that comes fairly early in your journey. Now that you have some time logged, you should be seeking to play with others more often. Start a garage band, join a program at your school, or just play with some friends on the weekend. Music camp can show you how to play as part of a group, now take that knowledge and use it.

Music Camp Has Sparked Your Creativity

Like we said before, music camp is a springboard to launch your music, either as a career or a hobby. It is an intensive (but hopefully fun) stretch where you will learn and experience more in music than you typically would in a month. If you come into a music camp only being mildly interested in music, there’s a good chance you will feel inspired upon leaving. Many camps will focus on songwriting and otherwise creating your own music. Once you feel confident enough to make original music, that creative spark will be a big part of your musical journey going forward. Being able to perform and improvise with others and create your own music means that you are really close to making a run at this whole musician thing.

A Music Camp is Never the Finish Line

Camps are a retreat, a time to get away from it all and focus on a single purpose. By that definition, we know that a camp can never be the finish line. Just like your summer vacation or the final hours of Christmas day, the time will pass and you’ll get back to your regular routine. After you get home from music camp, you need to build from the lessons you have learned and start the “real” process of being a musician. If we were to tell you that we are marathon runners simply because we have researched tips on running and shopped for new workout clothes at the mall, you would think we were crazy. Eventually have to put the time in yourself and run your race. It may be hard work, but you can do it.

We love that young musicians want to learn more and spend time at music camps. There are so many reasons why you should consider attending such a camp. For those looking for a Christian music education, Camp Electric is a great option. Our instructors are made up of singers, guitarists, bass players, keyboardists and drummers from some of today’s biggest Christian acts. Find out how you can be our next student by clicking on the link below.

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