By: Camp Electric
  • November 7, 2018
7 Reasons for Kids to Listen to Christian Music

If you ask kids today what they’re listening to, you’ll hear about singers like Ariana Grande and bands like Imagine Dragons. Christian music, on the other hand, is sometimes frowned upon by younger listeners. While we can’t be surprised by non-Christian kids’ lack of interest in the genre, there’s plenty for Christian kids to love about music that praises the Lord. Instead of dismissing Christian music as lame church stuff, think about all the ways in which we can engage with it. We believe Christian music has a rightful claim to your listening time. Here are a few reasons why.

Christian Music Reinforces Our Faith

We each absorb information in different ways. Some are better auditory learners while others thrive on some kind of visual component. In the same way, Christian music may broadcast Biblical truths to some in a way that sermons or small group discussion cannot. Not that we’re ranking the most effective ways to learn about God, but the spiritual journey is littered with personal adaptation as we learn about ourselves and the ways in which God communicates with us. As a young person, it never hurts to expose yourself to content that backs up the way you view the world or the values that you hold. As Christian kids grow up, this exposure (granted it’s not some sort of mandatory viewing akin to “A Clockwork Orange”) can help provide roots to what we believe about God.

Christian Music Challenges the Way We Live

Have you ever listened to a line from your favorite worship song and suddenly realized how different your life looks from the words you are singing? An old hymn like “I Surrender All” or even a modern classic like “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” will have you quickly evaluating yourself to see if your life matches up to the words you are singing. When you are young, there is often a lot of grace when it comes to maturing and setting out on the right path. This is 100% OK because growing up is a process, but eventually our behavior should start looking more and more similar to what we claim to believe.

There is Power in Christian Music

We know, you read that bullet point and immediately thought up your least favorite Christian song. There are always exceptions when it comes to broad statements like that, but the truth is that there is power in Christian music. That’s because we are not focusing our time on romantic relationships that come and go or making music that tells you what all you should buy with your Scrooge McDuck-sized pile of cash. Christian music comes from the heart, which often leads to songs tackling difficult seasons of life. There are untold numbers of songs about where we find our identity, what to do in difficult times, and how we can create change in our communities. Those are all themes young people can learn from because they are living in those seasons even now.

Good Christian Music Opens the Door

Music is pretty big and diverse. The same can be said of Christian music. That’s why we encourage young listeners to try out a few different artists and see what they like. What qualifies as “good” is somewhat up to the listener. You can easily hop around from Zach Williams to Lecrae to Elevation Worship and see what interests you. Good Christian music can open the door to furthering your walk with the Lord as it forces you to ask questions about yourself and what you believe. You may even realize you like it more than the secular music of today.

Christian Music Can Change Relationships

Whether it’s a child who has a problem with authority, a grown man dealing with alcoholism, or a young woman who feels unloved after a failed relationship, music has the ability to speak to us. Christian music can especially do this because there is a spiritual component. As we’ve already said, Christian music challenges us while also emboldening our faith. There is much more to that process, such as Bible reading, community, and prayer, but all of these things work together toward us becoming more productive Christians. A song like “Reckless Love” or “Who You Say I Am” may cause us to take up our identity in Christ and change our behavior with those around us. This can open the door to new and better relationships.

Christian Music Tells the Story of Faith

Christians of all ages can find something they love in Christian music because each song is telling the story of faith in its own way. From learning who we are to reflecting on Christ’s sacrifice to trusting Him even in the worst of circumstances, Christian songs speak into each of our experiences and remind us of who God is. While Christian music is no substitute for reading the Bible, songs that reflect what we find in scripture are a tool for deepening our faith.

Christian Music is Like Any Other Music, But Clean

Music is a wonderful thing to invest in, no matter what genre you prefer. Not only is it fun, but it can boost creativity and improve your mood. Christian music provides many, if not all, of the same benefits plus it’s safe for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for something fun and bouncy or a song with a little more weight, you can listen along knowing that everyone in the room can fully enjoy the music.

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