By: Camp Electric
  • January 6, 2018
5 Reasons Why Christian Music Camps Are Good for Kids

Between instructors, DVD classes, songbooks, and a million other resources, there are so many ways for a child to get a decent education in music. Whether your child is a vocalist, drummer, or guitar player, you want to help them find the best fit. If you haven’t already considered Christian music camps, we think now is the time to do so. While these experiences are shorter lived than your child’s usual teacher, they offer a special time of learning and camaraderie that is hard to mimic in many environments. Here are some of our top reasons why Christian music camps are good for kids.

Christian Music Camps Link Our Talents with God

Depending on where you live, you can probably find several decent music teachers in your area by simply opening a phonebook (or Googling it, since it’s 2018). What can be a little harder to find are music teachers who mix in Biblical inspiration to the process. We know that music and religion have been linked in the past, seeing how Psalms is a collection of worship songs. One thing that musicians don’t always keep in mind is that God has made each of us unique in our interests, skill sets, and abilities. Finding who you are as a musician is similar to finding who you are as a child of God. Everyone’s path is different, so it helps to have someone show you the path. At a Christian music camp, students will receive an education that pertains to their instruments as well as spiritual instruction that teaches them their place in the story that God is telling. When we discover our identity in Christ and connect that with the gift of music He has bestowed upon us, it makes the process mean even more.

Christian Music Camps Bring Together a Community

Whether you play in an orchestra, a band, or just with friends, music is a pastime that is best enjoyed with like-minded individuals. Some kids get a taste for this kind of community in the school marching band or by taking group lessons, but nothing beats being surrounded by people who understand where you’re coming from and want you to excel. Christian music camps offer the possibility to meet and make friends with other musicians who are believers. You’ll bond over the course of days or weeks as you engage in Bible studies, talent shows, classroom exercises, and fun challenges.

It cannot be stressed enough how important chemistry is between the members of a band. If everyone has a different way of doing things and they can’t learn to work together, talent doesn’t matter much. While it’s great for kids to make friends and meet new people, the experience of learning to match other musicians in performance is fundamental to the learning process.

Discipline Begets Discipline

Wouldn’t it be great if your child could just pick up a guitar and instantly be one of the greatest musicians of all time? Although natural talent plays a part, the key to being the best is to have discipline. This means that you do not need to be constantly reminded to practice. You might even enjoy it. Disciplined musicians have a difference in attitude when it comes time to tone up their abilities. They aren’t annoyed by practicing because they enjoy the experience and they recognize how vital it is maintain their skill level. Likewise, the Christian walk is one that requires discipline. Not only are we called to avoid sin, but we are supposed to be pursuing righteousness. Neither of those come naturally. At Christian music camps, instructors and counselors will link these disciplines and remind young musicians how important it is to prioritize time and to make wise decisions. Having a daily quiet time can be just as hard finding time for practice, but both are important for a young Christian musician.

Christian Music Camps are Fun

One of the most important aspects for any summer camp is that it must be a fun experience. Who wants to send their child to a camp that is boring? Exactly. Regardless of what kind of camp you are sending your child to, you want to know that he or she is going to have a good time. Every camp is different, but Christian music camps are a fun experience where your child can kick back with other kids of a similar age who also love music. You can expect your student to make good friends and enjoy learning exciting new things about music theory and performance. Summer break is a time for kids to let loose and take in new adventures, so why not make Christian music camps one of those unforgettable adventures?

Christian Music Camps Push Students to Excel

These camps aren’t just about having fun, though. Imagine if you went to a seminar for work that was mildly amusing but worthless overall. You might not be so keen on volunteering for the next one. We want you to send your children to music camps that are capable of delivering on the promise of helping them become better musicians.

Christian music camps push a child to embrace the musician which God has called him or her to be. This is not done through any kind of authoritarian system which might seem unsettling, but through a healthy, spiritual environment where teaching and encouragement are Spirit-filled. Your kids will learn from talented instructors who want them to enjoy playing and to do so at the height of their abilities. Exciting classrooms full of talented students, fun workshops, and engaging personal study are just a few of the aspects of a great music education at Christian camps.

You see, Christian music camps offer an experience unlike any other because they combine the spiritual with the fun of learning. These are just a few of the reasons why we believe they are a great option for kids who want to learn how to use their musical skills for the kingdom of God. At Camp Electric, we bring in some of the biggest names in Christian music to be the mentors and instructors of our students. What’s even better is that each evening concludes with a special concert from these artists and more! Find out more information on how your child can enjoy this amazing experience by clicking on the link below.


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