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  • October 1, 2018
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We’ve all stood around in the shower singing along to a fun upbeat song, using the shampoo bottle as a makeshift microphone. (Or is that just us?) Music is downright infectious, so no one can blame you for getting down to the beat of your favorite song. Although we all have the capacity to sing, not everyone can do so to the applause of others. If you think you have what it takes, you should consider attending a singing camp where you can learn to hone your craft. But why, when you can just opt to perform for your collection of bathroom accessories? Here are a few of the reasons why we think you should try out a singing camp.

Singing Camp Teaches You What You’re Doing Wrong

Have you ever thought you were doing something the correct way, then realized that something about your form had been wrong the whole time? Whether it’s at the gym, on the road, or at a function for work, we have a seemingly unlimited number of ways to embarrass ourselves by not getting a second opinion. Even if you are near certain that your singing voice is amazing, that sliver of doubt may be what separates you from the truly talented singers who get record deals. The good news? There may be steps you can take to correct the mistakes keeping you from your dreams. Unless you attend a singing camp or something similar, you may never get an honest evaluation of your talent.

Meeting Friends and Other Talented People at Singing Camp

Some talents can make you feel lonely. It doesn’t matter if you are a birdwatcher, a train enthusiast, or someone who enjoys painting with watercolors. If these activities keep you secluded from others, you may want to find a way to connect with people who share your passion. Just about any hobby has a local or national group to which you could join. For young people who love to perform music, however, there are few options that beat a singing camp that brings together musicians of all kinds. When you go to camp, you’ll find people with whom you may collaborate and others that push you to become better at what you love.

Singing Camp Will Help You Combat Stage Fright

Singing in the shower can be a lot of fun, but it’s hard to consider yourself a musician if you never share your talent with other people. We know it can be difficult to put yourself out there. “What if they laugh? What if they think I’m no good?” That’s a reasonable fear that just about any performer has experienced. When you go to a music camp, however, everyone is taking that same brave step. Once you’ve taken the stage a certain number of times, you’ll feel relaxed and enjoy the experience.

Learning if You’ve Got What It Takes

This may be a dated reference in 2018, but television audiences once cringed at the early seasons of “American Idol” when singers who were objectively bad would audition for the show. “Did no one tell these people how terrible they sound?” While we can’t imagine how painful that may have felt for the singers, at least they now know if this is something they want to pursue. The good news for young musicians is that it doesn’t take a bad performance on national television to find out if you have what it takes. Whether you are a beginner or someone with a little experience who has never been heard by professionals, singing camp can be a good way to find out just how close your talent is to the real deal.

Quality Instruction from Good Teachers

This is one of the best reasons why you should go to a music camp. Your instructor at home is probably giving you some good advice, but why not learn from someone with a more proven track record? Imagine a young basketball player who passes up the chance to shoot hoops with LeBron James simply because they already have a high school coach. That would be crazy! You should always look to see who the instructors at camps are, but more often than not it will be someone who has a lot of wisdom to share.

Inject Some Adrenaline in What You Love

A passion for music is similar to any love in that sometimes it needs a little jolt to keep the romance alive. If your pursuit in music is feeling stale, there’s nothing like a singing camp to push you onward. As you learn from talented instructors, try out new techniques, and make friends with fellow musicians, you’re going to realize just how much you love this stuff. When you leave, you can take this energy back with you and start pouring yourself into your art.

Gain an Advantage on Untrained Singers

We know there are a few people out there who are freakishly talented and simply have the natural ability to outsing most people. You see them from time to time on reality competition shows, but they are the exception, not the rule. If you want to be a professional singer, you will need voice lessons, singing camps, and more. By going to these camps you get a leg up on the competition. Not only will you learn how to train up your voice, but you will better understand music composition, songwriting, and so many other great skills.

You Owe It to Your Talent

If you really believe you have what it takes to make a career (or at least a serious passion) out of your singing voice, you owe it to yourself to maximize your abilities by attending music camps where teachers can give you great advice. We’re not saying you have to spend $1,000/month on some top-of-the-line coaching legend, but seek out the kind of veteran instruction you can find at a singing camp.

At Camp Electric, we offer a wonderful experience for teens who want to study guitar, vocals, drums, keys, and more. Our teachers come from some of the biggest names in Christian music and are eager to build up young musicians. Students will work with these professionals in classrooms and workshops and get to enjoy exclusive concerts each night. Find out how you can be our next student by clicking on the link below.

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