By: Camp Electric
  • October 21, 2019
 Do I Have to Practice Guitar All the Time

Whether you’re a middle school student, a college freshman, or even an adult, you’ll find there are many days in which you want to cut out all of the hard things in your life and just coast. It’s not a particularly healthy way to live your life, but we all understand that hard work isn’t the most appealing idea sometimes. For many musicians, the idea of constantly having to practice may feel like a punishment. Even if you’re normally a disciplined person, the temptation of laziness can quickly catch up to you. If you’re lacking the willpower to practice guitar, or whatever instrument you play, we want to give you the motivation to get things done. Here are a few reasons to practice guitar regularly.

Practice Makes Perfect

Sure, this phrase has been around longer than sliced bread, but there is a lot of truth in it. Have you ever tried to wing something, only to have everything blow up in your face? Not studying for a math test or trying to pass the driving exam? There are innumerable times in our lives when committing to practice leads to the best possible outcome. The same can be said about playing music. You wouldn’t want to take the stage at a school talent show without preparing for your performance, would you? When you’ve taken the time to practice guitar on a regular basis, you’ll find the ability to perform well that much easier.

Developing Muscle Memory

Music and sports may not both be of interest to the same people at times, but each activity shares certain traits with the other. Have you ever been sitting at home wondering how Steph Curry can drill 3-pointers over and over again? How about Tom Brady analyzing a defense and throwing the perfect pass 40 yards down the field for a touchdown? The reason why athletes can execute amazing physical acts is they have taken the time to develop a certain amount of muscle memory for the job. Both Curry and Brady know exactly how to manage their whole bodies for the task at hand. Take the time to practice guitar on the daily and you’ll better understand how to hold the instrument, switch between chords, and so much more.

Calluses are Your Friend

On top of developing muscle memory, practicing guitar is going to help you develop the calluses your hands need to push through the pain of fingering guitar strings. Do you remember what it was like the first time you played guitar for more than a few minutes? Your fingertips probably had a funny shape to them and you likely experienced a fair amount of pain, either in the moment or later on. Building calluses is important if you plan to play the guitar more than once in a blue moon. Consistent practice is going to lead to the toughening of your fingertips, resulting in calluses. If you haven’t already begun to develop calluses, we understand how awkward and painful the process can be. Just know that once you have those perfect guitar-playing fingertips, you’re going to be better off than before.

Diagnose Problems with Your Playing

Another reason why you should practice guitar all the time is that these sessions will help you discover problems in your playing. If you’re not taking yourself seriously and only picking up the guitar when you want to impress someone who doesn’t know any better, you have likely developed a number of unfortunate problems in your posture, strumming, and rhythm.  When you’re working with your guitar regularly, certain things will come to light and you can try to conquer them in that moment before you find yourself somewhere in public and a more seasoned musician makes you look like a chump. Iron out those wrinkles in your practice sessions.

You Should Love to Practice Guitar

Do you consider yourself a “real” musician? Then you should love to practice guitar whenever you can. When you decide to pursue music, even as a hobby, you’re signing on for a commitment. What makes that commitment worthwhile is whether or not you enjoy doing it. If you find yourself not wanting to play your guitar on a consistent basis, you should think about why that is. Do you want to try a different instrument? That’s fine, but if you’re having a lot of trouble finding the drive for practicing one instrument, the problem could be something else. Think about what you want to do, then commit.

Familiarity Helps You Succeed

Earlier we said that practice makes perfect. This is certainly the case when trying to learn a difficult song or write one of your own. Beyond covering the Xs and Os, playing your guitar will build a certain amount of familiarity which will help you succeed as a musician. Your instrument should feel like an extension of your own body. If or when you take the stage, you need to play it with the confidence you can only find from massive amounts of practice. A musician who still feels unsure of himself around his guitar is one requiring more practice and on a consistent basis.

Make the Most of Your Talents and Financial Investment

Have you been born with a true talent for music? Do you love to shred a guitar solo? Then have the mindset that no one is going to out-practice you on the guitar. Why waste your natural gifts? Remember the hundreds of dollars you dropped on that guitar? You owe it to yourself to make the most of your talents as well as the financial investment put down. If you’re a good guitar player right now, what’s stopping you from being an excellent one down the road? Take yourself seriously when it comes to practicing and other people will do the same in the future.

Consistent, Not Constant, Practicing is the Goal

It may seem like a hassle to always set aside time to practice guitar, but the truth is you can practice as little or as much as you want, so long as it’s consistent. If you find yourself with 15-30 minutes each day where you can pick up the guitar, that’s great. Maybe on the weekends you can spend an hour or more honing your skills while weekdays are better suited for short sessions. You shouldn’t feel smothered by a rigorous practice schedule. Just make an organized effort to include your instrument in the daily routine and you’ll find there’s plenty of time here and there where you can carve out some practice time.

There are so many reasons to practice guitar whenever you can. While you want to pursue music in a way that works with your lifestyle, it’s vital to your success that you consistently seek to progress in your abilities. No matter what age you are or experience level you’ve achieved, practice is an essential part of being a musician. We hope the reasons listed above are an encouragement to you as you press onward.

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