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As we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021, we want to look back on some of the year’s biggest worship songs. For both Christian musicians and anyone else, these songs made the most of a rough year by helping us remember the love and holiness of God. In addition to these worship tracks’ ability to speak to us, they also serve as an important tool for every Christian musician looking for new material. Whether you want to build your catalog of songs for private use or you need something for Sunday morning’s service, the options found below are great choices. Here are the worship songs from 2020 Christian musicians should learn.

“Evidence” - Josh Baldwin

In only a few years, Josh Baldwin has become one of the biggest names in Christian music. Building on the success of 2018’s “Stand in Your Love,” the singer has a new hit song in “Evidence.” The worship single is ideal for 2020, as it speaks on the importance of remembering who God has been in the past as we face new difficulties today. You can’t help but think back on all God has done for us when you’re singing along to the chorus on this one.

“Graves Into Gardens” - Elevation Worship

When you’re looking for worship songs from 2020 Christian musicians should learn, it’s hard to pass on the crowd-pleasing anthems from groups like Elevation Worship. “Graves Into Gardens” is a song all about how God can take the worst things in this life and turn them into something beautiful. It serves as the title track for Elevation’s hit record from 2020.

“Who You Are to Me” - Chris Tomlin

Famed worship leader Chris Tomlin probably raised some eyebrows in 2020 by releasing an album with country acts like Lady A and Florida Georgia Line. What resulted, though, was some good, God-honoring music like that found in “Who You Are to Me.” The song approaches the personal relationship side of faith for a message on God’s presence and love for each one of us. Check out an acoustic rendition of the song in the video below.

“Battle Belongs” - Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham kept himself busy this year with a well-maintained YouTube channel and more. He also put out one of the worship songs from 2020 Christian musicians should learn in “Battle Belongs.” As we go through life, it’s not difficult for us to be swayed by fear and drawn to despair by the challenges we face. When those times come, just remember the “battle belongs” to the Lord.

“The Father’s House” - Cory Asbury

Now that you’ve probably conquered Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love,” you can learn his latest song too. Debuting early in the year, “The Father’s House” is a celebration of the peace and forgiveness we can find in the Lord. If you’ve ever felt unworthy or like you don’t have a handle on your identity, know that in God we can find strength for the impossible.

“Hope Has a Name” - Passion

Technically this one is more of a Christmas song, but it’s also a great worship song recognizing who Jesus Christ is. Passion has been behind so many faith-filled ballads of the past, it’s hard not to include this one. “Hope Has a Name” is the title track from the band’s Christmas album this year and it’s one of the worship songs from 2020 Christian musicians should learn.

“Man of Your Word” - Maverick City Music

Bringing a little gospel to our list of worship songs from 2020, Maverick City Music put out a few winners this year. The outfit is a fairly new worship collective that picked up a pair of Dove Award nominations this past year. “Man of Your Word” is a song praising God for His promises and reliability. If you like that one, also take a look at “The Story I’ll Tell” and “Promises.”

“God of Revival” - Bethel Music - Worship Songs from 2020

Bethel Music has been behind a lot of the biggest worship songs of the last few years. This year is no exception to the trend, with the group releasing two albums full of popular tracks. “God of Revival” is a song proclaiming God’s ability to do what no one else can. Some of the band’s other hits from this year include “Egypt,” “Champion,” and “We Praise You.”

“Holy (Song of the Ages)” - The Belonging Co

One of several worship groups coming out of Nashville, TN, The Belonging Co has put out several hit songs since the band’s first record in 2017. This year, the group found a powerful worship song in “Holy (Song of the Ages).” Drawing inspiration from Revelation 4:8, the anthem declares the incredible power and eternal nature of God as well as His work in creation. We shouldn’t exclusively think of God just in terms of what He means for us. This song reminds us that His awesome holiness is not dependent upon humanity’s view.

“Run to the Father” - Cody Carnes & Kari Jobe

Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe have made several popular worship songs over the last year or two between “Nothing Else,” “The Blessing,” and more. The husband-wife duo often works together in worship settings, but “Run to the Father” is all Cody’s. A deeply personal song viewing God as our father, friend and savior, it’s one Christian musicians should learn for their own use, if nothing else.

These are just some of the worship songs from 2020 Christian musicians should learn. Leading worship in your church or just playing at home, you’ll want to plug a few of these songs into your arsenal of musical knowledge.

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