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  • October 29, 2019
Parents to Support Young Musicians

Parenting can be tough at times, but no matter how stressful things get, we can all agree that we want what’s best for our family. What this means for parents is supporting their kids in whatever pursuits they choose to enjoy. Sports, music, and school programs are just a few of these areas. If you have a child who wants to play music, or you have a similarly close attachment to young Christian musicians, we want to help you figure out how to best support them. Here are some of the best ways to support young Christian musicians as they pursue their dreams.

Believe in Them

No matter what kind of money you make or home you live in, there’s one thing every parent can do for his or her child: believe in them. This means seeking what’s best for them in everything from nutrition to schooling to relationship advice and more. When a young person knows she has the backing of her loved ones, it gives off an amazing boost in confidence. If your teenager comes to you with a real desire for playing an instrument, ask the important questions and then back them however you can. Some kids only see music as a hobby to try out, but others find a profound calling when given the right push. Support young Christian musicians by believing in them.

Help Young Christian Musicians Find an Instructor

One way parents can support a young player is by helping him find the right instructor for his instrument. Many kids will utilize YouTube and subscription services for teaching themselves how to play their instrument, but an actual instructor can work wonders. Whether your kid is in elementary school or will soon be heading to college, there are plenty of teachers who can help them get started. If the young person wants help in finding an instructor, use your connections to see if there is a good fit. Once a musician is hooked up with the right teacher, they are much better prepared for success.

Don’t Let Them Get Carried Away Pursuing Gear

As the parent of young Christian musicians, sometimes you need to push while other times you need to pull. It’s not uncommon for young people to feel like the lack of expensive gear is the only thing holding them back from being great. Don’t get sucked into that mindset with them. If you want to buy a few accessories for them, that’s great. Just don’t feel as though buying a new and improved violin or pedalboard each year is what you have to do to be a supportive parent. Keep their heads at ground level and encourage hard work as the best path for moving forward. 

Allow Them to Share What They’ve Learned

Do you remember sitting around the dinner table as a kid and your parents asking you what you learned in school that day? It wasn’t because they had a deep interest in 7th grade history. They wanted to know how your day went and what fun stuff might have happened. Parents of young Christian musicians can do the same by asking to hear about the cool things their kids have learned. Has your son written his first song? Did your daughter just figure out how to conquer a classical work on the piano? Showing an interest in what your child is learning musically will encourage them to keep pressing onward.

Learn About What They Love

You’ll find it’s easier to talk shop with your son or daughter if you know the lingo they’re using. Young Christian musicians belong to a special group that rides the line between faith and music. If you want to have meaningful discussions about what they’re learning, a good idea might be to watch a few videos related to what they’ve been practicing. Another idea, going back to what we just mentioned, would just be to ask them. Hobbies are usually more fun when you can share them with others.

Reinforce the Value of Faith

We don’t want to spend all this time focusing on the music aspect of young Christian musicians and not mention the importance of faith. The childhood years are an important part in the development of one’s faith. As you’re talking with your kids about music and anything else that may interest them, don’t neglect the spiritual. Encourage the reading of the Bible, maintaining a prayer life, and attending church. Don’t be afraid to ask them about matters of faith and feel free to share what you believe yourself. If you want to raise Godly musicians, they need to know what it means to be a Christian.

Hear Them Out When They’ve Hit a Wall

Learning to play an instrument is all fun and games until your daughter hits a wall in her training and feels discouraged. Mastering any skill is bound to be met with difficulties, so be there for your kids when they feel like they’re not good enough. Sometimes it just takes an honest conversation or an emergency run for ice cream to motivate them to push forward. 

Challenge Young Christian Musicians

The difference between someone who plays an instrument and a bonafide musician is the willingness to step up and accept a challenge. Some kids are fine with never performing publicly, but if your son or daughter wants to pursue a career in music, challenge them to make a real effort. Assuming they have taken the time to hone their crafts, the next step is to start playing in public, even if it’s just for family and friends. Don’t throw to the wolves a kid who clearly isn’t ready, but a musician who has the skills should be willing to take a risk. This is an exciting way to support young Christian musicians.

Go to Any Shows or Recitals

Whether it’s due to your encouragement or an idea all your child’s own, be present whenever your kids are performing their musical skills. One of the easiest ways to show your kid that you’re invested in his or her life is by going to whatever show, recital, or open mic night they may be playing. Obviously you don't want to make your presence too obvious, thereby possibly embarrassing your son, but let him know you’re proud of his efforts.

These are some of the many ways for parents to support Young Christian musicians. If your kids have a heart for music, be there for them however you can. If you’re someone who mentors others or holds a leadership position in your church, help the next generation follow their musical dreams by giving them a gentle nudge in the right direction. We can all do our part in cultivating a new group of young Christian musicians.

At Camp Electric, we want to help teenagers learn how to be Christian musicians, whether they want to pursue a career in music or they simply like leading worship at their local churches. 

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