By: Camp Electric
  • December 10, 2019
Summer Camp for Musicians and Creatives

Parents, we know the Christmas season can be tough. It used to be that all you had to do was give a kid a bike or some “Star Wars” action figures and he’d be all set. These days, there’s pressure to buy all kinds of technological gizmos and other complicated presents. Regardless of whatever you end up deciding to give your kids this Christmas, we’d like to remind you of why we think parents should consider giving the gift of Camp Electric this season.

Camp Electric is Fun

Summer camps and Christmas gifts are two things that should always be fun. Camp Electric fits that descriptor, as each day is full of opportunities for having fun. Between music competitions, nightly concerts, and friendships that are made over the course of the week, students at Camp Electric can experience something special and different that they won’t soon forget. No matter what kind of stuff your child enjoys, Camp Electric will have something to keep them entertained. Some of the performers who have taken part in our nightly concert series include The New Respects, Riley Clemmons, Crowder, Rend Collective, TobyMac, Hollyn, and Aaron Cole.

Camp Electric is Informative

Learning how to play an instrument is something entirely different from understanding what it takes to be an artist in the music industry. While the two are related, there’s more to the process than knowing how to make good sounds come out of a guitar or keyboard. At Camp Electric, our instructors and industry professionals will help young musicians learn about the not-so-obvious details of making music while also taking care of the things you would normally imagine. Our campers come from many different backgrounds and have a wide variety of hopes and dreams. Our job is to help them feel informed in pursuing those opportunities.

Camp Electric Has Great Value

Everyone loves getting a good value. That’s why the local Wal-Mart deals with an insane amount of traffic during the weekend following Thanksgiving. You may not consider a camp that costs several hundred dollars per student to be similar to Black Friday savings, but Camp Electric truthfully delivers a great value. The average summer music camp is already going to set you back at least $1000, so right off the bat Camp Electric is beating the competition by a healthy margin. Add in the great concerts, a Christian university campus for facilities, and the expert instruction from popular musicians and you can see why camp is such a great deal.

You Can Pay for Camp Electric Over Time

Giving the gift of a summer music camp may be a little expensive for you, even if it is a good deal. Lucky for you, Camp Electric doesn’t require parents to pay the full tuition in one sitting. Parents can easily space out the overall cost of camp by signing up early and choosing to complete monthly payments. Instead of paying $600 at once, you could theoretically pay $75/month over eight months. (This is just a simple example, not actual numbers) You also can’t forget about discounts that are available for early enrollees and families with multiple siblings coming to camp. If you have any questions about payment plans or special discounts, don’t be scared to call us and ask.

Camp Electric Allows Musicians to Progress

We often give our kids Christmas gifts that allow them to follow their passions. Maybe that’s a fancy new camera or perhaps you buy your kids the books they want to read, thereby encouraging them to excel at reading. Giving a teenager the chance to attend Camp Electric helps them progress in their abilities and learn how to be a real musician. Imagine what difference can be made through classroom sessions, connecting with your peers, and learning from some of the biggest Christian artists around.

Your Kids Can Make Friends with Fellow Musicians

Whether your child is pursuing music as a career or just one of several hobbies, it’s good for her to make friends with those who have a similar interest. Music can be both a personal journey and something best enjoyed with a large group of people. When a student comes to camp, he has the chance to meet other kids who play the same instrument at roughly the equivalent skill level, but also hundreds of other musicians whose skills and instruments of choice vary widely. 

Camp Electric Isn’t Just About Music

Sending a teenager to Camp Electric is not just about helping them become a better musician. We focus on the whole individual with our campers. That includes teaching them what it means to be a Christian musician. Our speakers, counselors, instructors, and staff want the next generation of Christian artists to know what they believe and feel confident in matters of faith. On top of this dedication to spiritual teaching, we create a fun-filled camp experience that has great insights on your child’s future.

Mix It Up with Christmas Gifts

Christmas morning can be monotonous with everyone opening the same packages each and every year. Clothes, movies, video games, and so on. After a while, you feel like you need to mix things up. Giving the gift of Camp Electric provides a spark to the Christmas experience because you’ll be delivering an amazing opportunity. Plus, you don’t even have to wrap this gift! You don’t have to pay the full price of camp in one moment. Put down a deposit or pay a significant portion of the tuition and then make your announcement. That way you can still have some other presents for your kids to open on Christmas morning.

Give Your Kids Something to Look Forward to Next Summer

The sad truth with many Christmas gifts is that the shine wears off after a while. Whether it’s a bike, dollhouse, or video games, kids may not be so interested in that old Christmas gift by the time spring comes around. By sending a teen to Camp Electric as part of his holiday present, you’ll keep the magic alive through the month of July. 

We may be biased, but a trip to Camp Electric sounds like one of the best Christmas gifts we can imagine. No matter what gifts you buy this season, we hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas. If you’d like to find out how your kids can be future campers with us and learn from today’s most popular Christian musicians, click on the banner below.

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