At Camp Electric, we believe that students learn best when they are able to apply what they’re being taught. Lecture halls and long-winded speakers are not what we’re about. Instead, we want to use our time wisely and make sure that your student doesn’t forget everything he or she has learned after returning home. Here is what a typical day at Camp Electric looks like:

After kicking the morning off with breakfast, the students are gathered into their small groups consisting of 10-12 kids. Here, they’ll have a devotion before everyone reconvenes to hear from our camp pastor John Nix and participate in a time of worship. Since this is Camp Electric, you can expect to see some popular bands playing in that worship slot.

Now it’s time for our clinics. Upon registering, each student should have selected some kind of track to participate in (guitar, vocals, drums, etc.). During these clinics, the students will break up into their desired track where they’ll learn from one of the Christian artists featured at camp. After about an hour of these large group sessions, we’ll take a break for lunch. The only catch here is that half of our students will go to lunch while the other half takes part in a different class. They’ll switch places after that. This lunchtime class is typically something that every student can benefit from. In years past, Tom Jackson Productions has taken the lead on these classes.

Once everyone has had lunch, we’ll break the students up into groups based on desired track and skill level for another class. Although the morning session consists of a larger group, the afternoon session will be more of a standard classroom size and lasts twice as long. This is where the students will get really in-depth and probably have the best chance for excelling. In order to get a little variety, these classes are often taught by different instructors each day.

After that much time in the classroom, we know it’s time to let the students blow off a little steam. During free time, students can practice what they’ve learned, discover more on topics like songwriting, or take part in a number of other breakout activities the day offers.

Dinner is next after washing up from a full day of learning. One of the most exciting parts of Camp Electric is the nightly concerts from some of the biggest names in Christian music. These concerts usually feature two or three acts each night and last until 10 p.m. or so. Before lights out, the students will revisit the day with their small groups and talk about what they’ve learned.

If that sounds like a jam-packed day, it’s because it is. Five full days of worship, learning, and rocking out is not a bad way to spend summer vacation.



"Camp Electric teaches you where your gifting comes from and how you want to use it for the Glory of God." TobyMac
"Camp Electric is like the musician's Disney World! Honestly, the best 4 summers of my life. I owe a lot to CE and what God has done in my life there." Cortney Warner/CE Alumni
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