Camp Electric might be a camp that focuses on music, but that’s not the only thing we want to fix our eyes on. That’s why we take time during each camp to hear from God’s word. One of the benefits of having instructors who are Christian musicians is that they can also mold our students’ creative minds to think about how their faith interacts with their skills and hobbies.

Our camp pastor is an international conference speaker who seeks to communicate the principles of the Bible in a humorous and helpful way with which our students can relate. John Nix is a husband and father of three children who has years of experience in reaching young people for Christ. He knows that there is more to Christianity than simply making a decision and walking down an aisle. That’s why he created Vertical Purpose Ministries, an organization devoted to helping Christians find their true calling in Christ. The Vertical Purpose app is a great resource to check out if you’re looking for a daily reading plan or want to hear some more of the speaker’s sermons.

About John Nix

John Nix is a high-energy, engaging, humorous and gospel-centered expository preacher. As a Bible communicator, he shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. John challenges people to set God as their highest value, discover the truth of scripture, and respond in obedience as God speaks. John is a nationally sought after communicator and international conference speaker that ministers to thousands each year.

We all need one more verse. Reading the Bible is important for a follower of Jesus. This is something we are reminded of by parents, pastors, and friends. We know that it is foundational for discipleship and we have found it profitable for our lives. The problem is we have a disconnect between what we think know about the Bible and what we actually do when it comes to reading the Bible.

Vertical Purpose APP

With this app, you can: 

  • Download audio messages for offline playback. 
  • Easily access and participate in the One More Verse reading plan. 
  • Read or listen to any portion of scripture using the built-in ESV Bible. 
  • Share with others using the in-app share button. 
  • Airplay audio and video messages to connected devices. 
  • Receive notifications about the latest Vertical Purpose resources and initiatives.

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