By: Camp Electric
  • October 5, 2017
How Do I Know Which Summer Camp is Right for My Child?

Summer camp is a magical experience for kids of every age. Whether your childhood summers were dominated by the traditional camps of old or the annual church retreat, you probably remember making lasting friendships and spending your days enjoying nature. We’ve come a long way since the 70’s, 80’s, and even the early 00’s. Today there are all kinds of summer camps for you to consider sending your child. With so many options, how can you know which summer camp is right for your child? To gain a better understanding, here are a few questions you should ask yourself and perhaps discuss with your kid(s).

What is My Child Interested In?

Here is a great starting point, not just when trying to find the right summer camp but in encouraging our children to pursue hobbies and education that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. These days you can find camps for becoming a better musician, learning about fashion, getting in touch with nature, and there’s definitely more than a few that are meant to help your child learn more about their religious beliefs.

If your child is really into music and possibly even thinking about turning it into a career, you’ll find plenty of camps and events during the summer that address this passion in one shape or another. Camp Electric is a great choice for parents whose child is wanting to become a worship leader or Christian artist. You can even find summer camps that deal with classical music and music history.

The reason why it’s such a good idea to find a summer camp that speaks to your child’s interest is because you want them to be excited about the opportunity. If you’re going to possibly be spending a few hundred dollars on a week or two of camp, it might as well be something that your child looks forward to all year. Finding a camp that speaks to your child’s needs and interests is a great way to make sure you’re making the right choice.

How Far Am I Willing to Let My Child Travel?

Once you and your family have decided what kind of summer camp you are looking for, you’ll next want to determine the furthest distance you are willing to let your child travel for this event. For some parents, the preferred distance is only going to be an hour’s car ride or less. This is going to significantly impact the number of camps that are available to your child, but for some parents the thought of sending your child far away for an entire week may be the most stressful thing you can imagine.

For every family that struggles with separation anxiety, there are a similar number of households where sending a child 2,000 miles away for a week is as simple as a car ride to see the grandparents. Every family is unique when it comes to what is normal and what is an absolute impossibility. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to travel is cost. Not every family can manage a plane ticket or the gas to drive a state or two away. You also may be wanting to go to a camp where you’ll need equipment that is hard to travel with, like musical equipment or art supplies. No matter what decision you make, just be sure to plan ahead so the headaches are few and far between.

Are You Thinking About a Christian Camp?

If you’re looking for a Christian summer camp, there are undoubtedly a few options in your area. For starters, most churches have their own retreats and camps each summer. There are also Christian summer camps like Pine Cove that aren’t attached to any one specific denomination or church. These camps can often be a good choice for people on a budget or those looking for a more traditional camp experience. That isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of Christian camps that specialize in your child’s hobbies or carry a higher price tag, though.

Christian camps can be a great option for believing families because they support your child’s hobbies and beliefs while also reminding kids that church doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring. There’s more than enough children out there that only think of church as a place for rules and wearing uncomfortable clothes. Why not show them that faith can be exciting and fun by turning them loose at one of the many wonderful Christian camps in the country?

Not only do these camps encourage your child in a faith-filled environment, but he or she can also meet other like-minded kids and build relationships that will help them progress in both their spiritual walk and in whatever hobbies they are pursuing. In any summer camp situation, having friends that encourage you and help pass the time are always a plus.

Kids Studing Gods Word at Summer Camp

What Are You Hoping for Your Child to Get Out of Summer Camp?

In any endeavor, you’re going to want to visualize your desired results. Choosing a summer camp for your child may seem like a harmless decision, but you should think about the best case scenario to better narrow down your choices. This would be a great time to talk with your child about what they want to do this coming summer. Depending on his or her age, you might have to guide the conversation a bit. Some parents may know exactly what their kid is going to say before the question is out of their mouths, but it’s nice to include your child’s viewpoint and let them understand that you care for their input.

As far as what you’re hoping for your child to get out of summer camp, it might be simply that he makes new friends or gets to play outdoors in a safe environment. Those are great goals to have at camp! For older kids, you might be hoping that they are honing their skills in their favorite hobbies or building the confidence they’ll need for college in the next few years. Simply ask yourself “What do I want my child to get out of this experience?” The answer should help you cross off a choice or two.

Making the Best Decision

You didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, right? You’ve been doing this parenting thing for a few years at least. There are so many mommy blogs and parenting books out there that will try to convince you there’s exactly one way to handle each new problem in this phase of life. The truth, though, is that not every parenting decision is the end of the world. When it comes to picking the right summer camp for your child, it’s not like you’re negotiating world peace or solving an economic crisis. You just need to talk with your child and/or spouse, consider some of the questions we’ve talked about here, and make the best decision.

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