How much experience do I need to have on my instrument?

At Camp Electric we want to encourage all musicians, no matter where in the journey they may be. We do ask that there be a 6 month minimum experience for all players/singers. At certain times of instruction, you will be grouped according to your skill level.

What other instrument related equipment should I bring?

  • Acoustic Guitar – A Sturdy Case, Extra Strings, straps & picks, a tuner
  • Electric Guitar – A Sturdy Case, Extra Strings, straps & Picks, a quarter to quarter cable, and a pair of ¼ inch head phones. These are not like iPod headphones, Two 9 Volt Batteries.
  • Bass Guitar – A Sturdy Case, Extra Strings, straps, & picks, a quarter to quarter cable, and a pair of ¼ inch head phones. These are not like iPod headphones, Two 9 Volt Batteries.
  • Drummers – Drum Sticks, Practice Pad. Do not bring a drum set.
  • Keyboard Players – ¼ inch headphones.  These are not like iPod headphones. Do not bring a keyboard.
  • Vocalists – Water Bottle
  • Audio- Notepad; 1/4 inch headphones. These are not like iPod headphones.
  • Songwriting- Notepad, water bottle. Songwriters are permitted to bring an acoustic instrument as well. 

Do guitar players need their amplifiers?

That depends.  1. Your student can bring his/ her own amp, or 2. If a student brings his/ her own amp, we ask that it be a small, 3 watt amp that runs on 9 volt batteries. Please do not bring an amp larger than this. 

I play several different instruments. Can I choose more than one track?

No, each student must choose one instrument track to focus on for the week of Camp Electric. You may only bring the instrument to camp that you signed up for. For example, if you are participating as a vocalist at Camp Electric, you cannot bring a guitar as well. There are no exceptions to this rule. But, you can come to as many weeks offered of camp as you choose and that is recommend for students wishing to participate with two instruments offered. Any students who bring the wrong instrument to camp will be charged $199 to change tracks. 

I play both the acoustic and electric guitar. Which do I bring? Can I bring both?

Camp Electric only allows one guitar per individual so you cannot bring both. We ask you to bring whichever is your primary instrument and choose that instrument at the time you register.

May I bring an instrument other than my primary instrument?

No. Only bring the instrument necessary for your chosen track.

Can I change instruments prior to camp?

If you decide to change your instrument choice prior to camp, you must notify the Camp Electric staff no later than April 1st. There is a fee associated with changing instruments. Absolutely no changes can be made after April 1st. Please verify that your instrument selection is correct on your registration confirmation. Parents, please verify with your student exactly which instrument they would like to participate in. No exceptions will be made to excuse the fee that will apply. Once at camp, there is a $199 fee to change tracks if a student brings the wrong instrument. 

What is the instructor to student ratio?

We call instruction time sessions and clinics. During clinics, students are divided by instrument, and there is one or two instructors who lead the large clinic groups. These clinics might involve break out sessions. During sessions, there is one instructor for no more than a classroom of students. This is where the students get hands on instruction from our artists. 

How do I determine my skill level on my instrument?

We encourage all musicians to come to CE, just beginning or otherwise. Skill level is something you and your student should decide together. Experience levels are beginner, intermediate, or advanced. When deciding which skill level, we ask that you consider how long your student has been playing, the type of lessons or training they've had, their experience with performing in public, and how well they perform surrounded by other students. We encourage students to challenge themselves this week and break out of their comfort zone. Music reading is not required at Camp Electric. Skill level cannot be changed after April 1st, and students cannot change skill levels once at camp. There is no exception to this rule. 


Do I need to bring my own instrument?

All Guitarists (Bass, Electric, & Acoustic) will need to bring their instruments in a sturdy case. All Guitarists will need to bring extra strings, picks, etc. for the entire week. Drums and Keys will have instruments provided during instructional time as needed. Drummers please bring a practice pad as well as extra sticks. Each student is responsible for their own belongings. Any personal instrument lost, stolen, or damaged will not be replaced by Camp Electric or the school in which camp is held. We suggest you DO NOT bring your family heirloom.

What if my student shows up to camp and has registered for the incorrect instrument?

If a student brings the wrong instrument to camp they will be charged a fee of $199 in order to change tracks which has to be paid in full immediately if they want to continue on to the different track. For example, if the student shows up to camp with their acoustic guitar but they their parent or guardian signed them up for the electric guitar, they will have to pay the fee of $199 to change their track for the week. We want to stress the importance of going over your registration information multiple times to check for accuracy.