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  • August 6, 2019
Hillsong: 14 Easy Worship Songs to Learn on Guitar

Whether you’ve been playing for years or you’re a lowly beginner, there’s one thing guitarists are always interested in: easy worship songs to learn on guitar. For Christian musicians who may want to lead worship at church or simply jam with a few friends, that means mastering songs by elite worship programs and bands. Although there have been many promising new acts in worship music these days, few have the name recognition of Hillsong. The Australian music brand breathed new life into the modern worship movement with dozens of inspired songs written and recorded through its various offshoots. What better band is there to go to for a large supply of easy worship songs to learn on guitar? Here are some of the most beloved and easy to master Hillsong tracks to add to your repertoire.

“Mighty to Save”

“Mighty to Save” quickly became one of the most iconic worship songs in the world when released by Hillsong Live in the mid-to-late 2000s. The song was used as the title track for the group’s album and has since been covered by Newsboys, Michael W. Smith, Laura Story, and Jeremy Camp, just to name a few. Like a few others on our list, “Mighty to Save” is a good song for young musicians to learn because it’s just old enough for churches to consider it a welcome throwback tune.





“Who You Say I Am”

First appearing on most people’s radar with the release of 2018’s “There is More,” this Hillsong Worship track has taken over the modern worship scene thanks to its empowering lyrics concerning identity. No matter what the world says about us, we can know that we have individual worth to the One who matters most. You can basically get this whole song played with the simple chords of G, D, C, and Em.





“Hosanna” - Easy Worship Songs to Learn on Guitar

This song gained prominence with the Hillsong albums “All of the Above” and “The I Heart Revolution.” With the combination of Brooke Fraser’s vocals and the typical Hillsong talent, “Hosanna” provided a heartfelt worship experience for everyone who listened. Now it’s your turn to learn this great song of praise. New guitar players may have a little difficulty with this one, since “Hosanna” uses a few chords different from the usual G/C/D family. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle with a little practice.





“Lead Me to the Cross”

Another big worship song to appear on that “All of the Above” album by Hillsong UNITED is “Lead Me to the Cross.” The best place to worship Jesus is at the foot of the cross where He sacrificed it all for you, so the imagery here is just perfect. You can get this song perfected with the simple chords of Em, A, G, D, and Bm. That last one might give you a headache, but barre chords are an important part of the playing process. Here’s another way to play it below.





“God is Able”

“God is Able” is the title track of a Hillsong Live album which brought together some of the biggest names under the brand for a 2011 recording. The chorus of this song reminds us that God defeated the grave, so how difficult can our present-day problems really be? Acoustic players will really enjoy this one, as it’s kind of the backbone of the song. See what we mean in the video below.





“Christ is Enough”

Just before Hillsong Live changed its name to Hillsong Worship, the outfit released the 2013 album “Glorious Ruins.” One of the album’s many highlights is “Christ is Enough,” an anthem of declaration stating our ultimate pursuit in life. While it may be one of the best easy worship songs to learn on guitar, beginners may once again dread the barre chord involved. Still, if you can get over the hump with D/F#, you’ll be all set with G, D, C, and Em.





“What a Beautiful Name”

Sometimes people complain that modern worship songs don’t behold God in His glory enough, opting instead to focus on our own needs. Hillsong Worship proved those people wrong with this mega-hit from the 2016 album “Let There Be Light.” You can find several ways to play this song online, but pretty much all of them are doable for a beginner. This is a great feather in your cap if you’re looking to play worship in your student ministry or college group.





“Greater Than All”

Coming from the 2012 Hillsong Live album “Cornerstone,” “Greater Than All” was slightly overshadowed by that recording’s title track. That being said, it has all the earmarks of a carefully crafted Hillsong worship ballad. A simple song lauding the characteristics of God, the chords aren’t too complex either. An easy combo of Em, G, D, and C9 will get you taken care of in no time.





“King of Kings”

How about a brand new one from Hillsong Worship? Even in 2019, Hillsong is putting out some of the best easy worship songs to learn on guitar. “King of Kings” is a wonderful praise song because it walks through the entire gospel, bringing us into the present day sense of church where it all connects with us. There are some different ways to play this one, but we know you can make it work for your abilities.





“Not Today” - Easy Worship Songs to Learn on Guitar

It’s not every day you get to play worship songs that have a little attitude to them. Take advantage with Hillsong UNITED’s “Not Today.” Taken from the group’s 2017 album, “Wonder,” this is a good example of a worship song that has youthful energy. The guitar isn’t as heavily featured here as you might find it on other tracks, but the part is pretty easy to play.





“Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”

Easily one of Hillsong UNITED’s biggest hits, you may already know this one. Still, it’s a good idea for those who may not have taken the plunge just yet. The track made its appearance on the 2013 album, “Zion,” and has been a Sunday morning staple for many churches ever since. “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” mostly consists of Bm, Em, A, G, and D.





“From the Inside Out”

Want a worship song where the guitar plays a major role? You can’t do much better than “From the Inside Out.” Both acoustic and electric players will enjoy getting to carry a heavy load here, but don’t freak out because the material isn’t hard to learn. You’ll be all set with just a few chords (in this case, F, G, C, Am, and Dm).





“Desert Song” - Easy Worship Songs to Learn on Guitar

Another one of the easy worship songs to learn on guitar that features the instrument heavily is “Desert Song.” The track first appeared on the 2009 Hillsong United album “Across the Earth: Tear Down the Walls” and its upbeat call to worship has made its popularity last over a decade. We know the F chord can be tricky for beginners, but if you can handle that, there’s no reason why you can’t play this. C, G, Am, and Dm are the only other chords you’ll need to conquer this song originally performed by Jill McCloghry.





“Shout to the Lord”

Let’s close things out with an older Hillsong favorite. “Shout to the Lord” came into the zeitgeist in the mid-90s when Hillsong’s Darlene Zshech belted the tune. This is arguably the easiest entry on our list of easy worship songs to learn on guitar as the song only requires knowledge of G, C, D, and Em and its lyrics are short and sweet. You can add this to your list of songs in an afternoon if you need another one in a hurry.





When it comes to Hillsong, we could probably keep going with easy worship songs to learn on guitar, but we think you get the idea. These are a solid representative of the wonderful music being created each and every day. We can’t wait for the next generation to keep the tradition going by making its own easy worship songs to learn on guitar.

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