By: Camp Electric
  • May 6, 2019
Graduation Gifts for Musicians

Great achievements call for great rewards. Whether it’s a wedding, getting a new job, or graduating high school, big moments deserve a token to commemorate and celebrate the occasion. Graduations are an important moment in any young musician’s life and worthy of such a gift. So what do you give Christian musicians upon finishing high school or college? We’ve got you covered. No matter what your budget is, we can find you a worthy graduation gift for the student in your life. Here are some of our recommendations.

A New Musical Instrument

What could a musician love more than a new instrument to play? It doesn’t matter if a kid only has one guitar or several, there’s something wonderful about adding a new instrument to your collection. We know this isn’t the most feasible gift for Christian musicians who play something a little less...portable, but it’s certainly a good place to start. Parents know if their son or daughter has had an eye on a specific instrument and they probably know just how much it costs too. If you have the money and believe it to be a wise investment in the student’s musical future, this would be generous way to celebrate a graduation.

New Gear or Accessories

For those who can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a new instrument, how about some ideas for graduation gifts for Christian musicians that won’t break the bank? You can find all kinds of useful accessories to give to Christian musicians who are beginning a new chapter in life. Everything from new guitar strings to a hardshell case for drums is a worthwhile investment. Buying an instrument isn’t the only financial need of a musician, as there are so many small purchases that compound over time. Maybe you can bundle together a few small items to make for a very welcome gift. New headphones, some recording software or a stand for the kid’s instrument are just a few good ideas.

Books by and for Christian Musicians

Not every gift needs to be used while putting on a performance. Some of the best graduation gifts for Christian musicians are ones which feed the mind. No matter what skill level one is at, there are likely a few voices of influence in a musician’s life. Many of the top musicians of all time have written books about their careers, mistakes they made, and lessons they’ve learned. “Unashamed” by Lecrae, “I Can Only Imagine” from Bart Millard, and “Between Heaven and the Real World” by Steven Curtis Chapman are just a few recent hits. You can also read up on the history of musical genres and modern problems facing the art as a whole. These make for a great gift to give someone who is starting a new phase of his music career.

Registration for Christian Music Conferences

Maybe the person you’re buying for has plenty of “things” and you want to give them something really special. Why not try the unique opportunity of Christian music conferences? Different from a program where students may have to perform in a competitive atmosphere, these conferences help attendees immerse themselves in what they love about music and give them the tools to become better musicians. Some of the more popular places are the Christian Musician Summit, the Passion conferences, and the Experience Conference. There are plenty of great events and conferences around the country which are also aimed at young believers, even if they aren’t solely focused on music. Any of these can be a wonderful opportunity.

Send Them to Music Camp

If a conference sounds like it may be too many speakers and not enough action, there are always music camps for young Christian musicians. For 1-2 weeks, students can learn from talented instructors and receive unique insights from classroom experiences. At Camp Electric, our teachers are made up of musicians from today’s biggest Christian bands. What’s even better is that after the classroom closes, some of these big names return for a private concert at night. Even if you decide Camp Electric isn’t for you, you may be able to find another music camp for high school or college age students in your area. These are an important time of learning and growth which can help kids become better musicians.

Journals for Songwriting and More

An easy gift for Christian musicians is a journal. While that may not sound like a home run at first, a journal is a quality gift for someone who just reached a major milestone. Getting married, having your first child, and graduating college are just a few of the moments in life where a journal might come in handy. On top of the health benefits of journaling, musicians who want to try their hands at songwriting will want to keep a few journals nearby for when inspiration strikes. You can also use these during practice times to keep track of your progress.

New Music = Awesome Graduation Gifts for Christian Musicians

Inspiration can be a fantastic gift when it comes to graduation. Most musicians have a small stable of well-known players whose work they wish to emulate or be influenced by. If you know who these bands or singers are, you may want to gift Christian musicians with work by their favorite artists. For those who are feeling particularly bold, you might even want to introduce a young music lover to some heroes from the past. You may not hit the nail on the head but this is one of those occasions where it’s the thought that counts.

Gift Cards for Music Equipment They Need

There was a time when gift cards were frowned upon during occasions like Christmas and birthdays, but they are simply a good idea in today’s society. With gift cards you can give Christian musicians the opportunity to pick out what they really want. Maybe an Amazon gift card will help them pick up a few different kinds of equipment. You can also find out which music retailer they frequent and give them a card there for some new D’Addario strings. The main problem you’ll want to avoid is giving them a gift card to a place where they don’t know the merchandise or have no use for the products. If you live far away or just don’t know what to get, gift cards can be a great choice.

We really believe these are some of the best graduation gifts for Christian musicians. Whether you are celebrating the end of high school, college, or something else, be sure to celebrate and encourage the young musician in your life.

Camp Electric is a wonderful experience for musicians who are still in middle and high school. Our talented instructors and staff can’t wait to provide you with a camp which any music lover would enjoy. From in-depth classroom instruction to nightly concerts from today’s biggest Christian bands. Find out how you can become our next student by clicking on the link below.

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