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  • November 28, 2018
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Do you feel like your abilities on your favorite music instrument are being hindered by something? Do you wish you had a different instructor, attended a different program, or picked a different instrument in the first place? When you commit to something as difficult as mastering an instrument, it’s easy to blame small setbacks for what is already a slow process. For many students, the answer may be a music camp during the summer. This is an amazing experience for young musicians, but how helpful can they really be? Will going to a music camp make someone into a great musician? Before we can answer that one, let’s look at what these camps provide for the kids.

What a Music Camp Offers You

What can one expect from a music camp? Is it a quick montage of band practices, quirky dance moves, and kids having fun? No, because this is real life. You can still have all of those things, of course, but music camp is designed to make you a better musician while providing a healthy, educational atmosphere. This learning experience comes in the form of small workshops, larger classrooms, one-on-one sessions with an instructor, hours of practice time, and opportunities for performance. All of these things are intended to help you grow as a musician so that when you go back home, you’ll be able to progress all on your own.

A music camp offers you the ability to jumpstart the learning process, moving you from wherever you are now further down the line of becoming a real artist. As you connect with fellow musicians and learn helpful new tips from the experts, you’ll realize that music camps are different from anything else you’ve ever done. Whether you attend a camp that lasts one weekend or three months, the time away you’ve spent immersing yourself in music instruction will have a great impact on your education.

Where Have You Been? What Comes Next?

If we’re going to talk about progressing as a musician, we have to consider where you are coming from and where you want to go. A beginner and an expert probably don’t want to attend the same kind of class, after all. In order to become a great musician, you need to master the early steps. For beginners, this means going to a music camp or workshop suited for people at your skill level. Likewise, advanced students should step away from the kids table and learn to challenge themselves.

Think about what your goals are as a musician, too. Are you looking to become a world famous cellist? Or do you just want to be able to play well enough to perform around town? Thinking about the future will affect where you choose to go for a music camp as well as how much work you will have to put in the rest of the year. Someone who doesn’t have years of experience with his instrument may feel completely overwhelmed at one of the more prestigious music camps, while an advanced student will likely be bored at a camp that favors beginner-level musicians.

Things You Can Learn from a Music Camp

So what is it about a music camp that can help you become a better musician? For starters, you’ll learn how important it is to practice on your own. No matter how much talent you think you have, there will probably be someone else at camp who is much better than you. This can also be good because it will either inspire competition or force you to seek help from some of your fellow musicians.

If you are someone who is self-taught or has always taken lessons from the same person, you may learn new techniques and drills that will revolutionize your playing. Learning from new teachers is a refreshing exercise which will allow you to look at your instrument in a different way. Even if your current instructor is great, it never hurts to take a different perspective to see what you may be missing.

The camaraderie you can find at a music camp is also something truly special. Working together with fellow musicians in a rock band or orchestra will help you learn how to perform live with others as well as conquer any stage fright you may feel. Let’s not forget about just how fun the camp experience can be. Even if you go to one of the more elite camps, there is plenty of fun to be had and great people for you to meet. These are just a few of the benefits to attending a camp for musicians.

Put in the Work and Use the Resources You Have Available

Whether you choose to attend a music camp or not, your career rests on the work you will accomplish each and every day. These camps are not some kind of shortcut to the front of the line talent-wise. Instead, they are a resource for musicians to use to their advantage. You can be a great musician without attending a music camp, just like you can be a great filmmaker without going to film school. The important thing is that you commit to doing the work and learning what you need to learn. If you’re struggling to make any progress as a musician, then perhaps a camp will help you to get things going again.

There are only so many resources at your disposal. Between instructors in your city, materials found online, esteemed universities, and beyond, you need to figure out what will help you become the best musician you can be. Will going to a music camp make you a great musician? The answer really depends on you.

Camp Electric is one music camp that can be a great resource for young Christian musicians. Our instructors come from many of today’s biggest Christian bands and they are eager to help the next generation of musicians get to where they want to be. Find out how you can be our next student by clicking on the link below.

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