What time should I arrive at Camp Electric, and at what time will we be finished on Thursday?

Check-in for Camp Electric will begin at 12 noon on Sunday (July 4th, 2021) and continue until approximately 3 pm. It is strongly recommended that you arrive during the scheduled hours of check-in. Camp will conclude at approximately 10:00 am on Thursday (July 8th, 2021). Parents picking up their students should plan to pick up student following the final event for the week, which typically ends around 10:00 am, but is subject to change based on the last-day events. No one should be on campus after 12 noon on the last day. If you are flying, Camp Electric does not recommend booking flights that leave before 12:30 pm on Thursday to ensure you arrive at the airport in plenty of time. If your student is flying, please make sure they have registered for the CE airport Shuttle (do this by selecting the "airport" option on the registration page), or have arranged transportation to pick them up by noon on Thursday. (See under “Travel Information and Directions” for airport transfer options). It is also strongly recommended that no one leave until camp has ended. 

What items are included in dorm housing?

 Trevecca Nazarene University's (Nashville) dorm housing includes the following:

  • 1 Pillow
  • 1 Blanket
  • 1 Pillow case
  • 2 Flat sheets
  • 2 Towels
  • 1 Washcloth
  • 1 Trash bag


What do I bring with me?

See “Instrument” tab.

  • Instrument (unless otherwise specified under "Instrument Questions")
  • Instrument accessories and gear (sticks, strings, picks, etc.)
  • Bible, pen, notebook, etc.
  • A backpack or bag of some kind for carrying your daily necessities with you.
  • Personal hygiene items (deodorant, shower essentials, soap, etc.)
  • Spending money for snacks, T-shirts, CD’s, etc. – the amount you bring is up to each individuals own discretion. Some artists accept charge cards at their merchandise tables. 
  • Alarm Clock (this can be a cell phone)
  • Watch 

What do I leave at home?

  • Tobacco, drugs, alcohol or weapons
  • Fireworks
  • Water balloons
  • Clothing with questionable sayings, slogans, etc.
  • Inappropriate music or media

Can we leave campus during Camp Electric?

Once you arrive at Camp Electric, ALL campers, interns and chaperones will need to STAY ON CAMPUS at all times throughout the week. You are not permitted to leave alone, as a group, or with a parent. If you do choose to leave, you will not be permitted to return. For the safety and security of each student, there are no exceptions to this rule.

What is the dress code?

At Camp Electric we understand that what you wear makes a statement, and that part of your style is how you dress. However, we do ask that you please help us by dressing with class and modesty. Also, please don’t bring any clothing with questionable sayings/slogans. Again, we want you to be able to express your style; we just ask you do it with good taste.

What is the stance on discipline?

Camp Electric enforces a no tolerance policy. If at any time a student is found being involved in any behavior that could be harmful to themselves or other students, they will be immediately sent home at their own expense. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to: consumption or possession of alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal drugs, driving their car while at camp, and leaving campus. Camp Electric desires a safe environment for all of our students, and we believe that if a student is there for the right reasons the issues above will not be a problem.

Will there be merchandise available for purchase at Camp Electric?

Yes. Each band/artist performing and Camp Electric will have merchandise available for purchase throughout the week. You may also want a little money for use at the campus snack shops. Also, typically Camp Electric will provide snacks for purchase following the nightly concerts (for example: Chick-fil-A, pizza, hamburgers, etc.). 

How much money should I bring?

It is up to each student/parent to decide on the amount of money they bring to bring to camp. Each student will be responsible for the safekeeping of their own money while at camp, so please only send them with an amount they can be responsible for.

Should I bring cash or a credit/debit card?

We cannot guarantee that all or any of the merchandise tables/ artists will accept debit cards. You may want to have some cash just in case. The campus snack shops do not accept credit/debit cards.

Is there an ATM on campus?

Yes. There is an ATM on each campus located in the student center. Just like any ATM, there may be fees associated with the use of this machine.

Can I bring my cell phone to camp?

Yes. Cell phones are allowed, but we ask that you keep them turned off during any camp services, activities, or instruction, and only use them during free time. We do ask that chaperones and interns keep their cell phones with them at all times, as that is the easiest way for CE Staff to get in touch with them or students should the need arise. 

Can parents get in touch with their student at camp?

You will be able to contact your student via their cell phone if they plan to bring one. If your student does not have a cell phone, you may want to send them to camp with a prepaid phone card to reach you if necessary. Also, in the event of an emergency, parents or guardians can call our 1-800-755-0242 number 24 hours a day, but we do ask that this is only done in the event of a true emergency. our 800 number is available during normal business hours as well. 

Can I drive my car at camp?

No. Camp Electric has a strictly enforced no car policy while at camp. All camp locations will provide free parking for all students attending, during the week of camp. If a student drives a car to campus, they are not permitted to enter that car again until they depart on the last day of camp.