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  • October 10, 2019
Summer Camps for Christian Kids

Finding the right summer activities for young kids and teenagers can be a parent’s worst nightmare. Do you find a few summer camps or church programs to pass the time? How are you going to take care of everyone and balance time at work? If you feel stressed just thinking about the coming summer season, we want to help you think through the process by reviewing some of the most fun summer camps for Christian kids. While finding the right camp may not solve everything, every little bit of information helps. Here are some things to keep in mind as you search for fun summer camps for Christian kids.

What Are Your Summer Camp Priorities?

When putting together a plan for next summer, you need to think about what your priorities are in a Christian summer camp. Is it all about location or will price be the determining factor for your family? What about finding a camp that best suits your child’s needs? You’ll find it much easier to navigate through hundreds of great camps if you have a personal filter eliminating unsatisfactory choices and highlighting those which best fit your situation. Let’s go through some of the most fun summer camps for Christian kids based on activities your son or daughter may best enjoy.

Fun Summer Camps for Christian Kids Who Love Sports

One of the most popular ways to stay active is through athletics and many kids love to get out and play all the sports they can during the summer. When looking at fun summer camps for Christian kids, we find several places which feature sports as one of their biggest selling points.

Pine Cove, a collection of camps located in Texas, has plenty for sport lovers to enjoy during a week at camp. On top of worship, horseback riding, theme nights, and water activities, Pine Cove designates a large portion of its time for sports, both individual and team-based. Middle school and high school students can take part in a variety of events like baseball, soccer, and football, all while making lasting friendships and learning about the Bible.

Another camp cut from the same cloth is Kanakuk Kamps. With nearly 100 years of experience, Kanakuk has perfected the Christian summer camp. Kids aged six to eighteen can find somewhere to belong here. Just like Pine Cove, Kanakuk is a place for kids who love Jesus and want to take part in a memorable summer full of fun games and competition. 

You’ll find Christian ministries are often able to put on fun summer camps for Christian kids too. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) ministers to kids who love sports 24/7/365, so they know how to take care of student athletes and raise them up in a Godly way. While Pine Cove and Kanakuk may include sports in part of the camp curriculum, FCA is a full blown ministry for serious athletes and those who just can’t get enough out of playing. In addition to events and Bible studies that run throughout the year, FCA puts on a number of camps and trips each summer. Whether you love volleyball, tennis, basketball, or cheerleading, they probably have something right up your alley.

Summer Camps for Kids That Do It All

Maybe you have a son or daughter who enjoys the great outdoors, but sports are somewhat negotiable. Here we have a few ideas for summer camps that provide an overall great experience without emphasizing too much on a single aspect. Another way of looking at it is that there are camps out there which may offer specific tracks for campers, but offer a wide range of specialties.

One camp which does the latter is Camp Victory in Minnesota. It’s one thing for a camp to focus on music or sports, but only a truly special place would offer summer camps for those who want to study robotics, woodworking, drama, and fishing. These are just a few of the ways to have fun and learn at Camp Victory. Students between the third and ninth grade can enjoy one of the many overnight camps here, but even kids as young as kindergarten can get a taste of the fun at Camp Victory’s day camps.

River Valley Ranch is another all-around fun place for young people to enjoy the summer camp experience. From age seven to 17, kids can take part in one of three great camps at River Valley Ranch. Located in Maryland, these guys deliver the ideal summer camp including trail riding, paintball, rope courses, and a bevy of team events. Like some others on this list, River Valley Ranch also hosts day camps at their main facilities as well as a tour of pop-up camps in neighboring cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Maybe you don’t want to travel hundreds of miles for camps like those we’ve previously listed. It could be you just don’t want to spend $1000+ on a week of camp. One option for summer camp that shouldn’t be overlooked is your local church’s summer getaway. You don’t have to attend a megachurch for a summer camp to be a possibility. Many mid-sized houses of worship put on camps worthy of the coolest kids each summer. If your church doesn’t provide a summer camp, check with some of the other churches in the area. This can be a great way to enjoy some of the most summer camps for Christian kids.

Summer Music Camps for Kids and Teens

Some of the camps we’ve already mentioned may offer a music track, but we wanted to let you know about a great way for kids and teens to learn about music this summer. You can find summer music camps at the regional or local level through churches or specific denominations, but there aren’t that many with a proven track record over a long period of time. If your city has a Christian university, you may be able to find special programs through the college of music or something equivalent.

Your best bet when it comes to fun summer camps for Christian kids who want to become better musicians is Camp Electric. Located in Nashville, TN, we bring together some of the biggest artists in Christian music for experienced teaching on what it takes to be a professional musician. Whether you want to sell a million albums or lead worship in the local church, the lessons young people learn in our classroom discussions and workshops is vital to the process. If that’s not enough to get a young Christian musician excited about Camp Electric, the nightly concerts from acts like Crowder, TobyMac, Hollyn, and Riley Clemmons should do the trick.

Take Your Pick!

The first step for finding fun summer camps for Christian kids is establishing what your family wants out of the experience and seeing which camp fits your parameters. If you're going to step outside of your area and try a summer camp where your child won't know anyone, we do advise conducting research to make sure the camp is the best fit so that your son or daughter will be set up for success. We hope no matter where you end up sending your kids this summer it’s the best experience of their lives.

If you’d like to learn more about Camp Electric and the awesome work God is letting us do each year, click on the link below. We hope to see you next summer!

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