By: Camp Electric
  • August 6, 2018
Free Summer Activities for Young Christian Musicians

Never say “I’m bored” again. For young Christian musicians, the summer is full of possibilities. Whether you are a student who gets to enjoy a season of freedom or a young adult whose only advantage is more hours of sunlight, there are many free summer activities to enjoy. Unless your favorite hobby is watching the NFL, the summer gives you more chances to do just about anything you love (though you could still probably find some classic matchups on the NFL Network or ESPN). Take advantage of the time that you have this summer and do something with your skills in music. Here are some of our favorite free summer activities for young Christian musicians.

Give Back to Other Musicians

Aside from work ethic and natural talent, do you know what one of the biggest differences is between successful musicians and those who can’t make it? Having someone come along and give them a break. That may come in the form of a record label taking a chance on an artist or a famous group offering an obscure band the opening slot on their national tour. The entertainment industry is built on big breaks made through chance encounters and “who you know.” This summer take the time to help out other musicians you know by helping them work out a song they are writing, offering advice to a novice, or providing feedback on a live show. Do whatever you can to help your friends out because you might need them later on.

Perform at Church

Church is a great outlet for young Christian musicians who are looking to get in some playing time. If you go to what may be considered a megachurch, there might be several worship bands that could use your skills. Even if you aren’t thinking about being a worship pastor or something similar, it’s good practice for playing a live show. Just remember that it’s a different kind of live show where the people come to see someone other than you.

Look for Ways to Volunteer

For students who don’t work a job while school’s out, some of the best free summer activities involve volunteering. For a musician, you might want to consider taking your talents to a place that could use some good music. For example, nursing homes, hospitals, and churches could all probably use some talented musicians throughout the summer. If you want to make money instead, you could see if there are some restaurants in the area that want live music. Still, check on the volunteering opportunities. Even if you don’t want to play music for free, there are other great ways to give back to your community.

Impromptu Performances

While we’re talking about playing live shows, you may also want to consider setting up shop in a part of town where foot traffic is heavy and playing an impromptu show. Boardwalks and town squares are great places to showcase your skills for a little tip money from passersby. Before you go off ill-prepared, however, you may want to check and make sure such activity is (A) safe, (B) allowed by law, and (C) appreciated by the local business owners. If so, you might make a little money from your free summer activities.

Get Together with Other Musicians

Music is something that many people enjoy best when part of a community. If you and other young Christian musicians all find yourself with abundant time in the summer, use that to collaborate and discuss the things that matter to you. Go out to eat, meet up at the park, do whatever you need to do. Summer break can be pretty isolating as it is, so the companionship of fellow musicians sure couldn’t hurt.

Expand Your Knowledge - Free Summer Activities for Young Christian Musicians

We know. The last thing you want to do on your summer break is learn. For many people, though, that free time really is best served by learning new skills and trying new things. During the summer you can learn to surf for the first time or take on a thousand different hobbies and crafts. Have you always wanted to learn a new instrument? Borrow it from a friend, check out some how-to books from your local library, and fire up YouTube. You can make incredible strides during the summertime. Even if you want to stick to something less challenging, you can read up on your favorite music icons or do something completely removed from music.

Visit Your Local Music Shop

Sadly there probably aren’t quite as many of these in your area as there used to be, but you might have a Guitar Center or a similar franchise to visit. Also, we grant that if you buy a new tuner or guitar strap at the store then this isn’t quite as cheap as some of the other free summer activities on this list. On the other hand, simply going into the store might give you ideas for new music to make, different things you can try at a live show, new tips to think about, and so on. New gear isn’t everything, but looking around can be a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Check Out Free Live Shows

If you look around your city, you’re sure to find tons of free summer activities. Among these are live shows that feature all kinds of music, some of which you may never have seen in person before. Who ever said that you have to be making your own music all the time? Wouldn’t it be nice to kick back and enjoy someone else’s work? Musicians may not agree on genres or who the best drummer alive is, but they all enjoy the craft. Take in some free shows during the summer and see what you glean from these fine performances.

Shoot a DIY Music Video

If you want a fun creative exercise to try out this summer, make your own DIY music video by yourself or with friends. Thanks to iPhones and other common gear, you might have everything you need already. There have been so many musicians discovered over the years on sites like YouTube as artists have posted themselves covering popular songs or performing their own work. Even if you don’t want to share it with the world, shooting your own music video can be fun practice.

Work on Your Craft...But Don’t Forget to Relax

We want you to take advantage of the extra hours you have in the summer. Try writing songs for the first time, form a band, or just stick to your regular practice routine. On the other hand, don’t burn the candle on both ends for too long. Eventually you are going back to school or your internship, etc. and you’re going to wish you had enjoyed the summer more for yourself.

These free summer activities are a great way to enjoy the warm season, but for the best summer experience, you’re going to want to attend Camp Electric. At Camp Electric we allow teens to learn from the biggest names in Christian music on everything from vocals to guitar and more. If you want to find out how you can be our next camper, click on the link below.

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