By: Camp Electric
  • May 2, 2019
Christian Camp for Musicians: Where Can I Find One?

One great thing about the modern world is that no matter what you are looking for, there’s a good chance you can find it easily. It doesn’t matter if it’s groceries, sporting goods, or churches. For kids who want to learn how to play music better, a big need may be a Christian camp for musicians. There is no shortage of music programs in the secular world, but what about a place for people of faith to gather and learn? We know where to look. Here are some of the best places to find a Christian camp for musicians.

Churches May Offer a Christian Camp for Musicians

If you’re looking for a camp that caters to Christians, why not start with the same place you go for spiritual teaching? We know there are hundreds of small churches out there who do not have the resources for a Christian camp for musicians. However, there are many that do. With the rise of megachurches in America over the last 50 years, a number of these institutions have recognized their ability to provide services and meet needs which would be nearly impossible if they were a small church. These services and needs often translate to church planting, big events, and neighborhood initiatives. Often there is also a program focused on equipping kids and young adults who are musically inclined with the education they need to thrive.

Inquire at your own church or ask around town to see if there is a Christian camp for musicians. If nothing else, there are most likely a few instructors who are able to help. Church is a good destination for working on a child from a Christian home’s musical skills for many reasons. First, it provides students with one more connection point with the church. As they progress in life and face new challenges, this is an important connection. Second, many churches allow for musicians to help with worship in Sunday services. This means your child might find a great way to hone his skills while also serving in the church. We encourage you to investigate in your own area to see if one or more churches provide a Christian camp for musicians in the summer or year-round.

Private Camps for Christian Musicians

Maybe you live somewhere there isn’t a church offering a Christian camp for musicians. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable going somewhere different from your home church for such a thing. Lucky for you there are a number of great private camps for Christian musicians. A private camp is one that is not sponsored or put on by a single church or similar entity. What makes these camps special is how they bring in working professionals whose lives are fully based around music. There are plenty of worthwhile Christian music camps put on by churches who have good teachers. These instructors are often not people who have spent years in the professional circuit, though. Private camps allow for an institution or group of companies to bring in some of the best of the best. Another item separating private camps from those conducted at churches is that they are often overnight, weeklong events. This allows for more intensive study as well as fun opportunities kids normally find at summer camps.

One of the most highly rated private camps for Christian musicians is Camp Electric. Our instructors come from the biggest Christian bands to teach students all about guitar, vocals, drums, and a whole lot more. Camp Electric is far from the only place you can choose from, however. Youth Outreach offers a two-week camp for high school students studying a more classical variety of music. You’ll find there is a variety of summer camps ranging from academic to fun-loving and imaginative. As you search for the right camp for you, think about what you want to get out of the experience and what will work for you.

University and Secondary-Level Camps for Musicians

If you’re still having trouble finding a Christian camp for musicians, check out the Christian universities in your area to see what they have to offer. Schools like Liberty University and Cedarville University produce a number of camps and special programs for young musicians who want to study in a Christian atmosphere. Where private camps offer big names, summer programs put on by universities are beneficial because they feature actual college music instructors who have spent their entire careers helping musicians grow in ability and understanding. For students who are thinking of turning music into a career and/or picking it as their major in college, this is a huge asset.

Like private music camps, programs which take place at universities are often overnight and provide the option of staying at a dormitory on campus. This means students have some pretty good lodgings to look forward to during their stay. In addition to having college music professors onhand, these camps are also a trial run for high school students who are considering their options after senior year. Most music camps and programs take place during the summer, so it won’t be the full college experience, but going through daily activities will help a student begin thinking about what they want out of a university.

As we have gone through these three classifications of a Christian camp for musicians, each option has been listed in order of ascending costs. Most church camps feature a lower price than many private camps and university programs are usually more expensive than both. Each price level is there for a reason, but you’ll have to decide what is most appropriate in your situation.

Camp Electric is a Christian camp for musicians who want to exceed their own expectations in music and use their talents in whatever capacity God has called them to do so. Find out how our celebrity instructors can help you achieve your goals by clicking on the link below. We can’t wait for you to join us at the year’s biggest music camp for teens!

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