What is the cost of the camp?

The price of camp is per musician, based on standard dorm room housing. The cost includes everything the student needs for the week: lodging, meals, curriculum, concert entry, and more. Travel is not included in the cost of camp. 

We offer low monthly payment plans. If you select the payment plan option, a $199 deposit is due at the time of registration, and the remaining balance is divided into monthly payments. Payments are taken on the first of the month, unless otherwise requested by phone or email. The cost and monthly payment amount changes based on the date of registration. All payment plans go through June 1st. You may make additional payments or pay off your balance at any time by logging into your account or calling the CE office. For the payment plan option, a $40 processing fee is divided and added into monthly payments.  


For more information on payment plans, or to inquire about personal plans, please call 800.755.0242. 

The above price does not include any fees for specific registration options such as airport transportation or amplifier fees. 

When are deposits and my final balance due?

The non refundable deposit is due at the time you register. Your final balance is determined by your selections and is due in full either when you register or on the final date of your selected payment plan.

If you register under a special promotion, you agree that the first $199 paid is considered the non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit.

What does my registration fee cover?

The registration fee includes all instruction, bible studies, concerts, electives, workshops, recreation and supplies. It will also cover your housing and meals during the camp.

Is airfare included in the cost of the camp?

No. Airfare is to be purchased by each individual and is not coordinated by Camp Electric. Transportation from the airport is mandatory through Camp Electric, and is an additional cost applied at registration.

Payment Options

  • Pay by credit card (Visa, MC, American Express, and Discover) online at our registration page.
  • If a partial payment is made with a credit card, then that same credit will automatically be debited for subsequent payments unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Send payment by check to Camp Electric, PO BOX 1806, Cordova, TN 38088. You will need to print out the online registration form and send it with your check ten days before the billing period you choose. Please print your phone number and your student’s name on your check. We also will need a charge card on file even if checks are being used. Payments made by check must be received on time or your student’s registration will be cancelled.



  • Between March 1 and March 31, 2020, all persons requesting cancelations will receive 50% of their payments back as a refund, excluding the non-refundable, non-transferable registration deposit of $199.
  • Between April 1 and April 29, 2020, all persons requesting cancellation will receive 25% of their payments back, excluding the non-refundable, non-transferrable registration deposit of $199.
  • Beginning April 30, 2020, no refunds will be given for cancellations.

No refunds will be issued prior to camp. All refunds will be issued after the final session of camp has ended. 

$199 is considered the non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit for each student registered, regardless of amount paid at the time of registration. By submitting your student's registration, you agree to this term. 

All pricing, payment plan options, and term & conditions are subject to change. 

National Disaster Cancellation

We will always follow through with hosting planned events. However, in these uncertain times post-9/11, a national disaster or act of terror could render us both unable to host a planned event and unable to return your deposits. We hire staff, purchase equipment, and rent non-refundable facilities based on your reservations. Please be advised that if a Camp Electric event is cancelled due to such extraordinary circumstances, we cannot refund your deposits regardless of other published cancellation dates and deadlines.

Weather Cancellation

Camp Electric has your safety in mind as we host events. If we are unable to host an event due to weather conditions, deposits cannot be refunded. Refunds of final balance payments will be made only if properties and/or locations refund Camp Electric for these costs. If an event is hosted as scheduled and you or your group cancels or reduces numbers due to weather conditions, all payments are non-refundable.

Is there an additional discount for attending both weeks of camp?

No, we do not offer an additional discount for students attending both weeks of camp.