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  • August 19, 2019
Easy Christian Songs to Cover at Church

Finding inspiration for Sunday worship can be exhausting for overworked worship leaders. Do you stick with old hymns or just play those two contemporary songs everyone has heard dozens of times already? It’s not just the older crowd who needs a little boost when it comes to planning the music at church events. Imagine you’ve just been asked to lead worship for next weekend’s youth retreat. You don’t know what kind of setting you’ll be working with or how energetic the students will feel. Lucky for you, we have some of the best easy Christian songs to cover for just about any church outing.

“Reckless Love” - Cory Asbury

This song has arguably been the most popular worship song in America over the last 18 months. Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love” is an emotional track that has captured the hearts of millions of Christians and continues to perform well on the charts. Although some may feel the song has enjoyed a full run as of this writing, great worship songs never really die. “Reckless Love” has the added bonus of being pretty simple to learn as well. Play it as a solo act with just you and a guitar (like Asbury does in the acoustic video below) or a full band, either way the track works just fine.



“Great Are You Lord” - One Sonic Society

“Great Are You Lord” is a wonderful exaltation of worship that has been covered by at least half a dozen well known artists. In the video below you can watch All Sons and Daughters take on the popular tune. Whether you choose to play this one with a piano, guitar, percussion, or anything else, it’s sure to create an environment of worship. This can be a solid choice for a worship team that has several singers as the bridge feels like an explosion of praise when all voices join together.



“Who You Say I Am” - Hillsong Worship

Hillsong is easily one of the most synonymous names with worship today and for good reason. “Who You Say I Am” comes from the 2018 album “There is More” and has found a serious following thanks to its message of empowerment for all believers. Much of HIllsong’s discography works best in a large concert or arena setting, but this worship ballad can be toned down as low as you need for your church’s preferences. When a crowd of worshippers is really feeling the Spirit move during this song, you can get a glimpse of that arena feel just during the repetition of “I am who you say I am.” Check out the live performance below, which already has over 85 million views.



“Ever Be” - Aaron Shust - Easy Christian Songs to Cover

Need a song with lyrics that are easy to remember? Aaron Shust’s “Ever Be” has your back. Two verses, a chorus that often repeats, and a simple bridge are all you’ll need to memorize here. The 2016 track is a call to worship that instantly attracts a congregation to sing along. A full worship team wouldn’t hurt here, but it’s not 100% necessary either. 



“The Heart of Worship” - Matt Redman

An oldie but a goodie, Matt Redman’s iconic song from 20 years ago is still making the rounds. “The Heart of Worship” is a reprieve from a hollow Christianity where we only think of ourselves and how good we think we are for going to church on Sundays. For this reason, it’s best played on stage in the simplest terms: one instrument and a small number of voices. You can see in the video below that even Matt Redman and Phil Wickham don’t try to overdo it with the musicianship. Put your heart in this one and God will do the rest.



“Holy Spirit” - Bryan and Katie Torwalt - Easy Christian Songs to Cover

A big thing with modern worship songs is the ability to invite an atmosphere of worship. Very few songs accomplish this as well as “Holy Spirit” by Bryan and Katie Torwalt. In the video below you can catch a performance of the song, as well as learn about its writing and how to play it on guitar. If you have the ability to perform “Holy Spirit” with a full band akin to the famous Kari Jobe rendition, that’s awesome, but you’ll find it plays just as well in smaller settings.



“What a Beautiful Name” - Hillsong Worship

We don’t mean for this to become a Hillsong lovefest, but the band has written easy Christian songs to cover in church. They connect with congregations and are easy to pick up on. “What a Beautiful Name” comes from the 2016 album “Let There Be Light” and works as the perfect mirror image to “Who You Say I Am.” One is proclaiming who God is while the other reminds us that this same God speaks value into our lives and He is worthy of our faith. 



“How Great is Our God” - Chris Tomlin

At one time Chris Tomlin was considered the most popular worship leader in the world thanks to easy Christian songs to cover like “Indescribable” and “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies).” One song we’d like to point out for this article’s purpose, however, is “How Great is Our God.” The lyrics and title of the song bring together modern sensibilities with the tone of classic hymns. Like others on our list, the song works both in small settings and arenas. For the latter, we offer our proof in the form of this video taken from Passion.



“Build My Life” - Pat Barrett - Easy Christian Songs to Cover

If you’re a new-ish worship leader who likes the singer/songwriter vibe, the songs of Pat Barrett aren’t a bad place to look for inspiration. “Build My Life” is a pure song of worship that has recently become popular among churches nationwide. Its lyrics present a call to trust the Lord with all of our burdens because He alone is capable of helping us. The song first appeared as part of Barrett’s worship group, Housefires, but received larger acclaim when it was featured on his first solo album.



“God of Wonders” - Third Day

Like “The Heart of Worship,” this is another throwback from a previous generation of worship music. First appearing on a compilation album from nearly 20 years ago, “God of Wonders” is a celebration of God’s cosmic importance and His worthiness of being praised. The song is mostly associated with the voices of Mac Powell and Cliff and Danielle Young, but many artists have recorded the track over the years. For solo worship leaders or groups light on instruments, this is a good choice to play with just a guitar.



“Chain Breaker” - Zach Williams

Some of the easy Christian songs to cover at church are a little more radio-friendly than others, but “Chain Breaker” is a song that works in either environment. Zach Williams’ breakout hit is one of those songs you just can’t help but join in with when the chorus drops. Its message of healing and homecoming is a blessing for just about anyone to hear. “Chain Breaker” probably works best with a full band, but if everyone sings along the number of instruments you do or don’t have will become a non-issue. Check out Williams performing the hit song in front of an audience of inmates below.



These are just some of the easy Christian songs to cover at church. Each of these selections is packed with solid artistry and gospel truth, so you can’t really go wrong. Plus, they’re all easy to learn on a number of instruments. For those who you are just getting started as musicians, we hope this helps you get your feet wet. To the more experienced players out there, we’re happy to have you as well.

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