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  • January 31, 2017
Camp Electric: What is the Cost for Kids to Attend?

For kids who are looking to better their skills and possibly use those gifts as a ministry one day, Camp Electric is the best. It would be hard to find a camp that can even compare to the many opportunities at Camp Electric.

The experience of Camp Electric is one that will add to your young musician’s learning and promises to be a week they will never forget. We welcome all musicians, at any ability level, from ages 13-19. Camp Electric offers classes, materials, and lessons from successful professional musicians in the Christian music industry.  Plus, the nightly concerts at Camp Electric are unforgettable.

This unique camp will definitely be a milestone in your children’s musical journeys and will encourage and inspire them. In one portion of the camp, the students will have an opportunity to be taught by top Christian artists that are currently in your child’s music library, as well as the writers of the worship songs played at your local church.

After the morning worship band plays to kick off the day, we start with a session where our camp pastor, John Nix, brings the Word to the kids. After that, we have even more worship, then the students move on to instructional classes. It’s the best way to start each day!

How Many Campers?

The cost of camp is per student and not on a group basis, though we do work with groups of over five or more on a group discount. We call this our “five for five”. We also offer sibling discounts, which are listed on our “Questions” tab on our website here.

Most churches and youth groups have a worship team or praise band. Camp Electric has designed our program to come alongside the local church to assist in the development and growth of Christian musicians. While Camp Electric is only one week, we package what we believe will be the necessary tools and resources to help each individual or band in their development to attain the highest level of musicianship.

Since this is a specialty camp, many musicians will come by themselves. In fact, the majority of students who attend Camp Electric come by themselves. Whether your child is with a group or by themselves, we’d love to have them!

The Basics

The basic elements for any overnight camp are also included in our cost: housing for the week and all meals for the time at camp, excluding snacks in between meals.

Camp Electric uses dorm housing which is located on the campus of Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee. There are a few different setups for the dorm lodging areas. We have suite lodging, which is typically two roommates to a room and a shared bathroom with two other students. Another set up is a quad design, which is four bedrooms that share a common area and bathrooms. Students can request roommates and we do our best to fulfill most requests.

In addition to housing, meals, and curriculum, concert entry is also included. Travel to camp at the beginning of the week and travel back home are not included in the cost.

Now that you know what the basics are, let’s talk about what separates Camp Electric from the rest of the pack.

Camp Electric: What is the Cost for Kids to Attend?

What We’re About

For a student who desires to be in a worship band, for someone who wants to pursue a career in the Christian music industry, or for someone who wants to learn how to further use the talents they have been given for the Lord, this is the place for them.

Keep in mind, our mission is not just to get students into the music industry. We want to help guide these students towards glorifying God in all areas of their lives, but especially with their musical talents and abilities. Our aim is to provide the highest quality worship and rock and roll music camp. Having the very best instructors from the top Christian bands is a big priority. These pros teach the young musicians not only how to succeed musically but also in ministry. Our purpose is to encourage and engage, not just entertain.

Our camp offers several classes during the day. During the morning, we offer instrument clinics that are specific to your child’s interests. We offer vocals, electric, acoustic and bass guitar, drums, keys, songwriting, strings and sound. Strings and sound are typically offered for specific weeks and not all weeks. Following the instrument group clinics, we offer classes that are broken down by track, then furthermore by level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

The aspect of our camp that sets us apart from any other music camp is that these classes are taught by top Christian musicians from popular bands that are heard on radio stations like K-LOVE and Air1. TobyMac is an owner of Camp Electric and many instructors have come from his band and participated in camp since the very beginning.

We offer different price promotions throughout the year leading up to our summer camp, so keep an eye out to see when those are happening.  If you happen to miss the discounts, the full price of Camp Electric is $800 per student.

How Do You Pay for Camp Electric?

We offer low monthly payment plans. If you select the payment plan option, a $199 non-refundable, non-transferable, deposit is due at the time of registration and the remaining balance is divided into monthly payments. Payments are typically taken on the fifteenth of every month until the balance is paid in full. All payments must be paid in full by May.

The cost and monthly payment amount changes based on the date of registration. You may make additional payments at any time by logging into your account(s). For the payment plan option, a $40 processing fee is divided and added into the monthly payment plans.

Camp Electric gives several scholarships away through our radio station partners and other giveaways. We also strongly encourage raising support through your local church, family, and friends. A great fundraising idea is to have your student’s band put on a concert to raise funds. This has been a successful tool for many students who attend camp.

For additional information on payment plans, or to inquire about personal plans, please call 1-800-755-0242 or email The above price does not include any fees for specific registration options such as airport transportation or guitar amplifiers.

We would love to help in any way with any further questions! Send them our way!

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