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  • July 30, 2018
Summer Camp Activities

For those attending a summer camp for the first time as well as those who return annually, there are certain activities that can really get you excited. Every kid has different interests (and fears) that make for a unique camp experience, but the coolest summer camp activities all fall into a few distinct categories of fun. No matter if you are headed to the mountains, the beach, or the country, each camp provides its own set of events to which you can look forward. Here are some of the coolest summer camp activities to anticipate this year.

Fun Team Games

If there’s one thing you can expect to participate in at camp, it’s fun team games. Some of the classic examples of this are Tug of War and relay races that may incorporate water, paint, or just about anything else designed to make your clothes gross. These events emphasize teamwork more often than the strengths of any one competitor. There’s nothing better than fun games to bring together kids who may or may not know each other. While these games are typically played by large teams, kids may also be partnered up in a pair for simple competitions. One of the most well-known summer camp activities is a Water Balloon Toss. Seen below, this game allows two people to compete in a larger game by surviving a series of rounds where a water balloon must be passed back and forth with increasing difficulty.





The great thing about these fun team games is that even if they seem a little silly at first, they will eventually pull you into the excitement. Sometimes the simplest games are the most effective.

Learning New Skills - Coolest Summer Camp Activities

When you go to a summer camp, you are entering into unfamiliar territory. You’ll be introduced to some cool summer camp activities that are truly a rare experience. One example of this is archery. Unless your father is a bowhunter or your family lives way out in the middle of nowhere, it’s unlikely that you have the ability to take up archery in the backyard. This skill teaches coordination, patience, and dexterity. Plus it will leave you beaming with pride when you hit that bullseye.

The new skills you’ll learn at camp aren’t limited to such primal instincts, though. You can also learn how to make a variety of crafts that will pass the time and make you feel accomplished. We’re not just talking about macaroni picture frames here (but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying such a simple exercise). The purpose of these skills and crafts is to explore your own creativity and teach your brain something new. You can’t just spend the whole summer napping and watching TV. These summer camp activities get your brain running in high gear!

Conquering Physical Challenges

Whether it’s team competitions or learning new skills, summer camp is also full of physical challenges for kids of all ages to conquer. Exercise is (or at least should be) an essential part of life for people of all ages. By taking part in summer camp activities like Rock Climbing, Swimming, and Team Sports all require kids to get active and moving.

Though it’s not much of a challenge physically, Ziplines are an activity that certainly must be conquered for many kids. It’s not the act of clipping yourself to a cable, but having the courage to step off the ledge that makes this one of the coolest experiences at summer camp. You may not be Kacy Catanzaro, the Ultimate Ninja Warrior contender found in a video below, but at summer camp you can be just as fearless as you take on challenges that would have terrified you earlier.




Making New Friends - Coolest Summer Camp Activities

As any kid who has ever visited a camp knows, you are bound to make friends when you hang around a new group of people. The process may be easier for some rather than others, but you will naturally gravitate to one or more new friends at camp. It may sound weird to say that making new friends is one of the coolest summer camp activities, but it really is an important part of the growing up process. Kids can connect through a shared interest in TV shows, video games, and/or athletics, or even a similar sense of humor. Thanks to the advancement of social media, your summer camp friends can stay in touch throughout the year. By the time next summer rolls around, it will be like you were never apart.

Exploring Nature

Between the constant urbanization of America (AKA more people choosing the city over the country) and the distraction of technology, we really don’t give nature its due anymore. If you live in the city, or even the suburbs, it can be kind of hard to get out and truly explore nature. That’s what makes the summer camp experience so important. Sure, you get to meet new people and try out cool activities, but most camps also place you in an environment where you can be up close with nature 24/7. Perhaps your summer camp has a fun hiking trail or you love to go canoeing in the lake. Being out in nature is peaceful, whether you are by yourself or hanging out with all of your camp friends.

Taking in New Experiences

No matter what kind of camp sounds best to you, we hope you are excited about going to camp this summer. Think about which summer camp activities you are looking forward to most. Could it be the fun team games? How about an afternoon of Paintball? One of the coolest summer camp activities for us personally is Riding Horses. Camp is a time for new experiences and learning to adapt in an environment that is drastically different from your own. Get excited about the possibilities!

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