By: Camp Electric
  • November 19, 2019
Closing the Year Out Right as Young Christian Musicians

2019 is almost over and that means it’s time to start thinking about how you want to close out the year. Between school, family, music, and church, we want to help young Christian musicians understand the importance of finishing one year strong so that the next can be started out on the right foot. No matter what kind of year you’ve had up to this point, it’s not too late to end 2019 on a good note. Here are some of our tips for young Christian musicians as they close out the year.

Take Advantage of Second Chances

We get it. Maybe things didn’t go the way you wanted them to this year. You got caught up in other things and forgot to focus on your music. How long has it been since you picked up your instrument? Days? Weeks? Months? Forget about what mistakes you’ve made this year, music or otherwise. It’s time to maximize on the second chances you’ve been given. What can you do to make up for lost time so that you can feel good about your year on December 31st? Whether you need to reclaim some ground at school to finish with good grades or you want to complete the song you’ve been writing for months, now is the time. Don’t let yesterday’s mistakes steal the promises of tomorrow.

Don’t Get Lazy Around the Holidays

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a wonderful mix of holiday celebrations where we get to enjoy good food and spend time with loved ones. It’s also the easiest time of year to get too busy or lazy to focus on the things that matter. For young Christian musicians who are still in school, there can also be the time consumed studying for end of the semester tests. After surviving a tough series of tests, it’s perfectly natural to want to kick back and take it easy. Just make sure you aren’t neglecting your music and your spiritual health. Try to find a balance between rest and doing the important stuff so that you can have a solid end to the year.

Learn Some Holiday Songs to Play

Put your musical skills to good use this Christmas. Learn a few of your favorite carols and hymns so that you can fully embrace the season while entertaining your family and friends. You might even find a chance to play at your church during a Christmas program or at a holiday-themed open mic night. Christmas is one of the few seasons where people are happy to see a guy breaking out his guitar at a party (Mostly because it means you won’t be playing “Wonderwall” or one of the other six songs everyone knows.). Even if you don’t intend to play in front of anyone else, it’s nice to mix up your practice sessions with some festive tunes.

Wrap Up Those New Year’s Resolutions

A big reason why the end of the year matters for young Christian musicians is that it means you’re reaching the deadline for your New Year’s resolutions to be determined as a pass or fail. What were you hoping to accomplish this year? Did it have something to do with performing in front of others? Were you hoping to write or record your own music? If there’s a way for you to complete your New Year’s resolution by the end of the year, why not get on that today? It’s not too late to finish what you started.

Get Together with Other Young Christian Musicians

The holidays are best enjoyed when celebrating with others. That’s why we take Thanksgiving Day and Christmas to see our families and enjoy some good food and presents. You can also enjoy this season by getting together with your fellow musicians and jamming out or talking through what you hope to accomplish with your music. It’s important for musicians to hang out with one another, using the opportunity of fellowship to bond over the pastime you love so much. Whether there’s a special event planned or you just have to go the old-fashioned route of calling one another up, see if you can’t spend time with your fellow musicians during this season.

Make Time for the People Who Matter

On that same note, don’t neglect the other people who matter in your life. Family and friends are so important to be near around the holidays. These are the people who are there for us when life presents us with a struggle and they are the ones who help us to form our opinions and worldviews. Community should never be forgotten about and the holiday season is as good a time as any to strengthen old connections. Who knows, maybe you’ll have more friends at the end of the year than you did at the beginning.

Commit to Being a Healthy Church Member

This may seem unrelated when talking about young Christian musicians and how we spend the final months of the year, but it’s actually a very important part of your development. When we are part of a church, not only are we joining in corporate worship, but we are growing in fellowship and community with a body of believers. Walking into a church may not make you any more of a Christian than walking into a garage makes you a motor vehicle, but the church is a good place for young Christian musicians to hammer out what they believe and find their true callings. Being a healthy church member means volunteering, having good attendance, and extending your heart to care about what God is doing in your community. It also means having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and consistently growing as a Christian through prayer and reading the Bible.

Think About What You Want to Do Next Year

As we come to the end of one year, it means there’s another one just around the corner. If things have been going well for you this year, then maybe you should start thinking about what you want to accomplish next time. Where can you be bold and step out as a musician? What do you think you need to accomplish to be one of the best young Christian musicians in your area? How can you grow as a musician in a measurable and attainable way? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about the future.

At Camp Electric, we want all young Chrisitan musicians to be consistently learning more about music and growing in their relationships with the Lord. We hope these tips will help you close out the year right and begin the next feeling refreshed and encouraged. 

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