By: Camp Electric
  • November 27, 2018
Christmas Gift Ideas for Christian Musicians

Some people are just too hard to shop for these days. Whether you are looking to surprise a small child or satisfy a teenager, you may be grasping at straws. If you need Christmas gift ideas for Christian musicians, look no further. We have some exciting possibilities for the Christian musicians on your list. While most of these suggestions will cater to a school age recipient, we think this will put you in the right mindset for musicians of all ages. Check out our list of Christmas gift ideas for Christian musicians and see if your shopping list gets any shorter.

A New Music Instrument

What’s better than getting a new toy to play with all year long? Even if the person you are buying for already has a guitar (or whatever instrument they play), they probably would love to have a second guitar they can take with them on trips or have as a backup at a live performance. If your budget allows, you could buy them the guitar they have been dreaming about for months. No doubt they’d be plenty happy with anything that isn’t a cheap starter pack. Not every instrument is easy to do this with (see: drums, piano), but this is one of the Christmas gift ideas for Christian musicians that will get your brain juices flowing.

Concert Tickets

Musicians love music, especially when it’s live. Going to see amazing performances early on helps musicians build their own sound and gives them something to which they can aspire. Does the person on your list have a favorite artist? We suggest you find out whose music he or she loves and see if there are any upcoming performances in your area. Make sure the band in question is someone who she really enjoys, otherwise you may receive a lukewarm thank you on Christmas morning. Again, this is something you can do with most budgets. If you have the money, you might even spring for the VIP treatment, but just getting in the door is nice.

Music Accessories

So you don’t have money for a full instrument, but you’d like to get the Christian musicians on your list something that will help them play more/better. There are so many great music accessories you could buy for Christmas. Tuners, picks, special cases and bags for transportation, microphone(s) and stands, etc. Depending on which instrument he plays, this may be an easier task than for others, but this might be a time when you simply ask which accessories are on his wishlist. A shiny, new instrument is great, but it’s not the only thing that helps a musician do his thing.

Tuition Money for Private Lessons

Plenty of musicians have started their musical journeys by teaching themselves a few things. Nothing beats a good teacher, though. If the time has come for your child or nephew to be “official” in his music education, you might want to provide money for some lessons from a great teacher in your area. These can range anywhere from $50-200/month which adds up quickly in the monthly budget. Whether you want to foot the whole bill or simply provide a portion of the fee, it’s a big help for Christian musicians of all ages.

Books Written By Christian Musicians

This one may be a little outside the box, but musicians at the beginner or intermediate level may do well to read books written by Christian musicians. Not only is the reading experience fun for many people (we know, not everyone), but hearing the stories of success and letdowns will help gauge the expectations for Christian musicians on the rise. Reading these books can also allow them to recognize the blind spots and temptations of fame. Not all of the books written by Christian musicians are autobiographical, though, as some examine what worship means or explore similar ideas. A few of our recommendations are “Between Heaven and the Real World” by Steven Curtis Chapman, “Unashamed” by Lecrae, and “I Can Only Imagine” by Bart Millard.

Subscriptions for Music Software or Publications

Since we’re on the topic of reading material, you might also want to consider getting the person on your list a subscription to a magazine revolving around the world of music. You could go for something secular like Acoustic Guitar or American Songwriter. Some Christian options would be CCM Magazine, Relevant, or Worship Musician. From these magazines, one can learn about today’s music scene, new and exciting programs, or find helpful tips on becoming a musician.

Music software can also play an important role in the creative process for Christian musicians. You may want to think about the gift of an Adobe subscription to Audition or one of the company’s other exciting programs. Of course, if money is tight, they can always stick with GarageBand or Audacity for now. If you can do some investigative work, maybe gauge the person’s recording needs and see what will be most helpful for now.

New Music!

What could be better for Christian musicians than a whole bunch of new music? If you love playing music, then you surely enjoy listening to it. Find out which artists the musician on your list loves to listen to and buy some music you think she would like. If you’re feeling extra special, you could recommend some new music by buying an album or two. Since albums are significantly cheaper than musical equipment, you could buy several or just get one as a stocking stuffer.

Money Towards a Music Camp

We talked about contributing to the education of Christian musicians earlier. Instead of music lessons, what if you were able to send someone to a music camp? These camps offer the opportunity for young Christian musicians to learn from experienced professionals who have already made the mistakes and had a taste of success. The wisdom to be gained in these interactions is worth its weight in gold. That’s not to mention how fun a music camp can be.

If you want a music camp for Christian musicians, Camp Electric is something you have to consider. We bring in talented instructors from some of the most popular Christian bands so that the next generation of students can discover who they are as Christian musicians. For more information on how to send a child to Camp Electric, click on the link below.

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