By: Camp Electric
  • November 7, 2018
Christian Music Teachers: How to Find the Right One

So you or your child want to learn how to play an instrument? Wonderful! This is a great way to grow more rounded as a human being, look more impressive on a college application, or to simply pass the time. After buying the instrument and any necessary accessories, one of the biggest questions will be “Who’s going to give you lessons?” That all depends on what you want to play and where you want to take that ability. It would be strange to look for a expert pianist to teach your son guitar, right? Some parents may want to look for Christian music teachers who can teach their child old hymns or modern worship songs. If you’re an adult, you may prefer to learn from someone much older or a teacher who is more of a contemporary. When it comes to Christian music teachers, you may not know where to look or what you should be looking for in an instructor. Here are some of our thoughts on the subject.

What Matters to You or Your Child’s Music Education?

If we’re going to find the right kind of Christian music teachers, we first need to determine what you are looking for in your, or your child’s, music education. Are you in need of a fun learning atmosphere or do you want the most highly touted tutor money can buy? Are you wanting to attend Juilliard or is this more of a bucket list item you are wanting to check off?

Different teachers come with different advantages, so you need to figure out what is most important to you and your family first. Imagine planning a family reunion and choosing to hold the event a thousand miles away from the nearest relative. Kind of setting yourself up for a problem, right? That’s why you need to think about your family’s situation and decide what things are most important. Is it the teacher’s field of study, schedule flexibility, lesson costs, location, or years of experience? We suggest considering these issues before hitching yourself to the first wagon passing by.

Ask Friends and Family for Advice

“Didn’t your nephew take guitar lessons from so-and-so’s brother?” Such is the way in which many students and Christian music teachers first make contact. This is a referral business so you might as well dip your toe in the water and get a few recommendations yourself. Your friends and family know what matters to you and you can probably trust them more than some stranger on the street. Find out if they know anyone who teaches the instrument you want to learn how to play. Through this friend or family member you can find out about rates or any other questions you may want to ask before making things official. You may even find that the instructor is willing to take you on at a lower price due to your connection. Even if you decide to go with someone else, you will have a better idea of what to look for in a teacher.

Check Your Local Church for Christian Music Teachers

What better place could you go to find Christian music teachers than a church? Starting with the local church you attend, we encourage you to ask around and see if there is an instructor who specializes in the instrument you or your child want to learn. If it’s something more traditional like guitar or piano, then you’ll probably have a few to choose from. What’s great about finding a teacher from your home church is that you have a whole community with whom you’ve already invested time and may vouch for the instructor. Plus, it never hurts to make another connection at church.

Whether you attend a megachurch with 5,000+ members or a small country church that barely scratches triple digits on Easter Sunday, there’s probably someone there to help you out. If you progress in your lessons well enough, you may even get to play in worship services or at special events the church is hosting. If you’re looking for Christian music teachers, it sounds like you might want to play worship music anyway. This could provide you with an outlet in which you can grow as a musician.

Visit a Music Store

Here’s one option you could try, although it may not lead you to the Christian music teachers for which you’re searching. If there is a music store in your area, it might not be a bad idea to stop in from time to time. No matter what instrument you are seeking to learn to play, there is likely some good resources for you there. It could be that the store has a message/announcement board where instructors leave their information. If not, the owners may still know of someone worth your time. After you’ve exhausted friends, family, and the church, this is a place to try.

Check Rates and Rankings Online

Long live the digital age! Even if you have recently moved far from home and you have very few people to point you in the direction of music instructors, the internet is here for you. Doing a simple search on Google will give you local businesses or subscription services through which you can learn to play most instruments. If you’re lucky, the site may also have a rating system where past users can leave feedback. It’s always best to research a business before getting too far down the road with them.

What’s the Right Choice?

“Just give me a sure thing!!!”

We know it would be much easier if someone would simply make the decision for you. Give you a link or a name and out you go. Having to pick out your own instructor can be difficult. You may feel like it’s an enormous choice with years of repercussions. Let us take the burden off your back: this is not that big of a deal. If you don’t like the first teacher you choose, there’s at least a dozen more Christian music teachers out there. Eventually you will find someone with whom you or your child connects. Ask around. Get the opinions of friends, family, and church members. Pray on it. Do whatever it is you need to do to have peace on the situation and you’ll be fine.

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