By: Camp Electric
  • December 8, 2017
Christian Camps: 6 Reasons Why They Are Great Christmas Ideas

Who can think about sending their children to Christian camps for the summer when it’s 20 degrees outside? We know you're waist deep in wrapping paper and Christmas lights, but the summer will be here before you know it. Since we’re in the middle of a gift-giving season, why not consider giving your child the gift of an amazing summer experience? Here are a few reasons why we think Christian camps are a wonderful Christmas gift idea for kids.

It’s Easier on the Budget

Let’s start out with something you’ll really like: staying under budget. If you have multiple kids, we know the ideas of both summer camps and Christmas gifts are accompanied by the sound of a cash register’s chime and the vision of your money falling down into a deep, dark pit. There’s a good chance you’re already budgeting for items like groceries and utilities, so why not factor the cost of camp into Christmas? By gifting a child his/her camp registration, you can rest more easily as the summer approaches. Instead of shelling out your whole paycheck on Christmas and then doing it again in a couple of months, simply pay what you can now and lump it in as part of the Christmas festivities. We know everybody’s budget and family situation is different, but if you can take care of the cost now it will mean peace for you on down the road.

Kids Can Be Hard to Shop For

Let’s be real: we’ve all been scouring the aisles of our local store trying to figure out what to get our child or, perhaps more realistically, a niece or nephew. “Is he still into skateboarding?,” you think as you stare at a list of names that are in desperate need of being crossed out. Some years you know exactly what to buy: a new gaming system, a bike, etc. Other years you feel tempted to simply run down the toy aisle playing “Supermarket Sweep” until you’ve hit your spending limit. Keep things easy this year by incorporating Christian camps into your Christmas shopping list. It’s hard to watch someone open other people’s gifts with excitement only to be mildly amused by the outdated sweater you purchased. Instead of gambling on a Christmas gift, give them something you know they’ll love. Why do we know that kids love going to camp? We’re glad you asked.

Christian Camps Are An Exciting Experience

Starting with the facts, we know that Christian camps are great for the development of teens. Children of every age learn how to make new friends when they go off to camp for the first time. Sure, there may be some anxiety or a sleepless night or two, but it’s all part of the development process as kids learn what it means to be on their own (relatively speaking). The summer is an exciting time for children. On top of there being no school, kids get to explore and take in new experiences. At Christian camps they are able to do this all while learning more about God and nature. Kids are happy to enjoy summer at home, at least for a while. Eventually the days turn to monotony and they’ll get bored with so much freedom. This Christmas, get them ready for an amazing week of summer where they’ll learn cool skills and enjoy new activities.

Most Toys Quickly Lose Their Luster

A popular joke among parents is that they will spend $100+ on some amazing Christmas present only for their kids to have more fun playing with the box that it came in. It seems that even the best laid plans often go awry. Christmas is often a time when adults trade out old gadgets for the latest model, leading to an enormous uptick in trash created. Just like adults with their toys, kids tend to lose their love for something the longer it sits around. Like we said before, when adults don’t know what to buy a child for Christmas, they often just buy whatever is on the toy shelf. Even if you pick out the perfect gift, there’s a good chance that a kid’s interest will wane after a few weeks or months. Want to find a gift that will last significantly longer? Consider giving your child or grandchild the gift of attending Christian camps. The anticipation will build for months and the memories will last a lifetime.

Great Deals Around Christmas Time

If you’ve ever spent a Thanksgiving afternoon poring over Black Friday ads with your family, you know just how important the deals can be around Christmas time. As technology improves and online shopping increases, however, many people are finding that you can get the same deals at home while wearing your pajamas. A great deal that we would hate for you and your family to miss out on is the discount that many Christian camps have at the end of the year. Whether it’s a Black Friday special or an early bird discount, buying a ticket to summer camp around the time of Christmas is a great way to save some dough. Even if some of these other reasons we’ve given haven’t flipped the right switch, we know just how nice it is to get a bargain.

You Can Quickly Knock It Off of Your To-Do List

Is there anything more satisfying than crossing something off of your to-do list? Those of us who make these little lists know how the completion of each task is like a weight being taken off of our shoulders. The Christmas season can be hectic between putting out decorations, hosting/attending parties, buying gifts, and remembering to have fun as a family. Save yourself from some of the stress by simplifying at least one of your gifts this year. If you don’t know which camp to send your child to, just figure that out and go from there. Once you know which Christian camp to sign up for, it only takes a matter of minutes to register.

So what are you waiting for? We’ve now given you six solid reasons to think about Christian camps as Christmas gifts. Act today and be sure to save a spot for your child next summer!

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