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  • August 17, 2018
Christian Activities for the Summer

The warmest months of the year are a wonderful time to break up the monotony of staying indoors by getting out and trying new things. While there are all kinds of cool summer activities you can get into, we wanted to highlight a few ways in which you can live out your Christian faith and take advantage of the great weather. Some of the items on our list of Christian activities for the summer are designed for kids, others for families and/or adults. What makes these Christian activities for the summer so great is that they are doable and will allow you and others to grow in faith while also having some fun. Check them out!

Go On a Mission Trip

The Lord is at work all throughout the year, but the summer is an especially good time to think about missions. Both teachers and students enjoy a nice amount of free time in the summer, making international and stateside mission trips a real possibility. Not everyone feels comfortable hopping on an airplane and traveling to a foreign country, but you can always take part in a mission project that is still within your region of the country. Everybody needs Jesus no matter where they call home. These trips are one of the most popular Christian activities for the summer and, depending on which church you attend, there may be quite a few opportunities. See what all you can accomplish for the kingdom of God!

Plan a Day of Local Activities

This is a fun thing to do even if you don’t give it a spiritual component. Have you ever taken time to understand the history of your area? Even people who have lived in one city for over a decade may be somewhat ignorant of its history in both a historical and spiritual sense. Understanding your community is vital to serving it in the best way you can. Local Christian activities for the summer can be visiting the old churches and cathedrals that populate many downtown districts, checking out local museums and galleries to see what your fellow citizens value, dining at local establishments that are run by Christians and/or those who give back a lot of their proceeds to charity, and so on.

Visit Church Members

Imagine that you are stuck at home year round due to an illness. Or you are an elderly person with limited mobility. For many church members, including those in YOUR church, this is reality. It is usually a task taken up by pastors and church leadership to visit these members who are confined to their homes, but there’s not much reason why you can’t also do it. Conversation, lawn service, and just about anything else you can offer are most appreciated. Of course there are stipulations to this, mainly that you want to check with the church and the people whom you are visiting first. We all enjoy receiving company, but there are certain lines that should be respected. Still, you can bring joy and encouragement to those who don’t often get either and you’ll probably find some of both in the task as well.

Volunteer at Vacation Bible School

You may not call it by the same name, but Vacation Bible School is the highlight of the summer for many Christian kids. Arts and crafts, recreation, worship, skits, and so much more take place during a normal week of VBS. None of it can happen without willing participants who can facilitate games, watch children, or perform on stage. If the idea of taking a mission trip doesn’t sound like one of the most feasible Christian activities for the summer, perhaps you can bring smiles to kids faces by volunteering at VBS. The experience can be taxing, but it is more than worth it.

Go to Summer Camp

Here’s one of the top Christian activities for the summer. We’re thinking just about everyone in your family has been a part of a summer camp at some point. The truth is that these institutions have come a long way since the mid-20th century. There are all kinds of camps out there focusing on science, faith, music, exploration and more. Call us biased, but we think one of the best camps for a young musician to attend is Camp Electric, where he or she will learn from some of the biggest acts in Christian music.

Play Sports in Your Church League

Sports are beloved for many reasons: the competition, the camaraderie, the fun. If nothing else, parents enjoy that it zaps their kids energy and makes it easier to send them to bed later. Regardless of your age, there may be a recreational league at a local church where you can enjoy basketball, soccer, or volleyball with other Christian athletes. Sports may not interest everyone, but there a lot of people (especially kids) who love to compete. Engaging in these leagues will help you to meet other people of faith and grow together through teamwork.

Host a Cookout with Neighbors or Church Friends - Christian Activities for the Summer

It is a sad reality in American life that we have become increasingly less interested in knowing or befriending our neighbors. You can change that this summer (or spring/fall) by hosting a cookout at your home. These connections may open the door for community, evangelism opportunities, and so many other great things. Of course you can also employ this tactic with your small group and help to develop a stronger bond of friendship in your church. Worst case scenario, you only get to eat some burgers on the back patio. That sounds like a win/win to us.

Take Your Quiet Time Outdoors

The summer heat can be a bit too much to handle every now and then, but the morning often gives you the perfect temperature for getting out in nature for your time with God. If you have a lot of time, you can head over to the local park for a real getaway, but even sitting on the porch can be a nice release. Nature provides the perfect backdrop for digging into God’s plan for our lives. Just remember to bring some bug spray.

Explore God’s Creation

That leads us to our final point concerning the best Christian activities for the summer: you need to get out and explore. We all know there are benefits to being active and taking in some fresh air. Throw in the spiritual aspect of connecting that beauty to God and you’ll begin to understand why you need to take advantage of the summer months. Our society has become too infatuated with the lethargy of sitting on the couch and watching Netflix or similar services. Break free from that routine and take a walk around the block or plan a fun outdoors activity. It’s healthy for you both physically and spiritually, so don’t forget!

These Christian activities for the summer will help you have a meaningful and engaging summer where you can grow closer with God and your fellow man. We encourage you to think about the ways in which you can enjoy the summer months with your loved ones.

Like we said before, summer camps are one of the most popular ways to enjoy your summer. Camp Electric is an exciting opportunity for young Christian musicians as it connects them with musicians and artists that inspire them. Find out how your child can become our next student by clicking on the link below.

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