How many chaperones are there for the students?

We will have 1 adult chaperone per 12 students. There will always be female chaperones for the girls and male chaperones for the boys.

How old do you have to be to be a chaperone?

We require that all chaperones be at least 23 years of age. If you are under 23 years but too old to be a camper, please see the "interns" page.

Can parents of the musicians attend as chaperones?

Yes, parents are certainly allowed to attend camp as a chaperone. As a matter of fact, the majority of our chaperones are parents of campers. However, parents and guardians are subject to the same safety and security procedures as the rest of the staff and volunteers. To inquire about being a chaperone please email or sign up by filling out the chaperone application.

What is the approval process for instructors, chaperones, etc?

All instructors, chaperones, assistants and camp workers are required to complete a full disclosure application. (This includes a personal testimony of their faith.) They are also personally interviewed before they are invited to be a part of the Camp Electric team, and we call community and church references for each application we receive. In addition, background checks are run on all of our instructors, chaperones, interns, assistants, and camp workers.

What will the chaperones do at Camp Electric?

We consider being a chaperone a privilege as well as a responsibility. We hope that each chaperone will be there for the benefit of all the students, and not for their own personal benefit. Chaperones are responsible for the students at all times. We request that chaperones refrain from leaving the campus for any reason other than accompanying their group to hotel housing (if applicable). Chaperones are expected to know where each member of their group is at all times and to check in with them frequently throughout the day including, enforcing “lights out” each night. Chaperones will also be responsible for leading daily devotionals that involve praying with your students. The devotionals are printed and given to chaperones and students in the camp handbook. Chaperones will be asked to help out in other ways, too, during the day while students are in instructional time. Also, our camp is a tobacco free camp and chaperones are expected to abide by this policy as well. 

Is there a cost to being a chaperone?

Yes. The cost of being a chaperone covers all meals, lodging, and any materials chaperones receive at camp. Also, lodging is provided on Saturday night for chaperones and any campers they bring, so this cost helps cover that night of lodging as well. The chaperone fee is $300. 

How do I apply to be a chaperone?

See the "Chaperone Application" tab on our home page and submit your application there. It is a thorough and time-consuming process, as we take the chaperone position very seriously and consider it an honor and a privilege. 

What if I'm over 19, but not old enough to chaperone?

Interning is a great way to be involved with Camp Electric if you are too old to be a camper but not old enough to chaperone. Just as chaperones minister to the students of Camp Electric, interns minister to the staff. Interns at CE work alongside the CE Staff with office, backstage, planning, and organizational details. Interns are also required to complete a full-disclosure application and complete a background check. The interning application process is thorough, as we also take this job very seriously and regard interning as a privilege. The same fee associated with chaperoning is associated with interning, as we try to keep other camp costs as low as possible. 

What is the 3 for 1 deal?

Call for Promo Code

3 Students, 1 Chaperone for FREE!

Do you have 3 or more students from your youth group attending Camp Electric? Sign up as a chaperone and come for FREE! For every 3 students attending Camp Electric from the same area, one adult chaperone can come complimentary!

A majority of our chaperones are parents of students who are attending or youth group leaders who want to join in on our Camp Electric experience!

Travel to and from the camp is not included in this offer, but your housing, food, and all the classes and concerts are!

Listen to what past chaperones have said about Camp Electric:

“What an awesome experience camp was. The only thing I hated was the thought of all the years I missed.” –Vicki Jones

“I think I had more fun than the kids did!” –Gary 

Please Note: All students MUST be registered on one registration to receive this discount