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  • October 5, 2018
Music Camps for Teens

What are you passionate about? We’ll bet whatever it is, there’s probably a camp designed to help you explore it. There are camps for teens who love music, film, dance, science, and more. Some are intended to train kids for a lifelong career, while others simply want to have a little fun. For our purposes today, we’re going to focus on camps for teens who love music and want to learn how to play. These range in acceptance rate, cost, areas of focus, and location. You can find many fine institutions out there, but these are some of our picks for camps for teens who love music.

Prestigious Camps for Teens Who Love Music

Our first group of camps are the ones most serious about the craft of making music. While they all have their different perspectives on fun, students who attend these camps are wanting to do great things with their music. Prestigious camps for teens who love music often carry a hefty price tag and are connected to college programs at esteemed universities.

Boston University Tanglewood Institute

The Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI) has been molding creative minds for over 50 years. With connections to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, it’s a great place to start a music career. Programs range from two to six weeks with focuses in strings, piano, orchestra, wind ensemble and more. During this period, students will attend intensive workshops, learn from world class instructors, and enjoy an academic experience few other programs can match.

Berklee College of Music

In case you thought BUTI was the only prestigious music camp in Boston, the Berklee College of Music is another great institution. A feature you’ll find in most of these highly esteemed music schools is that they have a large assortment of programs for teens to choose from. Berklee is no exception, as the school offers courses and workshops in music production, guitar, musical theatre, and several other fields. Some of these classes are simple three-day workshops, while other paths may involve several weeks of your time. Cost vary depending on your selection but don’t be surprised if the total cost is over $2000.

Interlochen Summer Music Program

Stepping outside of Boston, we have two more prestigious music programs to look at, both hailing from Michigan. Interlochen Center for the Arts boasts more than 2500 students each year, a number much higher than some of its similarly well-known brethren. The camp is located next to a gorgeous lakeside view and on a 1200-acre campus that harkens back to the summer camps of old. Interlochen allows students to choose among a number of popular musical varieties that range from one and six weeks in length.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

One of the other great camps for teens who love music located in Michigan is Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. During each of the four summer camp sessions, you’ll find well over 1000 students onhand who are learning to improve their playing in musical instruments or joining their voices together in choir. Areas of study include jazz, orchestra, theater, piano, etc. Blue Lake even offers minor courses in nature studies, team sports, contemporary, creative writing, and others. Two-week sessions at this camp cost around $1500.

Fun Camps for Teens Who Love Music

If your teenager isn’t looking to audition for one of these prestigious music schools, don’t worry. There are plenty of great camps for teens who love music, but aren’t looking to join a famous symphony. The four camps here are wonderful opportunities to learn in a fun atmosphere.

Camp Jam

Have you ever wanted to sing lead for a rock band? Here’s your chance. At Camp Jam, kids from around the country can learn to play guitar, drums, keys, or bass in their very own rock supergroup. Where some of our earlier selections focus on playing in concert halls and symphonies, Camp Jam takes a more modern approach to music. Teens will receive instruction on their instruments while also getting to record music, shoot a music video, and perform live. One great thing about the camp is that it doesn’t all happen in one location. Each year Camp Jam visits cities around the U.S., allowing all kinds of young musicians the opportunity to get in on the fun.

Camp Electric

Think of Camp Jam, but with more of a Christian music focus. Camp Electric has been running for more than a decade and features some of the biggest names from the Christian music scene. The camp has taken place at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN over the years, providing a more urban environment than your typical summer camp. Campers can learn to play a variety of instruments at different skill levels during workshops, classroom scenarios, and more. Each night features a concert from one of the genre’s hottest acts.

High School Summer Recording Camps at Blackbird

Another camp located in Music City is found at the famous Blackbird Studios. This recording space has been used by everyone from Buddy Guy to Pearl Jam to Alicia Keys. You name an artist and there’s a good chance they’ve passed through the door frame at Blackbird Studios. Recently the studio has decided to invest in future generations by holding a series of day camps during the summer, each of which lasts five days. During this time high school students can learn from musicians, see the basics of sound engineering, and get a good idea of what it’s like to work a number of different jobs in the recording process. The cost is $1800 and covers all of your needs during each day at camp.

Camps for Teens Who Love Music, But May Not Be Experienced

This last category of camps for teens who love music are designed for those who are at the beginner level. While these camps may also service more experienced players, they are also a safe area for teens who are not that far along in their journey.

Velocity Music Academy

It’s only natural to look at music schools for the best music camps. Many of the programs on our list are attached to major universities or respected teaching institutions. Velocity Music Academy is located just outside of Austin, TX, a hotbed for great music. This learning center teaches kids K-12 how to play instruments like piano, guitar, and violin, while also offering unique experiences like Team Rock Band. Most of the courses available are catered to a semester-long approach, but the academy also offers summer music camps. These camps run twice a day, three hours a day, and teach kids more about playing instruments, understanding composition, and more.

Long Lake Camp for the Arts

Why not trust a music camp that’s been running for nearly 50 years? Found in Long Lake, NY, this camp for 8-16 year olds is all about musical exploration. You can come to increase your skill in one instrument or jump around to something new. This lakeside retreat employs a number of talented instructors who can help teens find an instrument or music-related activity they love. The staff-to-camper ratio is also pretty great, with 250 students being looked after by 160 adults. Long Lake Camp for the Arts is one of the best places for beginners to learn and experienced musicians to branch out. The only hurdle to consider (and it’s a fairly big one) is the price of $6350 for a three-week session or $11,900 for a six-week session.

These camps for teens who love music cater to all kinds of creative people. Some even have fun programs for areas like art, dance, and film. Find the best fit for you and your family and get ready to experience the best summer ever!

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