By: Camp Electric
  • December 13, 2019
Best Christmas Gift for Kids Music Instrument

Are you having a tough time finishing your shopping this holiday season? We all want to know where to find the best Christmas gift for kids. Is it that new video game everyone is talking about? What about gift cards? There are plenty of ways to make your family happy this Christmas, but we think buying an instrument for your child to learn and play is one of the best decisions. What makes a new musical instrument the best Christmas gift for kids? We’re glad you asked.

An Instrument Gives Kids Something to Work On

So you bought your teenager that hot new gadget last year, but he hasn’t so much as picked it up in the last 10 months. As a parent, it can be disheartening to realize the gift you spent so much money on is now collecting dust in the corner of the room. The trouble is, a lot of gifts lose their luster after just a few weeks have gone by. Part of what makes an instrument the best Christmas gift for kids is that young people have something they can continue to practice with and learn to play. Even if your child has no intention of pursuing a career in music, an instrument can be the initial investment in a hobby that will persist for decades. Give your son or daughter the chance to embark on a special journey with a new musical instrument this holiday season.

An Instrument Lets You Go Big

Christmas is a magical time for us to join together with the people we love and take in new experiences. Part of those festivities is giving gifts we know will make an impact. For your friends and co-workers, that may mean just a small token of your generosity. For our kids, however, we want to go big. You don’t want to buy an okay toy. You want to buy the best one, one you know your child is going to love. While everyone’s definition of big or best may be relative, trust us when we tell you an instrument is the right kind of big. Not only is an instrument often big in terms of price tag or size, it presents a huge opportunity for kids to step out and create their own music. That’s a selling point you probably won’t match with a gift like a set of pajamas.

Musicians Enjoy New Instruments

Perhaps this is one of the more obvious points we could make, but musicians enjoy getting new instruments they can play. It’s not just kids receiving their first guitar or keyboard. The more invested you get into making music, the more curious you will be about different instruments, even those you’ve never played before. Whether you’re thinking about buying your daughter her first guitar or her third, know that a kid who loves making music is always going to be interested in the possibility of playing something new.

Music Is an Outlet for Therapy

No one wants to think of her own child as needing help when it comes to mental health, but the truth is that we can all benefit from some healthy practices, like confiding in a trustworthy friend or letting our frustrations go through a hobby we love. Everyone has at least one activity which helps them cool down after a stressful day. For many kids, music is the best form of daily therapy. Whether you’ve lived a comfortable life or not, music has an affect on the soul for both those who play it and those who merely listen. By giving your child an instrument, you may be helping him to better process the world and grow into a more well-rounded human being.

The Best Christmas Gift for Kids Is One That Lasts

From cheap toys that quickly break to tech devices that don’t deliver on their promises, we’ve all had our fair share of Christmas gifts that don’t last. What seems like a great deal at first can often end up being not worth your time in the long run. We believe a musical instrument is arguably the best Christmas gift for kids because it will last longer than most other choices. Video games get old after a few weeks, clothes stop fitting or go out of style, but a nice guitar or percussive instrument can be used for years on end.

Childhood is the Best Time to Learn an Instrument

We’ve talked plenty about why an instrument can make for the best Christmas gift, but let’s not forget why it’s an especially good fit for kids. Experts say the best time for a child to begin learning how to play an instrument is before the age of nine. Just as this is the perfect age for learning about the rest of the world, these years are vital to the development of our musical abilities. Even if you’re buying for someone older than nine, our childhood years are the perfect time to pick up and instrument for the first time. Although beginner teenagers may have missed out on some opportunities by starting late, they still have their whole lives ahead of them. 

Mastering an Instrument Builds Discipline

There are so many good reasons to learn how to play an instrument, but one that sticks out for parents is how this hobby can help to instill discipline in young people. Prodigies aren’t the only ones who excel at playing music. For most musicians, skills are developed over thousands of hours of practice and learning. Taking lessons, prioritizing playing time, and understanding the language of music will help just about anyone become more disciplined. Musical instruments are educational toys as much as they are anything else.

An Instrument Can Be Useful in a Number of Ways

Playing an instrument can be a useful tool for kids in several different ways. It doesn’t matter if one is looking to start a career as a musician or simply killing free time. First, being a musician can help kids get into special organizations or groups of friends. From the high school marching band to your son’s garage band, music is a way to connect. Also, music can serve a special role in helping kids follow their dreams. A teenager’s musical prowess may be the thing that allows her to attend the college of her dreams. Playing a musical instrument can even open doors to serving in the community. Churches, nursing homes, and school productions all need musicians who are willing to perform. Instruments make the best Christmas gift for kids because they promise the chance at a new world of opportunities.

As you think about which presents you’ll be shopping for this holiday season, we hope you consider our reasons for why an instrument makes the best Christmas gift for kids. No matter what you decide to wrap and place under the tree, we wish for you and your family to have the very best Christmas imaginable. 

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