Rachael Lampa
There comes a point in every artist’s life when they need to go beyond simply scratching the surface and truly invest every ounce of their soul in the creative process. Though powerhouse vocalist Rachael Lampa’s consistently belted out reflections from the heart, with no holds barred abandon, upping the expository level and relating to her audience with new found candor and maturity. Being in the same shoes as the majority of her audience also gives Lampa a sense of genuineness and authenticity when addressing a wide range of issues outside her immediate scope. Beyond just the primary focus of God’s provision, Lampa dives into issues ranging from the effect of divorce on young people to hopelessness and suicide to loosing one’s identity in favor of following the crowd. All of those have hit close to Rachael’s heart, as they’ve affected family and friends, while the examination of such weighty subjects is sure to provide solace to all those suffering. But more than flawlessly executing a blueprint and excelling with cutting edge musicianship or ambitious experimentation, Lampa wants her music to be a spirit stirring experience destined to lead listeners down a Godly path. Having a crystalline voice over glistening arrangements and gliding progressions is merely icing on the cake in an overall winning package.