Decyfer Down
I was born in Jacksonville, Alabama on October 6, 1979. Being the son of a minister we moved a lot so I have lived in several different places; Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina. Moving so often was sometimes difficult yet good for me in a way because I was able to meet a lot of different people and gather many interests. My parents bought me my first guitar when I was twelve and I've been hooked ever since. I graduated from a school in Durham, NC called Cresset Christian Academy. There I was involved in several sports along with playing music. After high school I searched for what to do with my life in various places but God brought me to a small southern town where my parents had relocated; Morehead City, NC. It's a pretty nice place to live with its beautiful beaches and surfing (when Brandon can get me up early enough). My dad is now a teacher and high school basketball coach and my mom is a pre-school director. They are awesome parents who are very supportive of my dreams and aspirations. It is here that I met my fellow band mates Brandon, Josh, and Caleb and joined Allyson hymn. Shortly after that Decyfer was born. I know becoming a part of these three guys lives is a part of God's plan. We all have the same vision and are pouring our soul out to create uplifting music that has no boundaries and reaches audiences across the spectrum. Chris uses: ESP, Ibanez guitars with Mesa Boogie amplification