GUNGOR, and B. Reith
Growing up in Memphis, TN where live jazz, R&B, blues, gospel, and other types of music can be heard just by walking down the street, Terence Clark was almost bound to become a lover of music that impacts culture. Add that to the fact that Terence’s family is filled with pianists, guitarists, vocalists, bassists, and other musicians of all types of genres, and it’s clear to see why he has become the sought after drummer and producer that he is today. Terence began playing drums at the age of two and is growing becoming a sought after drummer within the Christian music industry. Recently, Terence went on Toby Mac’s Winter Wonderland Tour with B. Reith and performed at a number of festivals with him throughout 2010. Terence also plays drums for Gungor, one of the top Christian worship bands in the nation and has also had the opportunity to play for artists such as Byron “Mr. Talkbox” Chambers, John Angotti, Ginny Owens, Ron Kenoly, Kevin Paige, Brother’s Keeper, Stormie Steele, Voodoo Village, and many more. He also continues to produce for underground artists with his production company, X-MIN Productions International.